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Onboard quadcopter software allows pilots to maintain stable flight despite the complete loss of a motor, propeller or ESC .

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The dreaded RTC (return to China) mode aka a flyaway, devastates a would be reviewer. Sorry Andrew Couts for your loss.

Have any of you ever had a flyaway?

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The good news is that the man is okay, and as a side note so was the heli. I found it extremely funny that they included that the man and the RC helicopter were unharmed.

I'm finding more articles about RC heli pilots getting into sticky situations as our hobby grows. We are going to start needing to think about rescue quads to retrieve our stranded helis. Hmmmm

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The Top 10 RC Helicopters for 2014 

RC Heli Magazine has collected a list of the top 10 currently available RC helicopters in the market. Based upon our findings from our research in sales and popularity, these are the helis many of us have been flying. 

Our list covered the entire spectrum from beginner all the way through expert levels. Of course it’s not easy including some of the entry level helis in the mix, but we all had to start somewhere. We were very happy to see that some of the advanced aircraft made the cut when everything was said and done.

We will modify and the list dependent on the 2014 sales data throughout the year.

Do you think we missed a heli that’s extremely popular? Let us know!

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DJI Lightbridge is an all new revolutionary 2.4G Full HD digital video downlink from your UAV for FPV flying.

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We are proud to announce that we have just launched the RC Heli Mag Forums.

We welcome all of our readers to visit and ask a question or post some info for other heli pilots.

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If you think that the only thing you needed to worry about while flying your RC Heli was crashing welcome to the new “sport” of hunting drones.

Flying your RC heli (or RC Plane) in the small town of Deer Trail, Colorado may become one area of the country that you may want to avoid. In an unprecedented act, the local town board will vote on an ordinance that would, in essence, create a drone free zone by issuing a hunting license and subsequent bounties for RC helicopters, planes and drones alike. Additionally, not only are they promoting that you take your weapon and shoot down UAV’s but they are actually discussing offering bounties for proof of destruction. Well it’s official; we are under attack and the sport of “Skylarking” has just been invented.

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The Shocking Precision of Modern Drone Technology

Researchers are building small autonomous quadrotor drone helicopters proficient of precise aggressive maneuvers. The acrobatic mastery of the autonomous helis is nothing short of astounding and seems almost ripped directly from the pages of science fiction. The shocking part of these drones is that they are not remote-controlled helis; they are autonomous flying robots. The drones are rising.

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RC Heli Mag Online is now on Google Plus! Make sure to add us to your circles for all of the latest info, reviews, tips & tricks and more on RC Helicopters. 

Spread the word please by sharing this news!

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