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Nazis did that & look how much destruction they created on Europe! Gun Free World!
Pepper spray vs children shot. I'll take cops in schools any day. 
This event has nothing to do with securing the schools with innocent young children attending. If it was your child and there was between 1 min till protection (or even less) or ten mins till it arrives which would you choose to wait while every second waiting could mean he/she gets shot to death. I vote 1 min or less. Thank you. And, if you say more, I am not sure why you can think that.
Look'n like that cop has been visiting the local donut shop a few too many times......
Exactly according to the NRA's deluded logic. Let's solve gun violence with more guns! 
We don't need armed cops or teachers... Janitors could clean up this mess with the right pay and training...
Jose Gomez
The pic is not fake. It happened at UC Davis, I was at Davis when it happened. The students were protesting the increase in tuition fees. I just found out several weeks ago that the students that were sprayed won a class action lawsuit against Davis police department. 10 students split about $400k. 
Joe Mama
+Aaron Angelo Please explain to me how ONE police officer would NOT have stopped the Newton shooter before he got in the building?!
OMG! Hilarious. That killed that discussion. 
Armed security instead of police presence makes sense.what we have now isnt working so give that a try.
+Johann Bode I should've bet you the 100 bucks first before my previous comment! Dammit!!!
Put those disorderly kids in check.
Complete ignorance.  Picture 3 or 4 armed Elementary School Teachers in a pitched gun battle in the middle of the school against a couple of heavily armed(Ar15 style weapons) dudes wearing body armor who are there with the intention to kill everyone.  No difference if  it was armed security, you are now turning schools into a potential battlefield with the children being in the middle!!!!!!!  As the NRA guy says lets have the bad guys and the good guys fight it out in the middle of a school.  I have never heard such claptrap in my life!!!!  Ban all assault style weapons NOW and every other gun has to be registered!!!!!!    
If I remember correctly werent the students protesting about something by sitting and joining hands somewhere? and the police told them to move and they refused? 
Well Joe any cop with a standard 9mm sidearm would have been completely outgunned by the rifle. Unless you are suggesting we have the cops in the schools carrying assault rifles too. 
Bruce L
+Bob Patterson Yes, because we all know criminals BUY all the guns they use to commit crimes... 
@Bob Patterson, you obviously haven't a clue as to what an "assault weapon" is. I carried various "assault weapons" while I was in the Army. A generalized concept of an "assault weapon" is any weapon which may fire "multiple" rounds with one pull of the trigger. An AR-15 in not an "assault weapon" as it may only fire one round per pull of the trigger. Plus, how would you defend yourself against a government which is becoming more tyrannical with each passing day? A "President" which uses "executive orders" as if the were decrees from a monarch.
Bob Patterson you are myopic in your viewpoint. Do you really think that were just going to say "here you go good luck!" Are you really that naieve? The whole security protocol needs to be evaluated and improved for schools. Make schools safe by reinforcing them. Make it impossible to walk in and start mayhem first then develop plans for a response internally.
Bruce L
+Bob Patterson Yes, because we all know criminals BUY all the guns they use to commit crimes... 
Donald, if your defense for owning a rifle made specifically to kill people assault or not(your definition) is to protect you from your own sick is that!!!!!!  Tactical Arms Manufacturer Inc defines the AR15 as an assault weapon right on their web page.  I suppose you define it as a hinting rifle!!!!!!! human is without corruption, everything can go wrong given enough time, minus the laws of nature.
+Aaron Angelo so just cause an untrained shooter has a bigger gun, the officer is defenseless, and can't stop the suspect? Not to mention the fact the reason these monsters choose schools and theaters is because those institutions already have gun restriction policies. And we all know how well criminals obey laws. They don't go into hospitals or banks or anywhere else that had armed security...what a concept!
armed cops in schools isn't a new thing but it's a step in the wrong direction. They would more then likely become a gross abuse of power like the TSA.

My opinion is to arm the faculty of the school. Provide proper weapons training and safety courses. This way a teacher could have a firearm in a lockbox within the classroom and is accessible from the first sign of trouble. 
well i never liked shcool or cops so dosent bother me
In my area, there already are armed police in the high schools, and nothing has gone wrong.    Amazingly, no one seems to object to armed police in a school when some whack job with a weapon is threatening the students....
You guys are morons. Take off the liberal cap. This isnt a political issue its about safety in schools. Cops carry guns at sporting events and everywhere else and thats ok but not in schools? You guys need a reality check. 
+Mike M yes, your memory is faulty, Mike.  The cop in question was misusing an unauthorized weapon on peaceful protestors.  He no longer works for the police department, and his reckless actions mean he will probably never be employed as a police officer again.  

One journalist called this a "Bull Connor Moment," in reference to the Birmingham, Alabama leader who notoriously deployed firehoses and attack dogs against peaceful civil rights protestors.

The pepper-spraying was found to be an "objectively unreasonable" use of force by the campus police, quoting the 190-page report by a University of California task force.  The university settled with the police-assaulted students for $30K each.  The report also found that officer John Pike misused his now-iconic weapon.  Police departments should have no place for sadistic bullies like Pike.
You can also thank the media for that. What with the horror movies, gory video games and anti-law enforcement computer games. What can we expect? Our culture is pretty much infatuated with death, pain, blood, gore....
+John McGraw Sandy Hook is a ONE building elementary school, not a college campus with dozens of buildings...quit being dumb...
+Bob Patterson the guns used in the recent rampage shootings were not owned by the people committing the atrocities. What good is registration in these cases? None.

Second, the data exposes the fact that in rampage shooting incidents stopped by civilians the body count is 2.3 whereas when stopped by police the body count is over 19. If you are truly concerned for people's welfare and not just obsessed about guns you must understand this fact and realize that relying on someone with a gun driving to the incident and stopping it means more dead. Indeed if it was known these places had defenders they would decrease due to a lower chance of success.

