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And Don't you Forget it!!

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Oh I love this one and am going to share!!
This really makes sense.. if you give her a divorce she will multiply what she had and go..
Forget it, I NEVER will. I have kept this in mind for a long time and keep it in mind I always will. Even if I go senile I'll still remember it.
give her an inch....she takes a fucking mile.
Then I suppose the smartest thing to give her is money...
Apart from the reproduction thing, how is this at all specific to women?
Giver her a ring, she'll give you a suit of chainmail. Awesome!
Without thinking this looks pretty reasonable :D

but i loved it much i dont wanna think about it at all, i will just believe it :)
This is why women shouldn't get credit cards
Except if you give her a credit card, and she happens to be from New York, she will divide your money, and divide and divide, and subtract, until you are broke and bankrupt :-)
Anyone know how she gave me this headache?
absolutely right........... I agree with u Ms Rebecca......
hahahahahahaha its funny cause its true!
But the seed to be requere for a women without a man she can't do any thing.
Not if it gets beaten out of women first, with foundation text determining women are subject to Man and additionally women must wear the insignia of a womens shameful state.

You assume there is such a thing as 'Freedom'. There is not, only the relative independence Nature and fellow Humans allow at any point in time.

Women start off buried in a 'ton of shit' of foundation text religious and the reflected secular - most never make it above the Man made shit line to relative independence let alone to mythical 'Freedom'.
Then what do we give her to make her drive better?
Give her an analogy and she'll run it into the ground (heyo!)
but if you get her lots of money, it will be all gone ;P
you give her one husband.....then wat will happen????
I gave her $1000 ring on her birthday, then she expect a $5000 on next birthday.
But you give her a credit card, you get only a credit card statement
Actually, most women are fine, They just want the "FEEL", that's the difficult part.
+Princess Muffin I'm assuming you're referring to me. If you think, lying about who you are, what you've done and what you wish to do is laudable, then yes, she should.

If not, you should learn, to not judge people based upon genitalia. Unlike the original post.
+Princess Muffin don't do that :) Just learn, that's all we can do. I've been known to make idiotic assumptions based upon what I wished were true, on occasion.
+Princess Muffin It helps when you + name the person you're addressing. I'm 44, but I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps, that ages you :)
+Princess Muffin oh, little one, you're far too young for Google+. Most of the discussions here are on a higher order, at least the good ones. Worth listening too, you just don't have the experience to participate. Not to be mean, just reality. My baby girl is 9 and my oldest is 25 and married.
lol holy crap lol im 14! yay fort he little-ish pp! lol
hey whats that supposed to mean?
Great, more sexist stuff...except for the ability to reproduce part, .but the rest just implies that all women are domestic 1960's housewives.
way more littler peoplez on here too! Oh yeah greatness!!!
Ill give her a kitchen she better give me a flying burrito or something like that.
we can do a lot, but need motivator, or you can call it - catalizator. Then we can achieve even more.
Well Becky I take it your Pro female and yes you do ,do all the above but most of the above you need us men to give it to you well the sperm at least and as for giving the female gender Crap well never as Im the first to say that life would be very boring with out you and for myself I like to think that every girl is a princess in her own way and nothing give me greater pleasure than to serve them and get the rewards that only you girls can give ....
Of coarse I wont forget it Im from the old school I like to put the female gender on a pedestal how ever if you want to be treated like a princess you have to act like one and unfortunately there are a lot of girls out there that dont act like princesses and are nore like nightmares thhat seem to think men owe them and we are here just for them to treat like shit well I have to say I really love letting them know not all men are weak and knocking them down a peg or 2 , So what type of young lady are you do tell ////?????
yep and while shes multiplying for you shes dividing from someone else
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