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These are great - something for everyone - 20 Best IPhone Apps to download right now.

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Get your free version of our Trustee Foreclosure List for Harris County - be sure to click on the map markers for additional information and do not forget the spreadsheet - they're getting away out there!! Estimated mortgage balances and pro forma profit potential are a part of the spreadsheet, along with the amounts of any delinquent property taxes as well. A wealth of leads and data for free.

RA - Trustee Foreclosure

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Great article-chock full of insight.

How To Invest Your Self-employment Retirement Plans Successfully #realestate

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Networking is the single most powerful secret...

Top Ten Ways To Network For Real Estate Investors #realestate

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Everyone needs one....

How To Build A Power Team #realestate

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Veery well written article explaining some about closing costs and what they are. In Texas, we are lucky. There are places within the US that collect a percentage of the sale of the property in something called a "stamp tax". Can you imagine having to pay an additional cost of thousands of dollars every time a property changes hands? Shudder

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Within Texas, property owners can defer their property taxes if they are disabled or over 65 as long as they live at their homestead. The taxes still accumulate and accrue at 8% but an elderly person can live for years and year within that homestead and not worry about paying the taxes. That will be the responsibility of whoever takes over the house after the elderly person moves out.

Reminder that there is no meeting tonight as usual. It is too close to the holidays and we wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. Please use this time to spend with your families. We will see you again on January 20, 2015!!
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