Third, where are these rampage shootings occurring? They occur where the shooter is confident of not getting shot before they can hit a big enough count to be remembered. In order to reduce the impact and frequency of rampage shootings we must understand why they happen. The mechanism implemented is of much lower importance. 
No lets pass another awb, that will solve everything. There were 0 school shootings during the first ten year awb. Oh wait.....
This is a terrible situation to be in, we shouldn't even HAVE to consider this, yet today's society obligates us to.
Over 11,000 Americans are murdered by firearms every year.   The Department of Homeland Security should move this to the top of the their list of Domestic Terrorism, and deal with it immediately.   Firearms cause FOUR  9/11's every single year.  That is domestic terrorism.
They also might not have. See, cops are as capable of doing wrong as we are, because they are human; like us.
Joe Mama
+Peter van der Linden Where are your stats for people murdered by knives, or cars, or poison, or baseball bats, or vicious animals, or those strangled with rope, wire, cables, string... See where I'm going with this? It's the person that's sick, not the tools they use.
Picture is worth a thousand words!  In all seriousness NRA do you know how many schools exists and exactly how many trained armed guards would be needed and what are the chances that each one of them can be properly trained not ONCE but on an ongoing basis!  You don't put an armed guard to sit at a post for weeks/months/years at end generally without any "action" and not keep them freshly trained.  Additionally with that amount of "excitement" these armed guards at schools would see I can assure you that due to human nature your turnover rate would be ridiculously high (see Federal Air Marshal stats for more on that) and a high turn over rate results in an unskilled workforce that is pretty much useless (See TSA for more on that).  Your entire ideas plainly SUCKS unless of course you are looking for more armed employees which would inevitably result in higher NRA memberships ..oh wait.... I see what you did.. Well played NRA 
+Peter van der Linden And it's ironic you choose to call it domestic terrorism...Timothy McVeigh didn't use a gun, but you can still buy fertilizer, diesel fuel and rent a box truck...
How quickly we forget...
There is so much that is wrong about this photo.
Inner city schools already have armed guards in middle school and high school..never seen any dumb kid with a bs disease of excuse shoot up our schools
Not so sure of that, +Dj Cashion ...remember, it was a mob of people that decided to kill God's "son"...his only child!
+Gary Rudd You forgot one thing, the thousands of jobs that would be created. And as for "lack of action" at schools, when is that a BAD thing?!
GOOD! It's nice to hear your schools don't have issues, but a school nearby me has NO officers looking over the place and nothing has happened so far.
+Donald Bowles , let's have an scenario with 70 million US citizens armed with full auto carbines and rifles (Since you don't want to call an assault weapon by its generic name)

These 70 million are up in arms against the tyrant African American dictator who wants to take away your freedom. Now the Armed Forces are called in, in all their might.

They will wipe out the 70 million for sure.

Only if the civilians have the same firepower as the government does your «Well regulated militia» makes sense.

This is not the eighteen century. 
Allow me to emphasize SO FAR. It is unstable with or without officers.
Take a simple suggestion and twist it into the perverse.
please. Cops are ALREADY in schools. High Schools across America. So what happened? Psycho's switched to elementary's.
+Joe Mama Thousands of jobs created and paid for HOW?? I will tell  you how - Budget cuts to schools!!!  Less money for teachers (and less teacher JOBS) and less things kids need to learn, but hey atleast we have a bunch of armed guards sitting there doing pretty much nothing all day long!  Creating one job at the expense of another is NOT a good or valid  argument for job creations
School shootings are great for media ad sales but they are not high on the list with regards to keeping our kids safe. Vaccinations, seat belts usage, 2 parent households are way more important to keep kids safe. 
Oh, brother. Ideology is killing us. 
+Joseph arguijo Gracias. It is hard to get along, as we all have different ways of thinking, and this is a post that creates conflict among us. bites his donut
+Debo Odnumiar I went to a school with NO guards and there was no shooting there - the argument you make is not valid logic
"An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory"....... Ralph Waldo Emerson
+Carlos Zorrilla if you don't like your government why not vote them out when you have a chance, or if you don't like either party then make your own and get yourself voted in. That's how a democracy is meant to work
+Gary Rudd You act as if they want to put an entire outpost of MPs in every school, be realistic. One or two armed guards at a school ain't that expensive. Or maybe use already active police officer on a rotating schedule. They're already in the budget, and rotating them on and off "school duty" will keep your problem of "not enough action" at a minimum. Still haven't heard ANY solution from you, just complaints.
But the theory led to the action, unless it was a thoughtless action.
and a thoughtless action can be dangerous.
This is interesting because I work in a Bronx school in a very poor neighborhood. I see cops visiting the building all the time. If anything, to me it makes for a safer environment because it at least reinforces the fact that hey, somebody's at least watching. Now Im no advocate for a police state, but knowing that if a person gets out of hand, that there's somebody at least visibly nearby who is able to respond immediately and appropriately to protect the student body at large, that idea makes me feel a lot safer than an environment where virtually anybody could just walk in and do whatever they want because there's no one with the capacity to respond anywhere nearby.
Love the pic..but,in all seriousness this situation needs some resolution. Increasing police presence in school might work.
All these mamby pamby rainbow farting Unicron loving all is good people are causing this country to lose it's balls!
The kid was a stone-cold kook. Thinking back on my primary school teachers, a couple of them were kooks too.
Cowards, as in the type we saw in Connecticut, always choose a place with little resistance. I have not read or heard of anyone complaining about armed air marshalls on airliners.
I'm from the UK and I can't see an easy answer to this problem. A 10' high security fence wouldn't work because you can't surround all schools and +Gary Rudd has a point about the security guards you would then need at the gate. There are too many guns in USA to licence them all also if a person is at all mentally disjointed they are not going to register their weapons. In my humble opinion it Its too late for the USA to totally control the problem. 
+alan roper = someone who has seen the truth; we are all trying to save this country, but are we really in the light of what is going on?
+Joe Mama I am AGAINST anything that is "Security Theater" and armed guards in school is just that.  How many guards do you say? 1 or 2or 3?  maybe rotating ...  look at this: 

The Average Size for New Elementary, Middle and High Schools in 2008 and 2010

According to School Planning and Management's School Construction Report the average size for schools were as follows:

Elementary school

2008 - 80,500 sq.ft. (700 students)
2010 - 75,000 sq.ft. (600 students)
Middle school

2008 - 120,000 sq.ft. (900 students)

2010 - 140,000 sq.ft. (936 students)
High school

2008 - 225,000 sq.ft. (1500 students) 
2010 - 260,000 sq.ft. (1600 students)

