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Neverwinter Nights 2 - Realms of Trinity
A Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistent World
A Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistent World


It may be hard to believe but Trinity is now in its 10th year and I would like to thank all those who, players and staff alike, have contributed their time and efforts to improving and maintaining the Realms of Trinity. I always find it mind-boggling the enormous number of hours that has gone into this large and varied world we enjoy so much.

To the admins and developers who just keep on giving and to those who have given and left.
To the players who are our community and make it the friendly and fun place it is.

Sincere thanks to all.

To celebrate I shall be holding a few events, as follows:

Random Hack and Slash (open to all, aimed at ER3+):
Sunday 9th - 7:30pm GMT/2:30pm EST (yes that's tomorrow ;) )

Friday 14th - 8:30pm GMT/3:30pm EST (my usual-ish Friday night Epic)

Drow Castle and Dark Lair run with DM adds:
Sunday 16th - 7:30pm GMT/2:30pm EST
- a max of 8 players, at whatever EX the group decide - the higher the EX the higher the rewards. Fail and there will be no rewards.
(please sign up below with your toon level/class/archetype)
Player 1:
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One of our long time supporters and players, Naamarikala, has developed an amazing new NWNX plugin for ROT. It will allow us to remove the double stacking item effect script on login, server hop, etc, altogether, as it fixes the issue at the engine level.

ALSO, he has been able to fix a whole host of other game issues that were off the table until now. I am suspending all other work to get this implemented on BETA today for heavy testing and hopefully after a week or so, we can safely roll out this FREAKIN awesome plugin out.

Thanks again to Naamarikala!
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Monk class overhaul changes are being tested on our beta server and will releasing on 8/11/2018. Stay tuned for all changes and details! Much more is already being worked on!
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The long awaited Thug/Swashbuckler set will be going live on 7/1/2018! Check out the details here:!
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The New Anthology Campaign, Weapons of War, Chapter 1 has released on the LIVE server in an open BETA state. To start, you will have to have progressed in the story to at least ROT2 Chapter 8 and have access to Suzail, Cormyr. The campaign begins at the Suzail Senate, which is accessible from the Suzail North District at the north end of the map. Enter senate building and find Jayaor and speak to him.
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Realms of Trinity is now on Twitter: Check out and follow us to get the latest on events and development news!
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Hi All,

We are organizing a staff meeting for this weekend to organize a pretty aggressive schedule of new content and other roll outs for June and July 2018. I wanted to drop a line to get some additional thoughts of what you would be looking for in the coming months so we can focus our efforts and time appropriately.

I am working on the new anthology campaign again and will have the first 2 chapters released on 7/1 and the next 2 on 8/1, and the last 2 on 9/1. I got stalled out at work and apologize for the delay.

Thanks and will provide updates after we meet,
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We hunkered down, and have completed our GDPR changes way early! The ROT Forum and Player Portal are now back online and ready to go! You will be asked to accept our new terms of use and privacy policy before you will be allowed back into either the Player Portal or the forums. New forum registrations will be covered with the forum registration updates, as well.
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Due to the new European GDPR regulations rolling out on 5/25/2018, we will be turning down the ROT forums on 5/24/2018, and Player Portal until further notice.

We use PHPBB and it is not compliant with the new regulations. I will be messing around with the forum to see if we can keep the forums up in read only state and disable all login / registration capabilities so we don't lose information.

I will be working on the Player Portal to create a stand alone login page that will use your game account information which is not covered by the new law. Unless, Phpbb releases a new compliant verison in the next couple of days, the turn down will be unavoidable.

More information:
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wish all of you the best this Holiday season and want to take a moment to thank all of you for being such a great community, for all the support, time, and effort you all pour into this great community and server. We are digging into our 10th year, and we are only 9 months away from completing it. I am floored that the server a) lasted this long, and b) that we still have a long way to go with all the plans and content we have in the works!

Keep an eye out for details on the new high level anthology campaign, as we have started production on it and it will definitely be worth the wait!
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