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Welldone +Limbikani S. Kabweza Makani for the mention in an article on iZimbabwe

I haven't heard of half of the list but nice to be made aware of fellow Zimbabweans out there and what they're doing to uplift Zimbabwe...
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can't say I'm proud to be on that list hey. I feel it excluded so many Zimbabweans doing much much more than me & others on this list. Seems it was just focused on Zimbabweans on Twitter, and Twitter is not a common platform at all locally.
Lists are an issue. feel people should just avoid them or at least should title them appropriately. '30 Zimbo Tweeters doing stuff' would've probably been more appropriate in this case
PAMERI !!!!!! hahaha ! Well congratulations but nhai...whats your issue Limbikani ??! Haha! Well i guess it wasnt exhaustive enough ...and it only featured blacks, a white born in Zim is a Zimbo also people !! And apparently they are many who are doing well...and yah it was mostly #Twimbos..haha !! But still hallo famous Limbikani !! EMBRACE IT !!!! :D
lol, honestly dude, I'm just a blogger who tweets.. If that's an achievement we applaud locally and enough to afford a Twimbo a position on the country's top 30 watch list, I think we are just not searching hard enough for the real Zimbos to watch, or our standards are just too low

And here's what I'm thinking I need to do about it; I'll come up with my own list.. a list of Zimbo men and women in the arena.
+Limbikani S. Kabweza Makani it shouldn't be something to be ashamed of, but as you correctly said it may have been inappropriately titled. As +Khayalethu Dube says embrace the recognition. Use it as leverage to talk about what you enjoy.

Your own list would be something to see, an could maybe be focused on Zimbabweans pushing content out of Zimbabwe about Zimbabwe.

Looking forward to seeing your "List"...
But that's the problem +Raymond Swart, our recognition methods are deeply flawed. we barely scratch the surface and run with the PR, exaggerating our achievements!
Not ashamed, just not proud. There's a lot of work to do and there are Zimbos contributing immensely, albeit in more silent ways. maybe we should search them out, twitter account or not, on FB or not, some are not even connected to the internet
It is a problem but the nice thing is that we are all in a position to correct it. By talking about what others are doing and giving them recognition. I agree that some people aren't recognised enough and others are over recognised but that comes down to a matter of opinion.
+Max Soutter would like to hear your take on this topic if you could take time out of your busy schedule.

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I think +Limbikani S. Kabweza Makani belongs in that list, he is a young Zimbabwean to watch. His blog is probably my only link with tech developments in Zimbabwe, and I believe it has great impact. I only knew about 3 other people in that list and even though it's not meant to be exhaustive, it's a great start. Let's see more of those lists.
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