2009 School Construction Report; School Planning and Management, Feb 2009;

 Your/NRA idea is  nothing but SECURITY THEATER

As for MY solution - I WOULD like to see a ban on assult rifles and more restrictions.  Not saying it will happen but as I mentioed earlier in another post, I am a pilot whio enjoys flying small planes.  I would LOVE to fly a fighter jet armed with missles but you know what? The law doesnt allow it!  There are no lobby groups or ptroesters demanding their right to fly fighter jets with  missles!  REASONABLE gun control is a START to a longer term solution!  What the NRA said was nothing more then bullshit in an attempt to the heat off of them. Its not any more of a solution then saying we should just ban every gun in the country.   Thats my $0.02
+Gabriel Loza that's a great question. But on a day-to-day basis, I would rather trust in the idea that at least somewhere in that cop's training or in just their sense of humanity is some shred of something preventing them from walking into a school building and killing a bunch of innocent children and educators in cold blood.
Because the world was not meant to end yesterday, stupid. If the world would end then why the people that are in the position to know, for instance, the president, CIA, and other world leaders didn't suddenly start doing things, like, maybe selling their stocks, or going on lavish vacations? People are nuts! 
it is not what if... these students are clearly not a threat. what justifies this kind of action? this ass hole needs to do some prison time for assault. if any one of us had done this kind of thing we would be in jail right now. who do you think gives him the right to do this with out fear of persecution. is this going to become the norm? when we speak out, that is our right to do so, we get treated to violence in an attempt to silence our voice. what do you think that fat head would have done if the people opened up on him with a can of pepper spray? oh ya we would have been put in jail.
I think it will take a major effort from everybody in the USA to watch their neighbour and report any suspicious activity and not turn a blind eye, its not just at the schools etc where we all need to keep an eye out its every where, restrain it at source
LOL, i just realized what day is today, and the world was supposed to end yesterday. I think.
+Noah Cain its ironic that many workplaces are more secure than schools. 
how do you restrain something at a source that would be considered, perhaps, everywhere? That would be like imprisoning the world, the most we could do is change the next generation, so it will not fall as ours has?
UK isn't perfect, nowhere is or ever will be, but we should all watch out for each other. No god will save us, nature won't save us, no gun will save us we just need to watch our for each other
Cops have been in schools in NYC for years. 
I agree Gabriel Loza the problem won't go away without a gradual retraining of the way everybody thinks and that will never happen because some people don't want to be retrained
When will you silly Americans learn? Guns cause more problems than they solve. The last time a gun toting manic went on a rampage in a school we banned guns... Guess what? Hasn't happend since.

Love and hugs,

The UK. 
David A
This picture is stupid.
1)  That cop might be "armed" (can't tell from the photo), but he's not shooting kids, so your argument is flawed.
2)  The cop was part of a response team called in to respond to a public disturbance, not a school security guard.  Unless you're arguing that cops shouldn't show up to schools at all (even if someone is breaking the law), then your argument is flawed.
3)  A few people were temporarily made very, very uncomfortable, but nobody died or was even seriously injured, so your argument is flawed.
4)  Except for a few crazies out there, even gun control proponents think that cops should be armed, so your argument is flawed.
5)  Just...your argument is flawed.

Come on people, let's stop posting cute little pictures with stupid, illogical captions that make people say "Yeah, we won the argument!" and actually engage your brains for a sec.  I don't care where you fall on the gun control issues, rational debate > stupid pictures.
I think that it is important to realize that there is no single solution to stopping mass killing. Just as important to realize is that the Federal Government makes macro decisions and attempting to generalize why these things occur won't actually help anything.

I'm not a gun enthusiast, nor have I ever been, but a gun is simply a tool. While I agree that guns make it easier to do things like what happened in CT, I also realize that they will be replaced by other tools if they are unavailable. Bombs can be made out of household items/products and, just like how the 16-25-year-old demographic has learned how to cook meth, more and more disturbed young people will explore bomb making.

Another thing to keep in mind is the simple fact that most shootings at schools involve a disgruntled student, and, no matter how much you try to lock down a school, without the airport treatment, students will sneak contraband into school. The young man who committed this horrendous act in CT was obviously not a student at that elementary school, but he was buzzed into the school building because he is related to one of the staff.

What we need right now is not to allow the news media to politicize the situation. Instead, we all need to calm down and explore these cases objectively- with expert analysis from law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Instead of finding someone or something to point the finger at, we need to utilize critical thinking and expert analysis to try and improve the security at education facilities.

To use an example, let us not launch an invasion into the Middle East or Asia Minor, or randomly fire missiles into North Africa because we're upset. Let's actually be intelligent about this instead.
+Keith Laws my point is that the reasoning for having guns of large caliber in the hands of civilians is totally wrong.

The fantasy about having a civilian army ready to fight the government its ridiculous.

Indeed I agree with your statement, you don't need armed civilians, what you need is rational and well informed civilians to change the government.
+Gary Rudd it sounds like you are more interested in preserving the salaries of teachers than the safety of the kids they teach
Liberals are pussies. The older I'm getting, the more I'm starting to realize it. 
I'm not too worried about our neighbour across the channel every country gets angry with its neighbour and no government can save us because there are always rebels who will do what they want because they think they know better, its human nature I'm afraid
+Bob Patterson All weapons except shotguns are already registered, and if you haven't seen the news that school was already turned into a warzone. your "assault" style weapons are the same type weapons our military uses today, If you dont want guns in your house don't buy them, but dont try to take mine.
I have a "cop" in my school, and Officer Martin is awesome! Not every police officer abuses their power you know...
Way to take this photo out of context!
I got a better idea in the true American way, buy guns, but more guns, more guns, every gun, say its for protecting your family, then when everyone's armed have a shoot out, then blame everything except the guns. 
I will skin you and devour your heart if you touch my kid.
Bunch of lowlifes wearing hoodies getting a jetstream of Louisiana's best hot sauce in the face. Thumbs up on that. 
In my school there are already cops with guns
The cop looked like he was taking a Sunday stroll, wished and he turned and gave media maggots a taste of Tabasco sauce.
+Bob Patterson I use mine for hunting as well. What people are basing "assault weapon" on is the way it looks instead of the function of the weapon. Look at Sen. Feinstein of California, her "assault weapon" bill is based on the way it looks instead of function. When you can take a normal shotgun, such as a Mossberg FLEX which is legal, and put a collapsible stock on it and it becomes illegal according to her definitions. So, do you justify "assault weapon" in the same manor? 
Why not have soldiers patrolling schools. Give the National Guard (or whatever you Americans call them) something to do and save on the cost of employing security guards. 
I remember going to the airport post 9/11 with soldiers posted at the entrance. It was very intimidating. Do we really want to acclimate our children to a military state is the norm with armed guards at every school? I think there are better options.
Wow. Totally taken out of context. You liberals truly are desperate.
Why can't the class rooms be fortified kinda like a "safe room". Then a lockdown can be done from the main office or maybe have activation devices like the fire alarms. My point is, after 9/11, cockpit doors were fortified. I realize the cost would be an issue and many details would have to be worked out, but I think it would be better than just hiding in a corner or playing dead and hope the wackjob with the gun doesn't see you. I don't have an anwser on how to prevent this, but I do think it will take a multi-pronged approach. 
I am liberal and I am fine w cops at school. Pay for that w guns n ammo tax. $20 per gun, $5 per 100 bullets, per year. Lie on your gun tax and u r banned 10 years. Plus psy check every 2 years. Jobs for our vets protecting schools.
Ignorant much? What does someone pepper spraying law breaking protesters have to do with protecting our children from a homicidal maniac?
Look I understand the fear of a police state with allowing armed guards in more and more places but really a school is not a prison nor a riot the only time the guards would need to step in is when a physical threat is made present come on people lets not be ignorant.

