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Rebecca Brandt
Just a wife and mom....
Just a wife and mom....

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Let's give thanks and help bring peace to a world that needs it - Free Bible Journal

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My sweet friends at +Real Refreshment Retreats  want to encourage as many of my friends as possible to SUIT UP and spend a weekend refreshing in the knowledge and truth of the Lord.

SO, if you haven't had a chance to register for #RefreshMom weekend in Baltimore (that is in less than 2 weeks - March 6-7), you can do that now and SAVE $50!!

Use "Myfriend50" when you register and you will receive $50 off of your Registration!

This may be last minute and very spontaneous, but trust me, this is a weekend you will never (EVER) want to miss again!

(Note, this does not apply to previous purchases)

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Join me and grow REAL bonds of friendship at +Real Refreshment Retreats  and +Teach Them Diligently Convention    the best places for #Homeschool  Moms to grow together and in the Lord.

#hsmommas   #hsttd   #RefreshMom   #Christianity   #TTDAtlanta  

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It's not about the vaccines. It's about our rights. It's about the Government doing the job they are supposed to be doing. It's also about parents being parents

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I went there....

I entered the Christian Clothing War

It's time to grow together in unity (through humility, love and grace) on things that are important and true salvation issues, rather than flinging clothes at one another.

#Christianity   #clothing   #modesty  

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LOVE this! Come and spend time refreshing your heart and mind at +Real Refreshment Retreats 

#RefreshMom   #Homeschool   #HSMommas   #Christianity   #Parenting   #hsttd  

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Would you marry for riches, even if it mean a life of abuse? #EverLocked +Jeannie Kaye

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This is going to be great! Don't miss it
There is a Facebook party scheduled for tomorrow night all about the transition from #homeschool  to college! +Liberty University is cohosting with us and will have some incredible information (PLUS, they're announcing some MASSIVE prizes!) Won't you join us at 9 pm EST? We'll have a pre-party post up on our blog tomorrow morning where you can win additional prizes. Stay tuned for more details!

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This is an excellent resource that would benefit any family.

Great job on an excellent review +Curriculum Choice 
Pilgrim's Progress All-in-One Curriculum Pack from +AiG Homeschool  - Review and Giveaway!!

This Pilgrim’s Progress curriculum pack, based on John Bunyan’s classic allegory, will challenge you and your children and help build a love for the truth and authority of the Bible. 

What I love about this history and Biblical worldview resource is that I can use it for all of our ages. Yes, we are using it with all our ages (and us adults!) We listen during lunch or in the car or in the evenings as family devotion time. It is flexible that way.

Enter to win here:

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It's early Sunday morning. I woke at 4am with a letter I needed to write.

Unlike many people, I'm not angry about Mr. Obama's words to Stay At Home Moms. I'm actually thankful for a leader who is honest and stays true to his values. In this case, his values align with everything he has said about the value of human life.

I would much rather have a leader who is honest and open about their values and beliefs than one who tries to hide them.

Back to my letter... I wrote him an open letter about my own thoughts and the blessings he himself is receiving from his Mother In Law - who is a stay at home Mom, from what I can tell - helping take care of his own children.....

You can read the letter here.
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