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3 Tips for Shooting Your First Music Video -
So you’re ready to create your first music video. Ironically enough, your friend’s band needs a promo video for their upcoming tour. Sounds like a great opportunity for growth and development. Shooting your first music video will certainly be difficult but here are 3 steps that...
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How TV Commercials Can Provide a Better ROI -
In the world of the internet, TV commercials still, play a vital role in marketing. Millions of people still tune in to live TV and therefore commercials are a major way of consumers to be educated about new products and services.
When you want to promote a product or service, you need to...
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Aerial Photography - How to Bring your Photography to New Heights -
The sky isn’t the limit when it comes to photography. With the right preparation, aerial photography’s incredibly diverse perspectives allow creativity to soar.
Aerial Photography Tips and Tricks – Bringing your Photography to New Heights:
Adjust camera settings as...
#AerialPhotography, #PolarizingFilters

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3 Essential Qualities of a Good Videographer -
In today’s marketplace video is a major product that many people want. There are so many different types of video available (such as short films, weddings, live events, commercials, etc.) that videographers are in high demand. But what constitutes a good videographer? There are many...
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3 Game Changing Video Equipment Rentals:…/
You would be surprised at how much a little mobility can help boost the professional appeal of your video production. Unfortunately, camera movement can often look shaky or cause the camera to lose focus of its subject. RDM Productions has you covered with these three essential tools to make the best of camera movement in your video project!

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Video Production Can Boost Your Online Marketing -
Video has become a more important medium than ever before. Globally, traffic from online videos will constitute over 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. By 2019, the total U.S. digital video advertising spend is projected to eclipse $14 billion—nearly 50% of that figure ($6.86 bil...
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Video Equipment Rentals for All Video Projects -
Do you have a video or movie project coming up that you’ll need some professional equipment for? Not sure where exactly to start? RDM Productions can help you!
We are the one-stop shop for any of your video equipment rental needs. From tripods to cameras, to monitors, to lens adapters,...
#EquipmentRentals, #VideoProduction, #Videography

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Stand Out With Commercial Video Production -
If you’ve been looking for some new methods of getting your Commercial video, out in front of audiences, we’ve got one for you here you should try. In the old days, to stay competitive your video had to connect a product with smiling faces of the standard American household. Then, as ...
#Commercial, #Marketing, #Video

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VIDEO PRODUCTION: Optimizing Your Web Video for Brand Awareness -
Web video is a spectacular and growing tool for creating brand awareness and trust in the online marketplace. Cisco’s annual report shows us that 70-80% of all internet traffic will be video bandwidth before the end of this year. Video’s importance cannot be understated, it’s ...
#Branding, #WebVideo

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