I promise you that making guns illegal will do only one thing, increase gun crime in the united states when everyone knows you do not have a gun because you cannot own a gun, and the guns are only on the black market and still on the streets remember this you can still get shot you just cant shoot back....
History is full of lessons and people still insist on ignoring them. For instance, the most truthful, sincere and stupid phrase about guns and human behavior and nature you will ever hear is “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. The most important thing about this phrase or quote is not that is allegedly talking about guns, is that in reality is talking about human nature. People have always killed each other “with” or without reason since the beginning of our existence, they don’t need guns to do so, they never did and never will. Banning guns will only limit your rights and freedom, the same as to any ban alike type of law or control from governments apply and through history every type of similar action has proved to be in detriment of society and human kind. No ban against guns or control will take away the option of a person to kill one or several others, or even make it harder, only civil and society responsibility along with education, equality and true inspiring human rights will prevent this. The only persons through history that have benefit from tighter control of society, where those with the worst intentions in mind, and the consequences have always been the worst. If you want to eliminate guns, or humans killing each other, take away the need for them, that’s the only way and history proves it, make yourself and the ones around you better humans, care about each other, everyone and everything in this planet, that’s the only way, believe it or not.
Guys, why not pay attention to the warning signs the shooters display before they kill. Why not get them help before they snap?
The context of this picture has nothing to do with the protect of schools. Those students were protesting by sitting in front of a building which was not a school. Don't feed false information.
William Bauer you are an example to everyone and shame on this so called teachers and pitiful human beings. Please let me thank you for carrying and the example you showed through your actions.
There already are armed officers in some schools under the title of safety officer.
+Joe Mama there where police officers at Columbine, did that stop it from happening?
Is it any wonder we as a society can't solve problems; try to identify the problem and it's root cause based upon the last several hundred comments. Tell you what, disregard the photo and try to determine the core issue.
That's why I say: "Forget the guns, the American system and culture is flawed".
Nothing would go wrong. No get your ASS back to class.

Pepper spraying protesters vs little children is 2 totally different things here. You have got to be a FKING dumbass to compare the both. You deserve to be sprayed yourself to even put them together. 
I agree worst idea ever
Yup, you hit it right on the head. No compairson what so ever.
I know every thing that happened in sandy hook and I really honestly feel sorry for  them, but really?
Oh, so you don’t want the Police to protect you? Hmm, and you don’t want freedom loving individuals to protect themselves, hmmm. So pleases tell me in the real world how do you plan on surviving. Are you looking to Santa Clause? (Obama or Bush) to protect you. Since it seems you don’t have the guts to defense yourself. Some Americans live in the land of Oz. Finally, please tell me who do you think will be ordered to take away the guns, elves? Wait until you see that picture in the NYT, wont it be wonder there?
99% of policemen shouldnt be policing..theyre scared
without the guns and the gear theyre useless.
.most of them have no clue what it takes to be a good policeman
they rely on intimidation..they are the main reason why should have guns..

This is why I hate hte police
so much. Stuff like this happen
This pic and the caption make no sense for the argument. 
Tell the whole story. The protestors were blocking access to building and were warned. They brought it on themselves. Either protest peacifully or pay the consequences.
Whoa! Talk about taking things out of context!
+Jordan Reighard
Jordan ur just confusing things..if u think ur a sinner..just speak for urself dont preach
Matt V
We might run out of pepper spray.
we should insist on metal detectors and pat downs for anyone, students included, when entering the school during normal hours.  Perhaps we should handle "visitors" the same way the jails do.  Not many people crashing our Correctional Centers and shooting up the place...
+Alex Tshshmarityan
Dont understand ur point
But if u were in the army chances are uve been brainwashed into thinking force is the only way to deal with unreasonable people
Thou i agree sometimes it is..most of the time its not in my view
More guns is the last thing anybody needs. Why cant you americans see that guns are the problem not the solution
If they want to pretend like they are gangster wannabes then the cops should treat them like criminals.  We are too damn lenient with children these days, they think and know they can get away with it and will continue until this country grows some balls.  You can't even spank kids these days without people being in fear of child protective services.  They need discipline so they don't end up doing shit like this.
That's totally comparable. Love the extreme simple-mindedness from both sides.
Not really some cop's see all black as criminal's, for an example.
Black man get charged life for murder then another race get less year's . True or false?
True, but its the same for Mexicans.  At least you don't get asked for your Birth Certificate when you get pulled over because they want to deport you.
Armed police will not prevent shootings. I believe they should install electricity zones in the foyer and first floor..and bulletproof windows. If they are shot out it automatically triggers the electricity and if you are wearing bulletproof armor or carrying a weapon you will be executed. This is cheaper and we are not living in a police state
I love cops in school....less of them on the road screwing with me!!!!!!
+Michael Gonzalez
We might be leniant with our kids its our perogative as a parent..
Its definetly not a license for scared policemen to abuse our kids
that's crazy... i dont ge it!
Hmmm ill take the pepper spray rather than a gun to the face...
This caption makes zero sense to the point they are trying to make...
@kevin reams. That's not what happened and it had nothing to do with the 'occupy movement' it's was on a Friday around 4 pm. The cop was no surrounded.... I don't know imprisonment thing from....
Nice try, but these are occupy protesters. Not innocent children.
I would hate to be a country without guns what happens if a country wants to take yours over woops hands up or die
I'll bet they had to rent all kinds of trucks to carry the bodies away after the pepper spraying. No, wait...
Guns aren't the problem, it is the lack of respect for life. Teach reverence for life and you'll 
I was told by a friend who lives in the UK not to trust what the media claims about gum crime. It's controlled by the government like most EU countries 
Gum thats the way to go gum them to death just joking
discipline i guess
there is nothing else! cops in school do you what other thing than discipline could bring them in?
Guns aren't the problem. It's just the convenient thing to blame like video games usually are. Less homicides are performed by firearms than anything else. Most homicides are actually committed with a baseball, but no one wants to outlaw "assault bats," or any such thing. I'm no gun advocate, but it's gotten pretty stupid lately.

