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Student moving across the country from New Hampshire and Massachusetts to Florida and California
Students are already booking appointments from Manchester, Nashua and Boston. Looking to be a busy spring and early summer.
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Packing Tip 3
Don't overcrowd boxes. Professionals pack boxes so articles cushion each other. The top of the box should close with slight pressure. Don't mix incompatible items (like books with glasses). Pack clothing in our special wardrobe containers. That way your clothes will hang straight and stay clean and virtually wrinkle-free
Visit Ray the Mover in Manchester, NH

Moving New England one home at a time
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Student Moving to and From the New England Area
Ray the Mover will do everything we can to assist students and their families with moving to and from Boston, MA and Manchester, NH. We offer affordable and stress free moving and storage for students. Ray the Mover are fully licensed and insured professional movers.
We have affordable storage for students
We move our clients in all 50 states. Weekly trips to and from Florida makes us the most affordable option along the I-95 corridor from Portland, Maine to Key West Florida. Call us at (603) 669-7170 or 1-800-321-7170
Students visit for more information
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Texting and driving just does not mix
Just How Dangerous Is Texting And Driving? See These Five Startling Statistics. #Infographic  

Do you still think texting and driving is harmless? Think again.

Texting while driving is downright dangerous. Avoiding it should be a no brainer.

But if you need another reason not to text while driving:  Teens report that if their parents drive distracted, then they think it okay to do so too.

In a recent study by “Students Against Destructive Decisions” and Liberty Mutual, 66% of teens surveyed said that their parents texted, talked on the phone, or participated with another distracting activity while driving.

Keep Reading: -
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I hope everyone sees the words I found are that of Matt.
"His life earnest, his actions kind,
A willing hand, an active mind,
Anxious to please, loath to offend,
A loving brother and faithful friend."
He was a friend, a son, a husband, a father that everyone cherished and someone that touched many people's lives. His kindness, laughter and smile will be missed, never to be forgotten among the many friends, family and strangers that made up his life circle.
Matt created a business and built a legacy for his family to enjoy for many years to come, his employees were family to him, his love of people showed in every aspect of his life.
Matt was taken too soon from us, but he is not gone, he stands beside us, guiding and comforting. His children have a special blend of mother and father within them, the ideas, feelings and thoughts of each within. With that knowledge always know that your father is with you forever.
Nikki you have the love of a man that cherished and treasured you and gave you the gift of two beautiful children so you would never be alone without him. You found a love that will always be with you forever and ever.
May God Bless Everyone
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Snow bird heading to Florida. Popular destinations are Tamp Bay, Miami, Naples and Palm Beach areas
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Fall Foliage in New Hampshire and the New England area
New Hampshire
Peak: Mid October
The scenic Kancamangus Highway connects Lincoln and Conway, but, for peepers, it’s less about either destination than the 34 miles of foliage between them. New Hampshire boasts plenty of other viewing spots — the Lake Sunapee region, near Dartmouth, is worth checking out — but no visit to the state during fall is complete without a drive along this route. 

Massachusetts Route 2
Peak: Mid to late October
Running from Boston and extending all the way to the New York/Massachusetts state line, Route 2 is one of America’s first scenic highways (emphasis on scenic). Winding its way through historic and picturesque towns such as North Adams and Shelburne Falls, Route 2 offers an idyllic and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Gently rolling hills, and rustic open spaces will greet you as you make your way

Check out more areas for leaf peeping and some amazing drives
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New England Fall Foliage
I am looking for a driving route that will show us the best of the fall color and New England . We are also interested in antiques, museums and historical sites.

- See more at:
Recommended New England Fall Foliage Scenic Driving Routes
A VisitingNewEngland reader asks a great question on scenic driving routes during the fall foliage season. We have some answers!

Read the Story Here

#fallfoliage   #newenglandfallfoliage   #scenicdrives   #fall  

+TripAdvisor +Yahoo! Travel +The Huffington Post +Expedia 
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Packing Your Home Office Computer Moving Tip #9
When packing a personal computer, these steps will help you prepare it for safe transport. To pack your computer, we strongly recommend that you use the computer's original carton and packing materials. If they're not available, use a box that is both strong and big enough to hold the computer, and pack it with unprinted newspaper. For more advice, your local computer dealer can answer other questions.
Back up your software and data files. Take these with you or send to your destination via insured mail.
Park the hard drive (if applicable). See your computer's instruction manual for special steps to take. With newer computers, simply turning the power off initiates this safety feature.
Unhook all cables and power cords, indicating their positions for easy set-up. Pack cords separately with manuals and software.
Use only static-free packing materials like clean, wadded unprinted newspaper (not standard bubble wrap or packing peanuts).
Create a base layer of wadded unprinted newspaper and place your computer on top of that layer. Then surround sides and top with more wadded unprinted newspaper until firmly packed. Then seal carton with packing tape.
Remove all ink cartridges from the printer and pack similarly to Tip #6.
Packing and Moving tips
Stop by our location in Manchester, New Hampshire and we will assist with choosing the right moving boxes for your situation.
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Professional Movers Moving Maine to Florida
While college students are settling in after there long moves, snow birds are gearing up.
We have seen a large increase from residence in Maine scheduling appointments for partial moves to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Many are seasonal moves while others are retiring south for warmer climate.

Cool summers bring early snow birds.  

Ray the Mover moving Maine 7 days a week
August, Portland, Bangor and Berlin.

Professional, quality mover with over 70 years of experience you can trust
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