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Business resources to help your business grow
Business resources to help your business grow


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Promoting your event online is a must in the world that we live in today, so where do you start? In my previous post, Social Media for Your Event Part 1, I covered your digital team, digital assets, strategy and your content calendar. Follow these steps first before you dive into the actual promotion of your event.

Some of the biggest issues that my team and I see when it comes to social media event promotion are

Lack of clarity
Unrealistic expectations
Lack of audience
Lack of budget
Short lead times

Social Media promotion, in essence, is your long term business social strategy condensed into a shortened time frame. With that being said, if you don’t have a strategy in place for your business then you can use your event strategy and expand it to your encompass your whole business. This is something that your digital marketing team can help you create and implement.

I often find that social media promotion is one of the last things to be activated for an event when it really needs to be one of the first. It’s like a race. You’re pre-event promotion is your starting line. You need to prepare to win.

I want to share how to promote your event before, during and even after the event is over. Attached with each area of your event, Sheryl Loch of Ginger Roots Media and I recorded videos to help you succeed.

Pre-Event Promotion
One of my mantras is “the greater the lead time, the greater the success”. The more time you give yourself to promote your event, the more visible you will be to your attendees. According to Bizzabo 25% of tickets purchased are impacted by video and 64% use the internet (translation = social media) for live updates about the event.

There are a ton more statistics that prove that social is a vital element of your event promotion, ticket sales and customer service.

After you have collected all of your digital assets, now you can start promoting your event. Here are a few things to consider promoting. Download the Social Media Event Promotion Checklist to get the full list.

Read the rest here:

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What if you changed the focus of your event idea?
The standard doldrum, 4 walled, sit in a conference room for days on end event is not as attractive to your attendees anymore.

This shift away from the conference has been slowly happening over the last 5 years. Yes, the big conferences are alive and well, but even they are shifting.

The experience is what your attendees are seeking. I’ve discussed and mentioned this in other articles.

Flip Your Event Idea on It’s Head
What I want to focus on today is the ideas that you can create. How can you think outside the box? How can you take your meeting room/conference room idea and flip it on it’s head? Once you know who your target is and have really considered what they love and why they are attracted to you and your business, you can begin to think about different ideas to create a unique experience for them.

I was recently chatting with Mike Williams about his event ideas and I kindly threw his event idea out the window and gave him some fresh ideas that he could build on for the next year. Here’s what Mike said in his own words.

Wow, what a refreshing perspective! Thankyou Lany for taking my dull unenthusiastic idea for an event and spinning it on it’s head to create an exciting concept that I can really get my teeth into!
You read and understood my brand and style immediately and knew exactly what would work for me.
I’m truly grateful for your help and will be in touch again soon to pick your amazing creative event brain.

He’s now going to pursue a really fun and exciting event idea that will not only help him build his local community, but will create life changing experiences for each person that shows up.

Get Business from Your Local Community by Hosting a “Mastermind”
I was chatting with another CEO of a multi million dollar company. I asked them if they have any local businesses that they would LOVE to have as clients and they said exuberantly, YES!

Read the rest here:

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Setting Up Social Media for Your Event - Facebook
Your event will need to be on social media, so you can draw in interested people and pass along information. Facebook is a necessity as that is where the majority of your audience mostly is. But is just sharing through your profile enough? Do you need a brand page or group? It can be bothersome to handle more pages, but in this video we talk about reasons you may need more than just a profile.

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What to do with all your event videos...
Here we go, you have gathered a bunch of video content during your event and now you have to get busy sharing it. While you could just upload it to Facebook, that isn't the best place. Facebook has some issues that YouTube doesn't.
The benefits of sharing your videos on YouTube far out weigh the extra time it takes to upload and optimize.
This simple event marketing tip could help you build a bigger audience and sell more tickets for your next event!

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In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Andy is upset that Ben let their love fern die. When I think about my client’s event social media, I feel the same way.

After your event is over are you going to let your social media die?

Please say NO, I am begging you!

Repeat after me….

I will not let my event social media die.

Ok, I feel better now.

Phew….ok, now let’s get down to business.

You social media promotion DOES NOT end when the lights go down on your event. It actually continues and leads into your next event. Your next program. Your next…whatever….

Why you ask?