Putting armed police in schools won't help. It will just make the place look like a prison. Personally, I'm sick of people advocating the revoke of freedoms in a country that used to be proud of those same freedoms. The right to bare arms for one. And police in schools? Why would we really want to go that far? 
Parents that doesn't know how to raise their child's
tim yu
How about Kent State when the government opened fire on unarmed students. I stopped trusting the government at that point. 
That's not a fake photo genius!!! That's from the occupy protest.
No More Freedom . Guns And Government Control . Everyone is Armed and Dangerous . Eye For An Eye . No Hope . Human Nation Wake Up . Guns In Schools Will Teach Our Kids How To Kill . Stop Guns Now . No Guns In Schools ✌
Armed bad guys in schools... what could go right?
+gayle noble Kent State was a mistake and tragedy, but that doesn't just include what happened to the students, but what some of the students did as well the previous days.  Especially the arson and looting.  Also talking about a single officer on school grounds is not the same as a company of the national guard being there.
+Daniel Correa Yes, it is on a college campus, and it is a prime example of cops paid to protect students and screwing up beyond belief.  The bully who is fire-hosing the sitting peaceful students no longer works for the campus police, and hopefully will never be employed in law enforcement again.
The picture represents just one reason why making our school campuses armed forts is a Very Stupid Idea from a very stupid man (chief of the NRA).  As America grapples with solving the Domestic Terrorism of gun violence, we need more thoughtfulness.
Maybe those students should have listened to the police and they wouldn't have gotten pepper sprayed 
i here that get what u give 
just cant say that u no them lol 
Earth to Mr Dumas.... there's nothing keeping the armed police from going on campus. Gun free school zones don't apply to the police. Mr Dumas please stop being a Dumas.
armed guards/cops in the schools = bad idea!!!!
I remember this incident and I think the police where right. If you think it is ok to block a public sidewalk then you are a moron that gets what you deserve for not moving when the police tell you to.
i think this is the best idea they have come up with yet. Maybe just maybe if the trainned and armed the teachers things would be different right now. GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. Why everyone seems to blame it on the guns is beond me. if you outlawed guns it would be just like the drug issue right now only bad ppl would have them and we would be defensless.
the picture is only there to illicit a response to the real question, not as an example, as in look and see what they already do to our children. that picture was an entirely separate issue altogether.
Yes let's also make cops the only people who can legally carry guns. What could go wrong. 
+Charles Wright your opinion that the campus police action was right is not shared by their employer.  In a report, the police chief and the two officers involved were severely criticized.  The university paid thousands of dollars in compensation to the students.  The cop fire-hosing the peaceful demonstrators no longer works in that police department, and hopefully will never get a job in law enforcement again.  The use of unauthorized chemical weapons on peacefully demonstrating students is actually illegal in California.   Perhaps your memory is a bit hazy.
round and around the wheel go's where it stops nobody knows, good cop or bad cop, good cop or bad cop. taking guns entirely out of the hands of citizens is a bad idea. legal, illegal, if they do that it won't matter much to either side because all of the rest of us will just be in the way of agendas not our own.
No I knew that and I still side with the police.    Their employer is a politician as is the university.    The fact that they cave to political pressure means nothing to me.   Chemical weapon?    Nerve gas is a chemical weapon.   Pepper spray is a joke.    Did the police officer actually get criminal charges?   I don't recall if they sent him to Gitmo or not for the use of chemical weapons.
+Charles Wright The report that I referred to was not written by the university.  It was an independent report commissioned from Kroll Consulting.  William Bratton, who was the former chief of police for New York, Los Angeles and Boston, is the chair of Kroll.

You can read the report, including the devastating criticism of the cops at
Perhaps then you will be better informed, although probably no less ignorant.  
Thanks for the link and the childish name calling.   I glanced at it and found this "This was clear in this event, where the UCDPD officers were not carrying riot batons but other UC officers at the same event, carrying out the same mission, were.  This is especially problematic when it comes to use of force.  Each agency has a different policy and different tools."   
I would have also preferred the use of a baton to pepper spray.   That would have been much more entertaining and got around the "chemical weapons" issue.
Give a natzi a uniform and he will truly fuck u up.
Here's another jewel from the report.  "According to Pike, “the pepper spray was the tool at the time I believed to be most 
appropriate for conducting the necessary action needed to secure the arrestees and remove us from the confines of the mob.”
+Charles Wright The cop's lies are hilarious, as he tries to evade responsibility for his poor judgement and criminal behavior.  He really does not look "confined" or facing "a mob" in any of the numerous photos and videos.  I hope that some of the students use their compensation from the university to sue that rogue officer.

However, striking peaceful demonstrators would also have been illegal and unnecessary.
Actually the NRA says armed security guards. CNN and other news sources said it wrong. Its about 23 minutes into their speech
Armed cops and military with a disarmed populace, what could go wrong.
We do not need cops with rifles in our schools.

