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Don’t be Pressured into Unlawful Search and Seizure!

You get pulled over. You don’t agree to a search and seizure. The police officer nods, smiles, and tells you have a lovely evening. How often does that happen? Real Life Legal wants to help you remain cool and handle what comes after, “I’m sorry officer, but I don’t agree to any search…”

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The Officer Asks You, “do you mind if I search your vehicle?”

• During a traffic stop, what are the grounds for a search and seizure?
• Is being silent cause to raise suspicion?
• If you don’t consent to a search and seizure, what are your options? Let the professionals at Real Life Legal clear the air.

When does your right to remain silent begin?

 If the police stop and question you, do you have to answer them?
If you aren’t under arrest, can they keep you from leaving?

“Bah, I don’t need a Will. What could Go Wrong?”

In a perfect world, there’s nothing wrong with that question. But until that world happens, it’s always good to plan ahead. Let the professionals at Real Life Legal™ counsel you on how to handle an imperfect world. Learn the problems you avoid by taking the time to write a Will. 

►Leave The Sibling Rivalries to The Cable Dramas

While wars of succession and fighting over land makes for great entertainment, it’s not so fun in real life. If you don’t take the time to write a Will, your loved ones could be in for some top-notch drama. Learn why having the state divvy up your belongings is not such a hot idea.

Worried That Your Family Will Fight Over Your Assets?

The Passing of a loved one is hard enough without having to endure legal battles over who can call the shots over an estate. The down-to-earth legal experts at Real Life Legal™ want to let you know the benefits of naming someone you trust to carry on your legacy.

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When “Over My Dead Body” is Actually What’s Being Discussed

Over my dead body is usually a fun exaggeration. But it’s literally what happens when your Will is reviewed by the state. Learn how to avoid state oversight for what you leave for your loved ones, and have a direct say on what happens “over your dead body.”

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Intestacy May Sound Like a Stomach Virus, But It’s Actually Worse

When someone dies without a Will, things get messy quick. Do you want to know who gets what? That’s why Real Life Legal™ is here.

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Improper Wills Can Cause Years of #Legal Battle 

• If a Will isn’t signed properly, it can cause the state to investigate if it’s real.
• Estate fortunes can be spent handling the legal battles to decide this.
• How does this happen? One word: #Probate, and why you should avoid it. 

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Prevent Drunk Driving: Party Hosts Can Be Liable in Some States
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