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The connection that will change the speed at data Transfer faster than all before it even USB3.........
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Surely it will bottleneck with the read/write speed of the device that is connected to it until more devices come through..
Nice article though
Ive got external PCI-E 3.0 conenctors on my rig;
• Higher bit rate - 8.0GT/s
• Higher bandwidth per lane - 1GB/s
That is good nice rig. Now the devices that are going to handle that much data traffic are SSD's. Platter drives crash.

Or anything that is SSM soild state memory. But devices are coming just like the next Gen TV broadcast signal. All of that media and suck up the throughput.

I came from 56k days if you got 50k smile. Now BB bottle necking at the best of times.

Tech advancing just wanted to point out. Then again +Stuart Mitchell you gaming or heavy data crunching!:-) with that set up?
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