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evolving content management software

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A work in progress, but a good start to a series of help videos we are doing

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New document storage and search coming along nicely. Meta information can now be controlled easily.

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Work re-commenced on our own website again.  New look, with better explanations.  More information to come of course.


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Releasing a new ReadyToGo template for our RealOnline CMS this week. The template with all its includes can be viewed here: and a Real Estate version will be available shortly.

Quick Round Up
A lot has happened over the past couple of months and whilst I haven't been sharing much online, it is fairly obvious we passed the 2k update without rolling out the new admin.

Oddly enough we changed direction on the main admin skin (many tech reasons), so had to rebuild some sections.  It is coming back on track with the CRM to be released as Beta for people who have opted in to it.  

We are now on update #2090, after adding a few new portals, some function changes (for better management) and a few core library updates.

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With the upgrades to the CRM section we have addressed the delivery speed of large data sets now.  The screen shot below is part of the soon to be released control panel, and highlights a data set of 20k contacts.

The search and general display of these records is now practically instant (150ms - 200ms) on a sub 6MB ADSL connection.  With the end result being desktop like (or better) when using the contact system.

An increase in speed is one of the main aims with this new release.

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Well at update #1976 we ported back an function from the new system to specifically deal with the ageing of listings on portals.  

Ageing Listings and Re-Marketing
As many are aware a listing in RealOnline links with a specific listing ID on each portal, and stays linked for the life of the listing, or until the end of time (which ever comes first).  

The issue (mostly to do with rentals) is that a property can be sent to market, be leased for 12 months then come back on the market, and when you activate marketing it should be a new listing.  On portals it should have a nice little "new" sticker or the like, and should certainly be in the top of the "order by date" list.  

This unfortunately is not the case, and your brand new marketing campaign that started on Monday is identifying that an ad is 12+ months old, and has had umpteen views.  As a punter this gives the impression that the listing is no good "that must be a dog of a property if its had so many views and is still on the vacancy list".

To get around this (rightly or wrongly in the views of the portals) we have an ageing sequence to the ID system to push your listing as a brand new fresh property.  It is based on a 30 day off market for rentals creates a new sequence, and 180 days for sales listings.

The only time you will notice this happen in the admin is by a little sequence number after the status (example in photo).

NOTE:  This is an automated function and cannot be triggered manually (unless of course you have stopped marketing for the above times) as it is not about re-listing a property it is about assisting your vendors and reflecting the truth of the newness of the marketing for you.

Last of the Business For Sale data updates have been implemented prior to the re-launch of the new admin system.  This takes us to update #1,962 and still on track for the #2,000 overhaul.

These data updates allow the tracking of some 190 data fields relating to personal information stored to accurately sell and talk to potential purchasers with knowledge.  

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As well as our Real Estate demo site we also have an inclusive CMS demo.  It highlights all common features of the program: forms, galleries, map includes, polls, articles, events and of course page creation.
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