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#Breaking News on #Politico: The Obama administration will allow Internet companies and others to disclose the "number of national security orders and requests issued to communications providers, the number of customer accounts targeted under those orders and requests, and the underlying legal authorities," said Attorney General Eric Holder and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in a joint statement today.

The move comes after President Barack Obama pledged more transparency about NSA surveillance requests during his speech at DOJ earlier this month.

"While this aggregate data was properly classified until today, the office of the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with other departments and agencies, has determined that the public interest in disclosing this information now outweighs the national security concerns that required its classification," the joint statement indicated.
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What the #### is a Hashtag? – An Introduction to the Proper Use of Hashtags for Business:
Everyone who has used social media has undoubtedly encountered the pound sign (#) followed by some version of unspaced text. While this may have seemed confusing at the time, this symbol or hashtag has become an important way in which the world communicates. But what is a hashtag? On social media sites, the (#) followed by text is known as a hashtag. Even with the uncanny rise of #hashtags, many of us are still confused when it comes to how to use them and even more are confused when it comes to what they mean...
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Our latest article:

Google Hummingbird Update: Adapting to the New #SEO Landscape

What It Means for You:

What is #GoogleHummingbird and why should your business care? Since there are many misconceptions about this topic, I will try to explain what Hummingbird actually does in order to illustrate the reason it matters to your businesses.

Google Hummingbird is the new search algorithm and is widely believed to be a one of the most significant evolutions search engine functionality. As we have mentioned in previous articles, search engine algorithms are continuously being altered to improve user experience. Google implements several hundred subtle modifications to its algorithm each year, but according to Amit Singhal, Vice President of Google Search, Google #Hummingbird is perhaps the most significant alteration to the algorithm since 2001...
To read more, visit:

Happy #Election Day everyone! Make sure to get out and #vote if you haven't already...

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#Politics and #business may make strange bedfellows, but they do share a lot in common when it comes to marketing—particularly email marketing and growing a large base of support. In today’s evolving high tech world, email marketing has to evolve too. So whether you are running a Fortune 500 company, small mom-and-pop shop or the next presidential campaign, you have to be savvy, modern and content-rich.
In other words, give you constituents or your customers what they want—in relevant, current and understandable language and techniques.

Obama did it best in his last presentational campaign, where he engaged an enormous amount of people and built a huge base of support from one of the savviest and conversational email marketing campaigns ever used by a political campaign. (We will touch on Obama’s winning approaches throughout, but first lets start with a few of the basics of a successful email marketing strategy for both politics and business.) These include:
• Testing intriguing subject lines
• Knowing your audience and how to speak to them
• Optimizing your content (because it’s easy)
• Supplementing your email marketing campaign with additional digital strategies, and more

Click on the link below to look at these #EmailMarketing tips a little bit deeper:

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Thank you for your nice review on Yelp Jon-Carlo:
"Ready to Run Designs has given me the confidence to go out and get new business. They have developed my website and have given me the skills to market online for my landscape lighting business. What really stood out was each member of their team (in relation to their area of expertise) worked one-on-one with me to develop a complete online branding and marketing strategy. I am already seeing results. Ready to Run was a great find for my company and I look forward to continuing work with them in the future."

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Attention college students in the Hudson Valley! We're looking for 2 interns to join the team. For more information or to apply, visit

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Our Online Marketing Specialist, Peter Turchan, was quoted in Intuit #SmallBusiness Blog's Article: Expert Tips for Using Google Analytics
Tips for small business owners on how to use #GoogleAnalytics effectively.

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