Well, let me ask you this. If you invested $$ and worked for the last 3-12 months so diligently to build up your visibility on all your social channels, why on God’s green earth would you let it die? Why would you completely stop the momentum? Why would you not put all that money and work into moving your audience into the next thing that you are working on?

Post-event promotion is in no way as heavy or hard as pre-event or the live event promotion, but it is just as necessary and worthwhile to the long term picture. For most event creators, they will do multiple events. One and done is very rare when the event is successful.

So, if you have built up decent visibility or massive visibility on your event when your event is over you create a drip campaign or content calendar. You gather up all the digital goodies from your event and start creating post event content. Videos, testimonials, photos, gifs, memes all with mentions of the speakers, sponsors and attendees.

So, here’s the win in that. If you continue to share the highlights and awesomeness from your event, you keep the memories and conversation going. You continually remind those who attended, sponsored and participated that the event was indeed awesome and they will want to participate next year. You’re also going to catch those who missed the event either because they chose not to attend or didn’t hear about it in the first place. Those people are going to see what you created and have FOMO for your next event. Um, hello…. That’s called….winning. Thank you Charlie Sheen.

The next question is…

Read the rest here:

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Event Marketing - Using YouTube to Market Your Event
YouTube is one of our favorite places to place content and in this video we talk about how you can use it to build excitement for your event.

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If you run a marketing agency, especially a digital marketing agency and don’t have an event arm in your business strategy you are doing your clients a disservice.

Hold up, don’t be mad. I’m trying to help you out here. I recently chatted with Anahita Safarzadeh about what marketing agencies are missing out on when it comes to events. There is so much focus on the digital side and you are working SO diligently for your clients. It’s an uphill climb to get visibility, to get their product or service out and to get engaging customers. I know your struggle. We live in a very loud world where everyone is trying to get attention.

How do you stand out in the chaos?

This well known but underutilized tool called events.

If you showed up with an event strategy for your clients that pulled their customers into a face to face, hands on experience you’ve just changed the game. You’ve now opened up another marketing channel that probably was not in use… WOMM. Word of Mouth Marketing. WOMM is a powerful marketing tool. It is not dead. It is alive and well. Look at every movie you’ve watched and who have you told about it? What about that bad customer service or the great sales on shoes? You’ve called your friends, told your co-workers, cousins, bosses, nanny, neighbor, everyone and shared an experience that you had with a brand, company, movie, etc.

This is why events are so dynamic and this is why it’s your responsibility to show your clients that value of creating live events.

If we go back to my post about having an event budget, you will see that I talk about what the major consumer brands are doing. They are actively every year putting their products in the hands of their consumers.

I hear you saying, well I don’t have a product that I can give away. I disagree. You can pull anyone in to play and test your product in your offices. Create a fun tech day and invite potential customers to come in, eat some food, learn about your services and get their hands on your product live and in person. SIMPLE.

You don’t have to pass out millions of samples, you can invite 5 to 10 local businesses in for a day or a couple of hours.


Read the rest here:

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How Often Should You Post On Instagram?
There is no set schedule for posting on Instagram that will be a sure fire way to build your audience.
Consistency is #1 but as far as if you should post 1 a day or 10 a day will depend on a few things...

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Congrats! Your Event is now LIVE!

You have done so much work to get to this point and now for the next few days you get to plug into your audience and create a deeper relationship with them.


If you are plugged into your audience who is handling your social?

Maybe you think you don’t need someone to manage your social while your event is live. I mean, everyone is already at your event, so why do you need to keep promoting your event?


While you are live you attendees are still talking about your event on social. They are tweeting, doing Facebook lives, sharing quotes, memes, selfies, groupie pics and more. If your audience is present online during the event, so you get to be present as well.

Here is where your team comes in and will be irreplaceable.

Your team continues from pre-event promotion to live seamlessly. While you are live, your digital/social team is interacting and engaging with your audience. They are making them feel recognized and seen. They are answering question and taking care of your audience on the digital side while you work in the physical.

What does your live event promotion look like? Below is a partial list of content that my team and I recommend that you share or create. Download the Social Media Event Promotion Checklist to get the full list.

Read the rest here:

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Tips for using YouTube during your live event!
YouTube is one place that almost everyone has access to and is very shareable. We talk about how you can reach people with videos during your event and what to plan out for future marketing so you have plenty of content to share while gearing up for your next event!

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