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Rebecca Bradley
Writer. Lover of cake and tea.
Writer. Lover of cake and tea.

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Thank you for a very lovely review. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. x 

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Great tips for writers!

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I'm thrilled to have this piece in the #Nottingham Post today!

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Shallow Waters was listed in March's The Bookseller, Independent Author Preview. I have to admit to being quite thrilled!

It is with regret and after lot of forethought, that I have to send this message out.
Due to my ongoing bad health issues, it is with immediate effect that the crime book club is closing its doors after near to 18 months open.
Unfortunately, I will not even be able to host tonight's meeting as I have succumbed to a cold virus on top of everything else.
We had some great meetings but after 18 months, the club hasn't taken off as I had hoped it would and pushing myself so hard when I'm ill seems wasted energy when the initial interest in the book club starting didn't expand into real life visitors.
I'm really sorry for letting anyone down, but I'm just not up to it at this time.
Keep enjoying those crime stories.
Can you please let any members know about tonight's cancellation. Many thanks

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Beautiful place to read on #WorldBookDay

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My working desk this morning. 

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We should like and share more...

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Are you thoughtful enough about your bios?

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