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ReDefine Plastic surgery and Hair Transplant Centre Hyderabad Gynecomastia

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Let Dimple Add Beauty to Smile

The dimple surgery is thirty-minute process that is designed to help you have the best smile ever. The end result is usually subtle, but all the same, many people love the dimples created. Many people out there perceive dimples as an endearing feature. They can not only enhance your smile, but also brighten your smile, and many cultures continue to see them as an attractive part of the body.

Naturally, dimples are formed when there is space in the cheek muscle. The empty space is what creates a tiny indentation at the side of your mouth when you smile. On the other hand, a dimple creation surgery can help create natural dimples for those who do not have them yet.

Dimple Creation Procedure Steps:

The dimple creation process is done with the help of local anesthesia. The procedure is usually done in the theater. First and foremost, your surgeon will mark the exact place where the dimples are to be located, on the side of the cheeks. After that he will make a small incision created on both sides of the cheeks. The surgeon will then remove move about 3mm of muscle that is usually not found in the natural dimple. After that, the doctor uses a few absorbable sutures to create new dimples.

The doctor has to be precise when considering the depth and amount of muscle that need adjustment to create the most appealing and natural dimples. The entire process takes between 20 and 30 minutes and you are done of the best things about dimple creation procedure is that the results are faster. As soon as the medical procedure is done, you will be able to flaunt your dimples.

However, many people often wonder if the dimples will still be seen when one is not smiling. Well, you cannot see the dimples if you are not smiling. Typically, natural dimples appear when a person smiles or express a certain emotion. However, for the medical induced dimples, they can only be visible when one is smiling. For the first 14 days, the dimples may be seen at all times, but once you completely heal, this will subside.

You can get back to doing your normal work once the procedure is complete. You can also eat and drink without any complications. But you will have to wait for at least two hours, as soon as the freezing has ceased. During the first couple of days after surgery, you may experience some serious swelling in your cheeks. You may also see some bruises where the dimples are located. However, most of the time this effect is not that serious. Many patients prefer to take a day off work or from school until they are completely healed.

As you have seen, dimple creation is not a complicated medical procedure, it only takes a few minutes and the results are long lasting. Therefore, there is no risk- related issues with the procedure. However, you need to work only with a skilled and experienced surgeon for best results.
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What Are Breast Implants?

A breast implants nothing but the addition of a foreign material in the breast area to enhance the size, shape and contour of the breast. The procedure is implemented as part of the reconstructive plastic surgery. Breast implants are required to address the distortion of breasts. It is possible to deal with congenital disorders.The breast implants are used to regain the natural shape after undergoing the mastectomy. The silicone implant comes with elastomer silicone shell and it is filled with viscous silicone gel.

Breast Defects

Breast defects in men and women can be corrected by applying the breast implants. There construction of the breast will be done in the best possible way by using a tissue expander device. The future permanent breast implant can be managed with the tissue expander device.

The correction of male breast defects will be done with the help of pectoral implant. The reconstruction, as well as aesthetics, will be addressed through the breast reconstruction method.
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Who Are Eligible for Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is alsocalled as mammoplasty. The procedure is conducted to reduce the size of breastsin women. A number of incisions will be made underneath the breasts to removethe skin, tissue and fat. The procedure can be performed in out-patient mode.

There are several reasons to undergo the breast reduction procedure. If the breast size is large, there will be an impact on the posture. The woman might experience pain in several parts that are connected to the breast tissue. The pain might occur in the neck,shoulders and back. The breast size affects the overall appearance of the woman. The surgery is intended to address the physical as well as psychological issues. The breast reduction surgery is intended to enhance the health and appearance of the woman.
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WHAT VITAMINS HELP THICK YOUR HAIR?Home » Blog » What vitamins help thick your hair?

Thick and long hair will enhance the beauty of women. If you manage healthy hair, you will pose before the audience with great confidence. It is possible to try different kinds of hairstyles as well when you manage strong hair follicles. There are certain vitamins which will enhance your hair health. You can manage thick and long hair by taking vitamins on regular basis. By supplying the essential vitamins, the metabolic requirements of hair follicles will be fulfilled in a very efficient manner. You can improve the hair growth and quality by taking vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin H

Vitamin H is also called as biotin and it is part of the B complex group of vitamins. The food will be converted into fuel with the presence of vitamin H. By maintaining sufficient levels of vitamin H in the body, you can manage healthy hair and skin as well. Vitamin H is widely used in most of the cosmetic products. The vitamin H deficiency will lead to hair loss. You can consume eggs and nuts to maintain sufficient levels of vitamin H in your body.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is rich in eggs, liver and kidneys. It can be sourced from a variety of fruits and vegetables as well. It will promote good vision as well. The vitamin will promote hair growth and you can maintain the hair in the best possible way.


The growth and maintenance of hair will take place in a very efficient manner with the presence of iron. The presence of iron will ensure that all the cells will have sufficient supply of oxygen. Iron will help in the creation of red blood cells. It promotes hair growth and you can manage thick and strong hair.

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WHAT CAUSES BALDING IN FEMALES?Home » Blog » What causes balding in females?

