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Razib Khan
I blog, therefore I am
I blog, therefore I am

does anyone read this?

does anyone see this?

quick question. say you have an individual, and a few siblings, genotyped. but you don't have their parents or parents' relatives. is there is a way to reconstruct which homologs came from which parent (assume they are basically same ethnicity)? the way thought would be to look for methylation patterns on imprinted genes where the bias is always toward one sex or the other, and use those loci as tags. deas?

several ppl have emailed me about @23andMe new TOS, etc. might post on this....

merry xmas!

social conservatives hate human macroevolution, social liberals hate human microevolution

lots of ppl have added me. tell me about yourself if you don't mind.

thanks to everyone again who contributed to the malagasy genotyping kit!

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So ~400 more people have added me on Google+ than on twitter. So?
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