Can you send me a link to the criminal charges the officer in the picture was charged with and then convicted of in court?    I'm not sure if the officer I quoted was the one from the picture or not.   Do you think it was poor judgement for the protesters to try to prevent people from using the side walk?   I sure do.   Freedom of speech is one thing.   Preventing free people from moving about freely is another.   The officer had a job to do and I don't have a problem with the way he did it.   Tear gas is used all the time against mobs.    I see nothing fundamentally different here.   I can see a poor judgement argument but I don't see a criminal argument.   If there was a criminal conviction please do share.    And I don't share your opinion that the officer should never work again for trying to clear a sidewalk from people using force to block it.
Do your own work, Charles:  I think students are entitled to sit down in peaceful protest on their private campus grounds, without being set on by a thug in uniform.
What are they smoking at the NRA? I want some!
+rick maier I'm afraid that the employer of that cop disagrees with you rather strongly.  And the law in California disagrees with you, too.  Police officers are not permitted to dispense physical pain to anyone they feel deserves it.  Have a bit more empathy for others, Rick.  You may need it yourself some day.
I do my own work.   When you claim something like a crime occurred it is your responsibility to either prove it or shut up.   It is not up to me to prove that no crime occurred as that would violate the innocent until proven guilty concept.  It is up to you to prove what YOU claim.   If you can't support your claim with evidence then man up and withdraw your claim.
Why is it okay to protect banks, airports, government buildings and officials, large gatherings at festivals with firearms but not our children. .The most innocent of all of us. .I don't get it. 
+charles wright
Criminal behavior by officer John Pike is just my opinion, Charles. In support of my view that a crime occurred - the video of the attack; the resulting enquiry, and findings of the use of "unreasonable force"; the investigation by the district attorney (which found, not "no crime", but "not enough evidence to convict"); the cop no longer being employed by the police department; the payment of compensation to the students who were attacked; the law in California that pepper spray may not be applied to peaceful demonstrators;  the FBI employee who helped develop weapons-grade pepper spray in the 1980s denounced the campus police’s use of the spray toward its students.

Now, in support of your contrary (and sociopathic) view that it was perfectly fine for the cop to attack these peaceful demonstrators, you have ... what?
Yep Im all for it ! The little shits all need a good thrashing !!!
PC as by european standards does not work in 'Blighty:
Great Britain the worst thing you have ever done is abolish national service, the second was to get sucked into the EEC.
+Michael Divito You ask "Why is it okay to protect banks, airports, government buildings and officials, large gatherings at festivals with firearms but not our children?"

The reasons are many.  Foremost among them are that most parents do not want their childrens' schools to be turned into armed camps where we pre-emptively execute crazy people.  We don't want to live in that kind of society, and we do not for a minute accept the premiss that "more guns make us safer".

For a longer, better explanation, please refer to this:

I think gun nuts have to accept that there are going to be big changes to suppress the domestic terrorism of firearms.  We cannot have 11,000 Americans being murdered by guns every year.  Newtown really brought that home to us all.
+Steve Weldon I'd vote for allowing teachers to carry, they don't have that "I can do what I want because I'm a cop" mentality.
It's not every officer, but too many have a cocky "do what I say" attitude.
With proper training, and evaluation, teachers, the principal, or vice principal would be better choice than putting an arm guard(police officer) in schools.
My Father is a retired Philadelphia Police Officer and let me tell you...I Fucking hate cops!!! \m/
Sweet. A provocative picture and topic (not sure how well they tie in...) followed by a lot of spouting facts and opinions with very few trying to comprehend the other viewpoint without name calling. Go U.S.! 
There are already armed cops in public schools. Do some research. 
I have my concession that you could consider it to be poor judgement.   I have the fact that you have no credentials to diagnose mental health that I'm aware of.   I have the fact that other people on this thread seem to share my opinion.   I have the fact that this post and those like it actually provide no solution to the problem that our children are not secure at school.   I do buy the argument that there should be armed security at schools.   I'm sure you'd not allow even pepper spray to be used to protect our children.    And your solution is what?  Bash the police?   It is in extremely poor taste to bash the police at this point in time.   The police are not perfect but do risk their lives to provide security and I respect that.   If you want to outlaw the use of guns and pepper spray you should see if you can get it into the Geneva convention.   You are such a great lawyer, I'm sure that will be no problem for you, the all knowing expert of everything.   If you have a more kinder gentler non-lethal solution to pepper spray I suggest you patent it and sell it to the police.   I'm sure you are also a great inventor that should be no problem.   While you are at it can you also come up with a solution to national security that does not involve guns?    Well I'm waiting.   And you have what?   Cartoons?
You come and teach in my portable to see if you wouldn't mind having an armed cop ready to go. By the way, portables are made out of sheet rock.
I'm sorry, but I fail to see how a cop pepper spraying kids that refused to allow the officers access to their vehicles after 10 minutes of warning applies... 
+Bob Patterson the claptrap is thinking "a couple of heavily armed (ar15 style weapons) dudes" would attack a school that could defend itself.
Ar15 style, assault style weapons.
Those two buzz phrases destroyed any credibility you might have hoped for.
A short barreled .223 semi automatic rifle is just as capable, with or without the accessory & bayonet mounts.
In the military, they like the modular aspect of the m16, because it can be equipped with different accessories to meet different needs, the civilian ar15 (style) is hyped by the media as being more deadly than a wooden stocked .223 semi automatic, false!
As for registration most states require registration.

Everyone talks about how many guns kill people every year and you don't hear one thing about how many times a gun has saved someone's life 
Retarded, I think kids should not have to deal with too strict of a world so If this happens again i am protesting against you and the followers such as the police so do not treat people like they are being executed by nazis!
+Ryan Gunn Have you ever been hit by pepper spray? It fucking hurts. Worse  than tazing as it lasts at least a hour with the victim constantly washing out his eyes. The victim is immobile and in constant pain.That cop constantly sprayed the students. This picture shows how shitty cops are. They are power hungry or ill trained and shouldn't be allowed near kids. That was an extreme over use of power and he got what he deserved. Fired for misuse and the school payed the students (10 of them) $400,000 for the harm.
It was this, or Billy clubs. How would you prefer the break the line to gain access to their vehicles full of weapons? I think the 10 minutes and 5 warning that they were going to spray was quite ample. 
To a man with a hammer, all problems look like nails.
Drugs, gangs, domestic abuse are at the core of all the homicide deaths each year. We have strict laws to curb those activities but we have not been able to rid ourselves. Those felons and acquaintances of felons that associate with unlawful activities will continue to disregard the law for profit and power. Attempting to outlaw guns will mean nothing to these people; they don't follow our laws and we do not have an answer for enforcement. If we did, we won't continue to have this drug epidemic and related violence.

I would appreciate anyone who can point me to an unbiased statistical report that breaks out total gun murders by type of crime committed. I am very confident the random mass murderer is not a significant percentage, But because its our innocents we have to do something to feel like we tried.

I support the continuing full ban on "automatics" (amazing how felons still get these on the streets) and I would be supportive on limits to magazine capacity, and maybe having everyone have a carry/registration permit (national database) so we can guarantee reselling our firearms do not fall into felons hands.

