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lots of ppl have added me. tell me about yourself if you don't mind.
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fascinating! a barelvi, deobandi, or shia bioinformatician? :-)
I'm a primatologist currently living in North Carolina. I'm a geek, LGBT advocate, and conservationist.
Skeptic/atheist/science blogger retired from actual productive work, interested in just about everything.
Programmer/analyst supporting fisheries research, Vancouver Island.
Grad student in electrical engineering, little else. Stalking you at brownpundits, Twitter, and Gene Expressions. Don't worry, it is only your expositions that I am after.
South African currently doing a post-doc at Emory University. Molecular modelling in the biochemistry sea took me there.
Evolutionary biologist at CUNY...I work with genetic data from non-human animals and enjoy your commentary on recent human genomic studies (as well as the novel analyses!)
Marine biologist / behavioural ecologist with a particular interest in elasmos
Just a girl with a love for science... mostly the biology sections.
Young mathematician from silicon valley. Starting undergrad at UC Berkeley in January.
Layperson interested in the intersection between science and history, and who is in particular impressed by your knowledge of ancient Chinese philosophy.
alex, did i meet u at a less wrong party?
Hi Razib. I draw evolutionary trees with languages and you wrote about my work in your blog a few months ago. Thanks for that!
alex, i have a good memory. and i think you told me you were planning on berkeley. nice that you looked me up :-) i miss the less wrong crowd now that i don't live there anymore....
I'm from Moscow, Russia and follow GenExp many years. Blogging on neuroscience, evolution and other life science stuff.
I'm a grad student in physics at UW-Madison, working on quantum algorithms. Found GeneExp through Cosmic Variance; it's now a staple read for me!
I'm a lawyer in Chicago that works primarily in the Spanish-speaking community. Ethnic differences fascinate me and you have a lot of good observations.
I'm an analyst at University of Washington (regular staff, not an academic employee). I'm an avid traveler, a student of history and culture, and I have a love of science in general. I've been a reader of your blog for about 18 months now. I'm married to a scientist, so your blog has often sparked some interesting conversation at home!
Sales engineer in information security industry, blogger on (mostly) local political and community issues, applied math/physics academic background, Democrat with libertarian sympathies. Interested in general range of topics discussed on GNXP, hence a faithful reader.
Long-time Gene Expression reader, part-time bioinformatics student and software engineer, occasional sf writer.
Grad student at CSU Chico working on hot springs fungi but have a few friends in the "genetics business" in SF bay. 
been reading gene expression for a while, love chilis in my food :), consult on software for a living. from india
electrical engineer, bio layperson, I study languages and culture, I like to trace culture/migration/history via languages (kinda like what people do with genetic discoveries now). I've been reading Gene Expressions blog for a while. I tend to trust people who can handle their chili peppers.
PhD research scientist in Artificial Intelligence and Neuro-prosthetics. Technologist. Futurist. Singularitarian. Transhumanist.
+Razib Khan I just read your article about G+,FB, and twitter and decided to add you. I'm someone who uses Google+ for exactly what it has evolved to and should be. A place where you can not only post things like an extension to twitter BUT! where you can also then have really deep and extensive conversations via the comments and really find people who are like minded or even of the opposite opinion of yourself but who you like to discuss interesting things with. Facebook is where you go to share things with your friends who probably don't really care that much about what you're interested in. Google+ is a place for you to find people who are complete strangers but who have similar interests to you. Open social networking. You said you haven't really been posting a lot. That's fine. You should probably post more. More importantly, you need to start reading posts of people you follow on G+ and commenting or commenting on comments. Get into interesting conversations. Add people you find who are interesting. Hangout with some strangers. That's the beauty of G+. It's not a social network. It's really an interest network.
Hello +Razib Khan and thanks for asking! I am appreciative of your written work, and think it is an example of accessible science communication. The things you have written about address many questions that help increase public science literacy. The way you explain genotyping in written form to public non scientific readers is effective, and when I have forwarded copies of your articles to people with no science background they really were able to absorb the information and increase their understanding tangibly. I am a student at the UF CTSI.
I'm a philosopher (specialized in game theory) interested in a lot of the things you write on, Razib.
I'm weeks from graduation as a Civil Engineer. I'm an skeptic/atheist with a love for science and the history of civilizations. I read your "Gene Expression" blog as part of my interest for the genetic variability between humans of all cultures and the mechanisms of evolution. You are doing an excellent work as a science communicator. Keep it up!.
I'm interested in evolutionary biology and science in general. Added you to my "Science" circle.