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Ulyana Sergeenko is a recent brand that held its debut show in 2011 and is already sharing the catwalk with Chanel and Balenciaga. Behind the brand is the Russian lady, wife of millionaire Daniil Khachaturov and a style icon à la russe.

Sergeenko's clients today include Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Dello Russo, Carine Roitfeld, Natalia Vodianova, Miroslava Duma and other celebrities. Read our profile:

Source: Getty Images / Fotobank
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I Demand the closure of all deliveries TO Europe - Ukraine - Turkey


INHERITANT of de Romanov
All Taken By Fraud
870 Trillion Euro Moved illegal TO the USA
Mainly Russian Money By the NWO

Bank de Savoy Switsrland 
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"There was something very Russian about the celebrated American dancer, Isadora Duncan (1877-1927). Not just because of a love affair with Russian poet Sergey Yesenin that resounded around the world."

Find out what made her so in touch with the Russian soul: 
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June Wanjugu Akembo
13/88 Nelson St.
Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand
11 December 2015
Re: East African Politics And Farming of Fruit, Vegetables & Flowers (Horticulture)
 To Heads of Organizations:
We've written before about life at my grandparents' farm at Mathira in Kenya.  When we were children, we, meaning myself, Uncle Karaba's children and Mrs. Mathenge's children used to get fruits to snack on during the day.  The boys would climb the trees.  That was while we were herding the cows and sheep, picking coffee, tilling or cultivating land etc.  The fruits which grew on the land were grapefruit, orange and lemon trees, gooseberries, sugar cane, tree tomato, passion fruit, avocado pears, custard apples, mangos, yellow berries which I've never seen in the temperate lands, nor have I seen gooseberries etc.  The farm at Ihururu had plums which were grown for commercial use, in addition to pyrethrum and coffee etc.  Today, we want to further discuss the politics of these agricultural crops and their  scientific and economic uses.  The yellow berries are important because of their absence from my life since I left Mathira.  They had a yellow skin and a white interior and one or two brown seeds inside.  One would take a bite of the fruit and then throw away the seeds before consuming the remainder.  I'd like to obtain more information about the fruit and resume growing them and consuming them in East Africa.  The same goes for gooseberries which were a light yellow to green colour with a white interiour but no seeds.  The yellow berries grew on a tree while the gooseberries grew on a vine or runner.  Those of you who are familiar with botany should recognize those types of plants.  Both fruits are to be reinstated into our diets and economies.  Custard apples were sold by Soung Yueen, the Asian shop where I shop, shortly after I arrived.  So were tree tomatoes and passion fruit.  These fruits are then, part of the diet of Asians, and passion fruit continue to be used in drinks which are manufactured by Thailand and other Asian countries.  Our tree tomatoes were red, sweet and juicy.  There's a variety here in New Zealand which is green in colour, and which is referred to as feijoa.  The red variety which I grew up on is called tamarillo in New Zealand.  Both varieties of fruit are to be resumed by East Africa.  We are now marketing fruit juices made of feijoa, and we must make economic and culinary use of all of our other fruits.  I've also previously mention guava.  They too were grown by my grandparents.  The guava has a green skin of varying intensity, and all types are to be grown once again all around East Africa.  On the subject of flower farming or horticulture, we've recently posted a handwritten letter to East Africa describing pyrethrum farming at Ihururu.  That letter was a follow up to two previous letters which were written here in New Zealand.  Pyrethrum is a flower, one variety of which is also called chrysanthemum.  The flowers are chemically used as insecticides, including a compound known as DDT which Americans criticized for causing environmental damage.  In East Africa, the insecticide is used to kill mosquitoes which cause the disease malaria.   The pyrethrum flower is therefore economically useful to us.     In addition to Ihururu, the plant is grown by the Acholi tribe of northern Uganda.   The flower is also used as a beveraged or tea, which we market commercially.   We dispute that Pyrethrum is harmful.   Also in northern Uganda, the Lango tribe grows a flower which is called morning glory.  It's purple in colour, and is used in laxatives etc.  One really has to wonder why there's such a terrible attack on my life, centred on faeces and excretion etc.  Therefore, the public health responsibilities of our tribes are to be recognized because of the racial attacks which we have to suffer.  Morning glory is also used as a pesticide and in foods and drink.  Other flowers which are part of my life include roses and carnations, both of which were grown at Tumu Tumu. Roses as you know as used as perfumes, teas, etc.  Carnations are more intriguing because there's a commercial trademark of condensed milk which is called Carnation.  It's manufactured by Nestle.  I'm curious to learn why Nestle chose that name as it's trademark for condensed milk.  Carnations also have a pretty or pleasant fragrance, it's obvious that it too is used by the perfume industry if not the insecticide and pesticide industries.   Back to fruits, avocado pears were widely used in Mexican food when I lived in the United States of America.  Here in New Zealand, it's recently become publicized by Japanese restaurants who use the fruit in sushi at St. Pierre's Sushi.  You have to understand that I believe that that's a better use for the fruit from my perspective.  St. Pierre's also makes its own trademark of soya sauce from beans etc.  By the way, the vegetables which are grown at Tumu Tumu, Masailand and most of East Africa include beans and maize which are used to cook Muthere as the Kikuyu called a stew or soup which is part of our diet.  Muthere can be cooked with maize and beans alone, or with the addition of potatoes, cabbage, meat, tomatoes etc.  All of these vegetables were present at my grandparents' farm, and so were pumpkins, sweet potatoes, arrowroot in two varieties, carrots etc.  They are all products which are also sold at the open-air market of Karatina, Arusha and everywhere else where my people inhabit.  It's also not unusual to find roadside vendors who are basically farmers who take some of their crops to sell to drivers who are passing by.   We also grew bananas which exist in many varieties everywhere in East Africa.    We've also mentioned our coffee cooperative at Karii, as well as our milk cooperatives at Karii and at Kiangoma where I attended nursery school. 
 June Wanjugu Akembo 
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Ekaterina Maximova was born on February 1, 1939, in Moscow. In 1958, she graduated from the Moscow Choreographic School (nowadays the Moscow State Academy of Choreography), where she studied with renowned ballerina and teacher Elizaveta Gerdt, and was admitted to the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater. Learn more about the queen of Soviet ballet:
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"A small city- like village is located some 70 kilometers away from Irkutsk, surrounded by woods and foggy mountain peaks. This area of land, full of mismatched houses, takes up about 5 kilometers along the shore. Mainly because of the larch trees growing here, the village is called Listvennichnoe, but the locals call it Listvyanka."

