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Complete internet solutions, with a focus on website design & development.
Complete internet solutions, with a focus on website design & development.

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Becky and Lolo // Website Launch -

As parents we know exactly how online shopping has revolutionalised how we spend our time (& money!). When we were approached to do Becky & LoLo's website redesign we were able to apply first-hand experience and inform the design and development because we are the target market. As we found when designing & developing The Travellers' Club website, incorporating feedback from the target market is invaluable.

"we knew that a responsive website that optimised the user experience across small, medium and large screens was going to be critical."

Magento website design and development

Becky & LoLo have been selling bright, practical & colourful gifts for children since the early days of e-commerce. Originally designed for large screens only, we knew that a responsive website that optimised the user experience across small, medium and large screens was going to be critical. Using analytics data, we decided to design large screen in (rather than small screen out). Why? Because even though a lot of people are browsing & shopping on smartphones and tablets desktops were still the prevailing source in this instance.

Magento website development for exploded navigation
Exploded Menu makes navigation easier and has space for promotions

Site Features:

e-commerce website running Magento 1.9x
exploded navigation menu allowing for columned design and featured items
customised greeting card option at checkout
one page checkout
sagepay & PayPal integration
customised gift options on some products

We worked closely with the team at Becky & LoLo to finalise the design and continue to help them create a great online shopping experience by adding and refining features. For example, the Becky & LoLo team had been thinking of having free customised greeting cards and we were able to implement this feature for them.
Magento e-commerce website design for Becky & LoLo featuring customised greeting card
Customised greeting card feature in shopping basket
Customised greeting card for Magento e-commerce website
Customers choose a card design and can write their own message
Little things mean a lot

As well as developing bigger features, like the customised greeting card, we also tweaked some existing features to improve the user experience. Small things like keeping the Add to Wishlist on the catalog pages but only having it show on hover means that Add to Basket is still the primary call to action but once you engage with the product, a secondary option shows up.
Personalised product options in Magento 1.9x
Customisable product options
Nicer Add to Wishlist

Happy shopping!

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New website launch for

Francis Howard, father of two star Michelin chef Philip Howard (, needed a new website to help him promote rental enquiries for his villa, La Cotriade, in the south of France. Wordpress was chosen for its easy to use CMS and a default level of mobile responsiveness. Plugins such as MetaSlider were chosen for easy to use full width slideshows and sub page slideshows. Yoast was chosen to assist with ongoing SEO for the website and the villa rental business.

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Plan your social media strategy talk, with some tips, dos and don'ts

My latest talk to a local networking group, "Hey World, Let's Get Social", was on the subject of social media strategy planning, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tips and new features as well as some useful, hopefully, social media dos and dont's.

The main themes covered in the talk were;

Social Media Strategy
Tips to get your content shared
Useful Tools Out There
Google Maps & My Business
The Don’ts…

We initally covered social media strategy development with ideas such as audience interaction, audience influence, taking advantage of online communities - participation and creation, and keeping an eye on the competition and checking what's working and what's not!

"“The secret is respecting the consumer. You are interrupting their lives. All advertising is unwanted, so if you’re going to crash the party, bring some champagne with you!”
Bob Thacker, VP Office Max

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were touched upon with some ideas on how to get profiles up and running useful tools out there to help you, like Hootsuite, Canva and more.

"“…tweets with images increase engagement by 313%”
Caitlin Rullen, Search Engine Journal

To read more I have attached a PDF copy of my presentation. Please do let me know if you have any thoughts!

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New rescue website project for Asian Art dealer, John Siudmak, has been launched. Original website was outdated and had been hacked and it was time to relaunch and redesign. Just in time for his exhibition at Asain Art Week in New York!

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A file called Password? Really Sony? I mean, really? #SecurityFail

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An app for the heard of hearing, Pizza Hut reads your mind to figure out your order, Google Docs new feature and, if possible, a not annoying CAPTCHA - catch up on tech news you may have missed this week!

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Is your site mobile-friendly?

Google search results on mobile devices will start to include a label to say if the site is mobile-friendly -- is your site ready for this?

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A look at news from the tech world this week:

Computer generated image descriptions, wearable tech that charges your smartphone and what's new with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Viber, Whatsapp and back to the Hoverboard!

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We already recommend Microsoft Office 365 for email and cloud storage, but now Microsoft are increasing OneDrive storage to become unlimited (it's currently 1TB).

Contact us for more details (we are a Microsoft Cloud Partner):
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