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Real Thin Brick- Custom made thin brick for brick flooring and walls
Real Thin Brick- Custom made thin brick for brick flooring and walls

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Brick Flooring brings a certain charm to most any room that no other flooring material can offer.

But, do you know about the practical reasons that brick is often found to be a preferred choice for flooring a home or business? In fact, brick is the perfect flooring choice for most any new construction or remodeling project.

Brick offers more than just a "pretty face" where and whenever flooring is a consideration...

Those of you that may already be considering the installation of a brick floor will find comfort in knowing more about the practical side of using brick whenever flooring is to be a part of a new construction or remodeling project.

Also shared in the article is information surrounding our own thin brick products that are manufactured by Real Thin Brick. Simply, we reveal good reasons why so many flooring projects are best supplied when the brick of choice is our own thin brick products. More often than not, our thin brick is considered to be a best choice for most any interior and exterior flooring projects.

Lighter and stronger than traditional brick and less effort to install when compared to other competing flooring options, Our Thin Brick Tiles are the ideal flooring material and a preferred choice that is made everyday by home builders, remodeling contractors and the "do-it-yourself" community.

Questions? Should you have questions regarding our thin brick products or the installation of your own thin brick floor? Please Call Us…

Real Thin Brick
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 399-4087

LOOKING FOR GREAT BRICK DESIGN IDEAS? We have hundreds of pictures to feed your creativity and brick floor design needs.

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How to install a thin brick veneer

We are often asked, and are happy to answer, questions regarding installing a thin brick veneer. We have a comprehensive FAQ section on our site here,

If you are thinking of installing a thin brick veneer on an internal or external wall, then you may want to employ a craftsman and if you contact us we can recommend an installer. As thin bricks aren’t load bearing, they are also suitable for a do-it-yourself project.

The only equipment you need, other than hand tools, is a wet saw or a diamond blade grinder which can be rented.

We saw the article linked below on the It perfectly describes the 8 steps that you should go through to apply a thin brick veneer on a wall and decided to share it here.

If you have any specific questions regarding installation that aren’t answered here or on our website, then please call us on 206-399-4087

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Real Thin Brick, is happy to share that you can now find and view our "thin brick" products on many websites across the Internet.

We work hard to provide websites frequented by those interested in brick design and the use of "thin brick". Helping you find a perfect alternative to traditional brick, faux brick, brick pavers and other masonry building materials.

Our brand named "real thin brick" tiles are simply stronger than traditional brick. You will also find our "thin brick tiles" used in both commercial and residential construction. Our "real thin brick" is also used in exterior and interior brick construction projects.

Today we would like to invite all of our Google + visitors to visit us on Pinterest where you will find hundreds of pictures to help you create your own real thin brick design.

The various brick construction projects include:

Brick Floors
Brick Walls
Brick Driveways
Brick Fireplaces
Brick Barbecues
and more...

We hope that you will visit our Pinterest page and enjoy browsing the many different brick designs on display. Should you have any questions about our Real Thin Brick Tiles, we hope that you will let us know.

Happy Bricking!

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As we celebrate the holidays and ring in another new year, Real Thin Brick would like to thank you for making a final destination for those who found our "thin brick" product the preferred choice for brick flooring, brick walls, brick driveways, and other brick design projects. Our thin brick is simply a better choice where brick veneers, brick pavers and other traditional brick, masonry building materials can also be used.

Wishing you the very best of holidays and a very happy new year.

Real Thin Brick
Seattle, WA 98107
(425) 998-7537

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"Real" Thin Brick

Today's post is an overview of some important advantages and benefits associated with using "real" thin brick.

Originally the use of thin brick was first seen as a DIY building material and mostly used in residential construction and remodels. Today the use of thin brick, also commonly referred to as "brick tiles", continues it's expansion of use and is today a prominent choice of building material and used by those representing the commercial sectors of new construction and renovation.

*Brick simply looks better, lasts far longer and requires less maintenance than many other building materials.
Brick also offers a hard to "beat" lasting value. It doesn't rot, dent, or need to be painted, and it will never tear or be eaten by termites.*

In fact, we think the more you know about our "real" thin brick product, the more you will want to give "real" thin brick serious consideration during the early planning stages of most any interior or exterior brick design project.

From outdoor grill islands to interior brick floors. From brick driveways and walkways to interior brick wall designs. "Real" thin brick can provide your brick project with important advantages that should always be considered during the early planning stages of any new construction or remodel that is to include brick.

One of the most prominent advantages, which is easy to evaluate, is found when comparing the weight disadvantages of traditional brick masonry. Other advantages of using our "real" thin brick include versatility, cost, and the fact that brick is more environmentally friendly than many other building material options.

Architects, contractors, and the growing number of "do it yourselfers" will find that choosing to include our "real" thin brick over that of brick veneers is in many ways, an easy choice.

While thin brick may have had its start in the DIY residential market, it has expanded into the commercial and renovation markets. The main reasons for its use include its lightness and ability to be used in all locations that full-size brick is used, as well as places that cannot take the load of a full-brick wall. Thin brick is also ideal for interiors because of its lower weight. While some of the more common uses of thin bricks include both commercial and residential interior brick flooring and brick walls, the versatility of thin brick is perfect for far too many interior and exterior new construction and remodel projects to list here, and are only limited by your own creative thinking. The uses for our thin bricks are practically endless.

To help fuel the creative properties surrounding the use of our thin brick products, we continue to update and share with our website visitors a gallery of photographs that show off the wide variety of the colors and styles we offer. Our "real" thin brick product is a perfect alternative to brick veneer, brick pavers, faux brick and other traditional brick masonry options.

Please visit us at our website where you can learn more about the uses of thin brick and browse our gallery of finished brick design projects.

Happy Bricking!

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Everyone here at Real Thin Brick, is wishing you the very "Merriest of Holidays"!

And, if you are looking to beautify your walls, floors, driveways and more...

Shopping at our "Real Thin Brick" website is easy and also offers some stunning brick design ideas.

Our brick tiles are a perfect choice for those considering brick veneer, brick pavers or alternatives to faux brick.

And Simply, "A Better Way To Shop"

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