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Gearing up for some Christmas music!

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I recently finished reading a fun contemporary romance by Charissa Stastny called Between Hope & the Highway. Sometimes things get so messed up you have to pick up and get the heck out of Dodge. That’s what Liz Ruthersford does. Memories can be weapons,…

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How far would you go to pursue happiness? What if that happiness isn’t just your own, but involves the safety and happiness of your family and friends? The Pursuit is out, the final book in the Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy. I’m really excited about this…

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Which citizen of Logan Pond are you? Take the quiz and find out.

Post the results below. I'll post mine.

(PS, it's not scientific. If you get a character you don't like, that doesn't mean you're a bad person. My poor 8yo was devastated when he got Jamansky. He hasn't even read the books, but he knows Jamansky isn't someone he wanted to be. So he retook the test until he got Zach. Anyway...not scientific. Just for fun. Post your results below.)

Two weeks from today The Pursuit will be released. Two weeks and it's out.

REMINDER 1: This quiz and other fun stuff are on my website to check out.

REMINDER 2: I'll be sending out the first few chapters to my newsletter subscribers later this week, so if you haven't subscribed yet, make sure to hop over and do that.

REMINDER 3: Pre-order info below

REMINDER 4: Share with anyone who might be interested. The more the merrier.

REMINDER 5: Can you tell I'm super excited about this one? :)


Are you ready for ‪#‎ThePursuit‬?


Coming: 8/15/16

Pre-order ebook:

Pre-order signed paperback:!store/cpbi

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FREE this week: LIFE (‪#‎CitizensofLoganPond‬ book 1).

In a world without money, the fight to survive begins.

"A terrific study of character, an exciting adventure and a beginning of a promising series!" - In D'tale Magazine


Countdown to ‪#‎ThePursuit‬ coming 8/15/16

#freeebooks   #ebook   #free   #books  

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I love this rendition of "America the Beautiful" by the incredibly talented Lexi Mae Walker.

The words speak my strong feelings about my country.

"Oh, beautiful for pilgrim feet, whose stern, impassioned stress
"A thoroughfare of freedom beat across the wilderness!
"America! America!
"God mend thine ev'ry flaw,
"Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law.

"Oh, beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife,
"Who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life!
"America! America!
"May God thy gold refine,
"Till all success be nobleness, And ev'ry gain divine."

I hope you have a lovely Fourth of July (for my US friends) and that you appreciate the liberties you have (for all my friends). They are fragile and worth fighting for.


‪#‎Liberty‬ #CitizensofLoganPond

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Are you ready?

‪#‎ThePursuit‬ ‪#‎CitizensofLoganPond‬


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Happy Memorial Day! I hope it's been a lovely one for you.
To celebrate the liberties I enjoy (and take for granted all too often), LIBERTY is $0.99 on Kindle right now.

Writing the ‪#‎CitizensofLoganPond‬ series has made me ponder simple liberties I'd never really thought much about before: being able to wander freely from place to place, state to state; my citizenship; being able to own a home; voting; not living in constant fear for my kids or family. So many of my blessings and comforts have come because others have sacrificed for me, for which I am eternally grateful.

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My friend Jennifer Moore has a new romance novel out that I’m anxious to read. It looks so fun and sweet. I’m excited to be part of her blog tour and $25 giftcard GIVEAWAY today (enter below). Change of Heart by Jennifer Moore This summer, Nathaniel…

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TWO THINGS TODAY: I just found out that LIBERTY is up for a RONE Award!!!! Yay. But to move to the next round, it needs A LOT of votes. If you guys have a second, can you vote for my book (new adult category)?…
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