Beyond that we really have to focus on the statistics and get our heads around who is getting killed, why and for what gain. Its drugs, money and power. Our hard working government has not been able to eliminate the incentive that drives these felons to madness.
Robbie, a portable is a classroom located outside of the high school. Increase of student population forces schools to rent this classrooms with no security whatsoever. We could be wiped out, taken hostage, and the administration wouldn't know about it, unless you can reach for the intercom, or call 911 yourself.
No shit what u trying to say? They need a real bother or sister.< We will all be on that line one day just like me walk the line with> Me an u will live  boo hoo who are we talking to u no fight to the end that's what we are here for we will live to the end as we no ded or alive u all no love all to the end 
+Ryan Gunn you are factually mistaken about the protestors "refusing to allow the officers access to their vehicles".   How does a sitting line of a dozen people on a path in the middle of an open space deny access to anything?   You are also wrong about a "warning" being given by the policeman who assaulted the students. No such warning was given.  And even if had been given, police officers do not have the legal authority to administer physical punishment to people they dislike.  

If the protestors had to be removed (and there was no reason to do so), they should have been picked up by two policemen at a time and arrested peacefully.  The officer's poor judgment introduced violence and dramatically escalated a peaceful situation.

That policeman is no longer employed by the police department, the university paid out hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars in compensation, and the officer's misconduct was strongly rebuked by an investigation from a company led by the former police chief of New York.   So, all in all, given this new information, I hope you change your mind.  Otherwise, you might be the next one to get an eyeful of pepper spray from a cop who doesn't like where you parked.
Mexico have a strict gun politic limiting and restricting the legal access to firearms by civilians.
Look at how peacefully and safe this country is.
+Gary Erwin you say "you don't hear one thing about how many times a gun has saved someone's life "

So tell us.  Every year about 32,000 Americans lose their lives to firearms.  So tell us about the times that a gun has saved someone's life, so we can judge for ourselves.
Don't include people like soldiers, guards and cops who will be authorized to hold guns no matter what regulations restrict the rest of us.  Just tell us about the civilians who saved someone's life with a gun. There had better be WAY more than 32,000 of them.
You know what they say. "A Cannister always pays his debts."
Those students were out of line and deserved worse than a pepper spray. Bad example buddy.
we have one armed cop on my high school campus. there has never been an issue and the campus is relatively safe. Having an armed cop on a campus does not lead to police brutality on students. Honestly would the staff, administrators, community and the police superiors stand by and watch cop inflict harm  and punishment for no good reason? no. i feel this is slightly exaggerated. and besides. police can not inflict harm without probable cause and clearly these children are not giving him a probable cause. this the united states, not some other country with a corrupt law enforcement.
+Vincent Etienne when you say "Mexico have a strict gun politic limiting and restricting the legal access to firearms by civilians. Look at how peacefully and safe this country is."  ... are you saying that the USA cannot be any better governed than Mexico?  Because I have to disagree with you on that.
I believe in your free speech.
But you guys need to look at your gun laws, how many more innocent people have to be injured.
Where I live only law enforcement personnel allowed by law to carry firearms.
You can not buy an assault rifle the local store to go shoot animals, an assault rifle was designed for one purpose, to be used by the Military during military operations.
Your guns laws stink.
+Jordan Haynes, a single police officer wouldn't be apt to "stir the pot", but having an unknown number of armed teachers/ administrators would be better protection, without giving the school a dangerous feeling.
As for what police can or cannot do, technically it's not legal but some have proven they think they're above the law.
As for corruption, we have more than our share :-/
Over the past century America has lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the battlefields around the world. All of them died to keep us free from oppression and safe in our country. I wonder how all those dead souls think about us when we openly discuss arming our teachers to keeps our children safe. Really?????
That is idiotic and totally ridiculous! 
America needs to decide which right is more important - the right to own an assault rifle or the right of a child to go to school without being shot multiple times.
Yeah gun free america...good idea morons. Cops in schools is a great idea this picture is bullshit
The guy doing the spraying gets to live in shame.  Those sprayed get to press on with pride.  I'd ask;  "Do you like your job, Mr. loser?"
And just about every high school has a school resource officer that is armed for years and years....
+Nathan Ollis and how many crazy people have been pre-emptively shot by armed school resource officers?  I presume few-to-none.  So that's really not at all like the insane proposal from the NRA, in which every single one of the 130,000 elementary schools across the nation would have armed guards operating a shoot-to-kill policy on intruders.   So why are you even bringing it up?
+Bob Patterson In some cases, the weapons used in these school shootings WERE registered..and were NOT assault rifles.

If we continue to allow our children in schools to remain unprotected, then individuals that have no value of human life will continue to target them.
The lack of weapons experience on this page is sad.
+Dre Hamp the unrequited enthusiasm for more and bigger firearms as a solution to massacres by gun nuts, is a very large part of the problem that got America into this mess.  Domestic terrorism by firearms will be beaten.
+Peter van der Linden I consider myself a bit of a "gun nut", but I also know realistically where to draw the line. Having armed security & at least one sheriff's deputy on ALL school campuses is not unreasonable. However, security becomes expensive, and a uniformed officer can be easily targeted preceding a future incident. As +Christopher Humiston mentioned in part, teachers should be allowed to train & carry concealed in the event of security becoming unaffordable, or the campus officer being off campus or killed by an attacker. We should ALL train up on weapons, because they are a part of our society whether we like it or not.
What are thay doing that is not right.
+Dre - and have you asked any teachers about this hare-brained scheme of yours?   How many of them are gung-ho to sign up to become unpaid armed bodyguards?   

I liked it better when the right wing disparaged and criticized teachers as overpaid, not when they imagined pressganging teachers into involuntary armed servitude.

Seriously dude, go down to your local school and find out how many teachers are behind this insane suggestion from the NRA.   The solution to 30,000 Americans killed annually in domestic terrorism is not "add more guns", surprising though it sounds.
You nailed it Dre. Most people have never fired a gun so they are afraid of everything and totally unable and unwilling to protect themselves. These cowards want to pretend bad guys will give up their guns. That will never happen so leaving yourself defenseless is stupid.

This part of the Constitution will be easier to break once they force us all to live in cities. Till then we must live in a society controlled by money and cowards unwilling to be responsible for their own safety.