Discover it with us: 
You can reach Irkutsk by train or plane, and then after that it is only approximately 68 kilometers to Listvyanka. You can go by car on the Baikal highway, or if it's summer, take a ferry from the Raketa pier. Everyday there are taxi vans and buses, which can drive you there from the Irkutsk bus ...
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"Kamchatka is one of the best regions for motor tourism and extreme riding. You can ride on the slopes of a volcano, along the Pacific coast, across the hilly tundra and black sands"

Extreme riding across Russia:

Source: Elena Safonova
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A series of photo collages by Sergey Larenkov combines frightful scenes of the Leningrad Blockade (1941-1944) with bright views of present-day Saint Petersburg: 
Seventy years ago, at 20:00 on January 27, 324 guns fired 24 salutes in honor of the final lifting of the blockade. It was the only salute during the war, and was not repeated in Moscow. RBTH presents the photo collages that combine frightful scenes of the Leningrad Blockade (1941-1944) with bright views of present-day Saint Petersburg.
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The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are due to start in an hour!

Russia Beyond the Headlines will lead you all the way through this major 2014 event, providing athletes' profiles and information about events. During the Games we will provide you with the news straight from the grounds - athletes, volunteers, tourists staying in Sochi will daily report on all the happenings beyond competitions.

With daily reports and newsletters you will always be in the know about all the sport results. For you not to miss any interesting competition, there is a subscription service which enables you to get reminders about the chosen sports. 

Subscribe now to make sure you get all the information =>>>
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Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya at the 19th Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, 2002, where she won a silver medal in ladies' singles.

Get on a visual journey through history to the discovery of the most celebrated Russian athletes to triumph at the Olympics:

Source: MAMM collection
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Students of the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow presented a project in which they reinterpreted famous Russian paintings and replaced the people in them with characters from the animated series "The Simpsons." Views some of the best examples here:

Source: Interaction Design BHSAD
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Consulting company ECA International has evaluated the daily expenses of foreigners living and working in different countries around the world. It turned out that expatriates have the highest expenses in Caracas, Venezuela, which occupies first place in the rating. Moscow ranks 15th. View the full list here:

Source: Natalia Mikhaylenko
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Celebrating 90 years of Mosfilm...

It is the studio where the best pictures of Sergei Eisenstein (photo: in the cutting room), Vsevolod Pudovkin, Alexander Dovzhenko, Sergei Bondarchuk, Mikhail Kalatozov, and Andrei Tarkovsky were shot... Let's revisit some of the most important moments in its history: 
Mosflim, Europe's largest movie studio, was founded on January 30, 1924. This year will see its 90th anniversary.
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For all the fashion victims with a passion for shoes, here is the essential vocabulary you'll need if you are planning a shopping spree during your visit to Russia:

Source: Natalia Mikhaylenko
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