Hair loss will take place in women due to health conditions, change in hormone levels, pregnancy, and other issues. It is quite normal to experience hair fall with aging. Some women inherit female pattern baldness. Most of the women lose hair during menopause stage in their lives. It is very much important to visit the dermatologist to figure out the difference between female pattern baldness and other types of hair loss. As you implement the treatment at the earliest, there will be a great relief and the hair fall can be arrested quickly.


Female pattern baldness is caused by genetics. You can inherit baldness from your father or mother. If your close relative suffers from female pattern baldness, you are likely to suffer from hair loss. The female pattern baldness is induced due to the underlying endocrine condition. Most of the women will develop female pattern baldness in their middle age. Women will lose hair in their 40s and 50s. Smoking will increase the risk of female pattern baldness.
The high levels of testosterone will also lead to hair loss.
The over-processing of hair will also lead to hair loss. The damaged hair shaft will break very easily. Usage of hot tools and excess bleaching will lead to loss of hair. In some cases, the hair loss will not take place from the root but it will take place from the shaft.
Women suffering from an autoimmune disease will suffer hair loss. If you are suffering from the autoimmune condition, your body recognized your hair as foreign material and hair shedding takes place.
Women going through intense stressful conditions will suffer from hair loss. The emotional stress, as well as physical stress, will lead to hair loss.
Dandruff or psoriasis will also lead to hair loss. The skin on the scalp will become itchy and hair will fall down very easily through scratching. Some women will lose hair by undergoing medications to treat high blood pressure, HIV and depression.
Women can experience hormone-induced hair shedding due to changes in birth control pill.
During the childbirth, the hair fall will take place due to change in hormone levels. The hair fall will subside after the restoration of hormone levels.
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There are several reasons for losing hair. The male pattern baldness is associated with the loss of hair at the temples or crown of the head. There are people who will be affected by baldness at the crown as well as forehead. Male pattern baldness will begin during teenage years. Adult men suffer from male pattern baldness. The baldness and intensity will increase with age. In most of the cases, the baldness will be inherited and it will pass on from one generation to the next generation.

Occurrence of male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness takes place due to hereditary issues. About 50% of men suffer from male pattern baldness before or after attaining the age of 40 years. Most of the men will be affected by baldness at some stage in their life. Some women will also be affected by Baldness due to health issues.

The male pattern baldness is called androgenetic alopecia. The baldness process will take place about 15 to 25 years. Some men will be affected by complete baldness in less than 12 years.

The hair will become thin before the beginning of the hair fall. The hair will become thin towards the sides (temples). A bald patch will develop in the middle of the scalp. The patch will increase and the receding on sides will take place gradually.

The baldness pattern will be different in women. In women, the top of the head will be affected. The general thinning of hair will take place in women. Most of the women suffer from hair loss during menopause. Women should consult the physician to check the presence of male hormone levels.

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What is FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is much similar with FUT Hair Transplant, the only difference is, here in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure the hair follicles are extracted individually and not in a strip from the back of Head. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure ( FUE Hair Transplant in Hyderabad) involves less bleeding, bruising and scarring.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure each follicular unit of hair is removed one by one directly from the head.FUE Hiar Transplant is best for you as the patient as you will have no linear scar and minimal pain and down time.

The Main Advantage of FUE Hair Transplant in Hyderabad is that there is no linear surgical scar like in FUT.The results are natural and people won’t know that you have had Hair Transplan surgery. In a very small population group the donor area may scar and there will be white dots where the hairs were removed.After Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hiar Transplant surgery, your head will be bandaged.We Offer FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Hyderabad, India.
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WHAT ARE THE CAUSE’S LIPOMA LUMPS?Home » Blog » What are the cause’s lipoma lumps?

Lipoma lump is a deposit of lump under the skin and it is harmless. The lump is generally formed on back, shoulders and neck. The lump is soft and there will not be any trace of pain. If you feel inconvenient with the lump, it can be removed by a Plastic Surgeon. The rubbery bulging will take place through the deposit of fat under the soft tissue of your body. One in thousand persons is likely to be affected by lipoma lumps. However, the lump can be formed in newborn babies as well.


The formation of lipomas will take place over the months or years. Most of the lipoma lumps will be less than 2 inches in size. However, some lumps can grow up to 8 inches.

Middle-aged men and women will be affected by lipoma lumps. In some cases, the lumps are formed after injury. The lumps are more likely formed in men than women. If you have a lipoma at one part of the body, there is a chance of formation of another lump at another part of the body as well.

People suffering from Madelung’s disease might get such kind of lumps. Even though the exact cause of lipoma lump is not identified by medical experts, some feel that it is a response to physical trauma. The trauma is not the cause of lipoma. It will be discovered because of the presence of the trauma.

Lipoma in families

It is believed that genetic factors will also contribute towards the formation of lipoma lump. If you are having genetic condition, you might suffer from one or more lipoma lumps.

Diagnosis and treatment:

Lipoma lumps are diagnosed through the physical examination, biopsy and imaging tests. A sample of the skin will be cut and will be observed under the microscope.

However, if you are not comfortable with the lump, you can consult a Plastic Surgeon. The Surgeon will observe the change or growth of the lump. A lump may contain some blood vessels. If the lump presses against the nerves, there will be little pain.

The lipoma lump can be removed by surgery. The lump can be cut and removed on a permanent basis. Through the liposuction method, the contents of the lump will be sucked through a syringe and needle by living very minimal cost.
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