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We're super pumped to announce Dr. David Swain as the brand spanking new #chiropractic #physician and member of the REACH team! The strapping AND talented Dr. Swain will start accepting new clients and patients late next month, but you'll be sure too meet him if you pay us a visit soon! #builditandtheywillcome

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Reposting @annarbortrainer:
Loaded carries are a total kick ass way to increase grip strength, dynamic core stability, and a great conditioning tool, when implemented appropriately.

Make sure that when you throw them into the mix, that you're utilizing a solid, firm grip on the bell handle. This no doubt makes it easier to hang onto, but creates more of what is called an irradiation effect of muscles throughout the rest of the chain of muscle groups associated with the primary muscle group where the stress is being placed.

So with carries, when you squeeze the handle hard, you get more tension created through the triceps, lats, and teres minor, and infraspinatus. This creates more stability through the shoulder and results in this being a rotator cuff exercise as well. It will also result in a nice reflexive response from your abdominals to increase the amount of tension to enhance stability further.

Our advice for getting the hand set?
✅ place palm on handle ✅wrap thumb and index finger around handle firmly ✅follow with middle, ring, and pinky finger to give yourself a nice, strong grip

And remember, if you need to then chalk it up like LeBron if you're going super heavy!

#annarbor #annarborfitness #kettlebell #farmercarry #suitcasecarry #gripstrength #lebron #conditioning"

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Reposting @appliedfitnesssolutions:
"Coach Claire's #motivationmonday for this week 💪 #plainandsimple #youcandoit #AFSfam #fitfam #musclemay"

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#DNS mod to a #shoulder arm bar stability/mobility #exercise.

💭 There's a lot of moving parts here – what are you even training, bro!?

Simple version: "#strengthening" both shoulders and #core at the same time via controlled movement.
🤓 version: utilizing developmental principles to load closed-chain #function of the left shoulder and open-chain function of the right shoulder in a global pattern (3➡️5.5➡️7 months), anchored into an efficient central stability point via generation of #intraabdominalpressure through diaphragmatic #breathing...😌

It's not perfect, but you can see how much better the first one was before increasing the stability demand required to execute the same move with a bottoms-up #kettlebell – no change in #weight!

Everyone's hung up on #mobility, but there's no mobility without #stability. This is a simple example of how important a role control and stability plays in #movement. 🔓

#Stretching alone does not work because you have not learned how to control the gained #ROM, so it is quickly lost!

Try it out – 👁️👁️ the video then fill in the details:
🔑 Raise legs to a 90/90/90 #hip/#knee/#ankle position with most of your weight in the small of your back – no arching. Maintain #bellybreathing.
🔑 Keep a straight spine as you roll to the opposite side of where you're holding the weight.
🔑 Roll forward to load more weight into your #elbow, lift shoulder off the ground as you attempt to smash the ground with your hand. Keep shoulder packed, away from ear and #spine straight.
🔑 Slowly return to start. Put your thing down, flip it and reverse it – you'll know how hard you gotta work it! 😂

#dynamicneuromuscularstabilization #missyelliot #gripapproach #crossfitforgiven @crossfitforgiven

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More and more research keeps coming out about the lack of efficacy of common #orthopedic #surgeries. Disregarding cost, recovery time, and lost productivity, the thought of going #undertheknife when's not absolutely necessary AND there's a good chance it may not make a lick of difference anyway is assenine. Get a thorough mechanical #assessment and exhaust your conservative options first, regardless of the incidental findings on your #MRI!!!

"The world’s most common orthopedic procedure — #knee arthroscopy — is frequently a waste of time and money and should almost never be performed on patients with degenerative knee disease".

#MDT #mckenziemethod #mckenziemdt #formvsfunction #kneepain #kneesurgery

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It's always a surprise and unexpected, but we love thoughtful #gifts from our #patients/#clients! Especially, amazing confectionery artistry like the dandies by The Sassy Chefs you see right there – thank you! #dessert #blondebrownies #pastry

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There's a lot of great change occuring at REACH right meow! 😸 Dr. Burr added a #babyboy his #family, and we have a new addition to the #REACH team – stay tuned for the announcement coming soon! 😉👍
#makingmoves #growth

Reposting @rjburrdc:
"Our #babyboy, Bennett Wells Burr, arrived today at 12:08PM weighing in at healthy 8lbs 2oz! Momma @lizvalleyburr and #babybennettburr are recovering wonderfully. First impression is that Mr. Studly, is super chill which will balance out our family dynamic nicely, especially considering dancing machine #toddlercharlieburr!

I'm calling it now: he and his broski are going to be total #laxbros.

Thank you everyone for all the love and support!"

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Reposting @coachdanmethods:
"Coaches Coalition, Volume 3. Coming at you Saturday May 13th, high noon-2. Get your #protein #popcorn ready, stop in a tad early if you need to get a pump, and get ready to learn your glutes off! There are no #egos allowed on the #Coalition floor, allowing for an open, enriching transfer of concepts, information, and practical strategies everyone can implement back into their own life, team, tribe, etc. It depends answers aren't the norm here.
You're going to get to hear some awesome people tell some stories of struggle, success and everything in between. @annarbortrainer has a big announcement on a seminar coming up at his place in #AnnArbor @reachrehabchiro will be #yacht #rocking us on the #turf with a #DNS hands on #presentation and #BK Coach Ben Knapp will be headlining our #VH1 #Storytellers portion based upon R Hollidays #obstacleistheway, which is going to get you all pumped. @proteincheesecakeco #owner @jlapolla89 will be presenting on #Fear
RSVP via Facebook under "Iron Lounge Coaches Coalition"

#Motivate #Educate #Inspire

Lifting session and story-time to be had afterwards. Carry on."

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Bring a friend and come join us at #runningfitnorthville to learn how to maximize #strength and #power #training while reducing risk for #injury! This complimentary session is #tagteam of #AFS & #REACH today at 6 pm!

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Great post about the importance of individualized assessment from @annarbortrainer:
Pigeonholing clients into a one size fits all type of program, without making modifications to the individuals limitations can be a huge disservice to the clients long-term #performance and well-being.

Take a look at the pic. This was during an assessment in which @mcoval40 had the client go into a #deepsquat to analyze #movement through a basic #squat pattern.

You may look at it and think "wow, she can squat pretty low." You're not wrong with that analysis. However, we then take a look at how she achieved that deep squat.

First, we look at the #pelvis and see that the left side is elevated more so than the right. This is NOT a #leglength discrepancy like some professionals like to be quick to point out. This is a posterior hip limitation meaning that the femur on the left side has simply run out of room to move in the hip socket, so any additional depth achieved will be by shifting to the right hip and then on the left side shifting forward and drifting into the left knee (notice the pink dots in the pic. Left knee is higher than the left to demonstrate the shift). Now, let's say we have an agenda to make sure that EVERYONE gets below parallel on their squats. And then to add to that, let's say we toss a loaded bar on this clients back and then see how many reps they can get in 5 minutes. We're loading and encouraging a faulty pattern that's going to place undesirable stress on her left knee, right hip, and who knows what else. Then add the fatigue into the mix that is accumulated from an #amrap in 5 minutes and we exposing the issue even further.

All because we had an agenda and didn't take the clients limitations into consideration. The ideal thing to do would be to acknowledge the limitation, work on the limitation in the warm up (and then give the client homework to do daily) if you're qualified to do so and if not then referring out, and then designing a program that factors in this limitation yet still helps the client work toward their goal(s). This post isn't meant to instill fear...Read the rest @annarbortrainer👇
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