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Make free and supercheap calls over the internet from your home phone
Make free and supercheap calls over the internet from your home phone


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The RealCalls Cordless Phone makes internet phone calling even easier.
The Cordless DECT Phone is shipped fully configured for you with £5 of calling credit so that it just needs to be connected to your internet service & power to get up and running.
RealCalls is a great way to make SuperCheap & Free calls worldwide without having to sit in front of a computer and this new Cordless Phone, makes that even easier.
The Phone supports up to 4 additional handsets, so that you can have 5 handsets online to make and receive internet phone calls.
Technical Details:
The RealCalls Cordless Internet phone is made by Grandstream, model DP715 (with base station) and additional handset DP710 are easy to use and great value for money. They are perfect cordless DECT IP phones for small companies as well as for the home.
> The Base will support up to four additional handsets.
> Each phone (DP715) includes £5 of calling credit
> Supports up to 4 additional handsets
> GAP compatible
> Caller ID
> 3-way conferencing
> Talk/stand time: 10 h / 80 h
> Phone book: 200 entries
> Range between 50/100m (inside / outside)
> Call waiting
> Call Transfer
> Do not disturb
> Call waiting
> Automatic reply
> 10 outgoing call entries
> 30 outgoing call entries
> 18 different ringer melodies
> Multi-language on-screen menus

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BT to hit millions of customers with inflation-busting price rises on call and line rental charges
·         Calls to landlines will rise from 9p to 9.58p
·         Connection Fees to increase from 15p to 15.97p
Yet again this is pure greed and manipulation as BT tries for force customers into inclusive packages.
These inflation busting price rises are unnecessary, but there are alternatives!
Fight the rises by using RealCalls to call landlines for just 1.5p, mobiles for 4p and the connection charge is only 5p.
Check out for Free and Super Cheap calls from your home phone

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If nuisance calls are driving you mad, here’s a simple solution.

As well as enabling free and super cheap calls, The RealCalls Adapter, from , can be set to answer calls with a short message from you saying “Press 1 to continue this call”
Full details here:

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Cuba is a country that’s changing and there’s no better way to talk to friends and family in Cuba than with as calls to landlines & mobiles cost just 39p per minute!
Call Cuba for just 39p per minute!  
If the person your calling has internet, you’ll be able to make free calls as long as both of you have RealCalls Adapters connected to the internet.
Take a look at for all the latest deals

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