+David Bromage attacking the symptom is not going to cure the disease. Semi-automatic handguns and rifles have been around for quite awhile now. Why is it that school shooting are becoming more frequent only recently? Cocaine and meth have been illegal yet it's still killing teens and adults everyday. You can ban a substance or weapon and this will certainly have an effect on law abiding citizens but I fail to see how it deters those who would obtain them illegally in the first place for obvious reasons. Timothy McVeigh murdered well over a hundred people without a single bullet.
Either invest time and money into why people are going "postal" more often or pony up to provide more security against the inevitable.
+Mike Johnson why are you framing a complex national debate in terms of ignorance and cowardice, Mike?  I suppose each person clings to what he is most comfortable and familiar with.
The truth of the matter is that the Federal government is going to drastically tighten firearm regulations, and that will probably result in some of you, like Mike, not being judged stable enough to hold weapons.  You can either turn them in peacefully, or you can make a stand.   I don't much care which, but the paranoid delusional people are not going to be allowed firearms.
+Bob Patterson sure and while you are making up scenarios why don't you include a tank and a B52 into the mix. 
+Frank Hazelton Everyone says "...I fail to see how it deters those who would obtain them illegally...", but the outside world shows that it actually works.  Banning guns works in England: gun crimes are rare.  Buying back guns works in Australia: murder rates dropped dramatically.  Sure, you can't make it impossible to get a semiautomatic, but you don't have to.  All you have to do is make it difficult and that's enough to stop most people.  Even most criminals.
+Frank Hazelton when you say "You can ban a substance or weapon and this will certainly have an effect on law abiding citizens but I fail to see how it deters those who would obtain them illegally" let me explain two things to you.

1.  Many gun victims are killed by guns that were obtained legally, e.g. Nancy Lanza.   Those guns once banned will no longer be held by Nancy, and thus cannot be stolen and used by her killer.

2.  The Federal government will greatly increase the priority, resources, and manpower devoted to tracking down and seizing banned weapons and those trafficking in them.

Say what you will, mainstream America has now woken up to the domestic terrorism of firearms.  Things are going to change greatly.  We can do this with your participation, or over your illogical objections.  Which will get you a better result?
+G Kochanski comparing apples and oranges is useless. Different societies and different cultures have different problems. What may work in one country does not translate into a solution for ours for a host of reasons that are obvious. If illegal drugs doesn't shed light on the subject I don't know what will.
Dear +Peter van der Linden ,

There are several small town schools where the principal carries a side-arm to protect their students. Look it up.

I like how you associated "armed protection" to "servitude", which pretty much describes your arrogance/ignorance towards those who carry weapons in order to protect our lives.

Switzerland, in fact, has the lowest gun crime rate of all "gun society" countries, because all citizens are taught how to use and not use guns. So actually, more gun protection offsets more gun crime..which I notice is a constantly overlooked factor in your little "statistic".

Oh, and "..turning schools into armed camps..", isn't a paranoid/delusional statement at all. I'm glad YOU don't carry a gun. You're right, we DO need to tighten up on who can access firearms.

AND describing a mentally unstable person who shoots up a school as a "domestic terrorist" in an indirect effort to associate "gun owners" with "terrorists" is pretty good smoke & mirrors. The reality is, the dude was a murderer, and mommie didn't want to commit her little pumpkin to the mental ward. As long as these little mofos are running around with the ability to access legal & illegal firearms, no amount of legislation will protect children from being slaughtered.

There is one thing that will stop it. Guess!
"Attention students. Every day at 12:30 you will be pepper sprayed in the face with our new sprinkler system. If you resist then you must be neutralized and taken to detention. Enjoy the rest of your day."
Jesus +Dre Hamp just STFU with your imaginative b/s.  Got a scientific study that supports your opinion about "more gun protection" (whatever that means outside your pointy little head)?  I thought not.  
I'd like to know which small towns have a school principal who packs heat, so I can avoid sending kids to learn there.  Know any?  Or is that more unsupported BS from you?

You're going to have to come up with something that shows original thought on your part, not stupid posturing about places you have never visited and whose languages you don't speak.
That is mean .Those cops should be peper sprayed and put in jail
+Peter van der Linden answer me this.....many us cities already have strict gun laws in place. Why do so many murders still take place that dwarf school shootings? I lived in Washington dc when it was considered the murder capitol of the US and its gun laws were and are very strict. Until you accept the fact that there is more to this than legal acquisition, you will continue to search for excuses.
+Frank Hazelton That's an empty comment.  Sure some things are different, but some are the same.   Let's hear those reasons.
For the sake of argument, assume that we'll make it illegal to own any gun that can fire more than two shots without reloading.   Let's assume that during 2014 the government will buy back those weapons, and that possession is illegal from 2015 on.   Now, tell me why won't that law reduce the number of people killed?
+Frank Hazelton Well, one of the reasons gun laws might not work so well in cities is that it's really easy to legally buy a gun outside the city, then carry it into the city.  If it was a nationwide ban, it would have more of an impact.
+Frank Hazelton Let me turn this argument around.  In England, fireworks are legal (even rather large ones).   In much of the US, they are illegal.  Guess where you'll see more fireworks?  England, of course.
I was there for Guy Fawkes day a few years ago, and I stood outside for 20 minutes and counted 700 explosions.  It was impressive!   All private, too.
So, banning fireworks reduces the number of fireworks that people use.   Why won't banning guns reduce the number of guns that people use?
+G Kochanski you are right of course.  Banning some guns, enforcing that law, and buying back all firearms will work very well in America, just the way it has worked very well in Australia.   Australia's change in the law was inspired by a school massacre, just as America's is in the process of being.

I am surprised and a little disappointed at all the same old discredited arguments put forward by gun advocates.  [Yeah, +Frank Hazelton I'm calling you out as an idiot.  Of course guns laws don't work in DC - it's an island of gun laws a couple of square miles, in an ocean of unregulated gun purchase all around.  Duh.  You don't need me to explain that to you, surely?]  

You have two choices, gun advocates - join in with mainstream America to end the domestic terrorism of firearms.  Or be seen as part of the problem, and have the Feds come and take all your favorite big guns by force.  Your choice.  You're getting one or the other.  Domestic terrorism of firearms (11,000 Americans murdered by guns every year) will end.
+G Kochanski are you delusional? I know it's nice to fantasize but let's focus on reality. Tell me, if I can buy enough illegal cocaine to make an entire city block brain dead inside of two hours, what makes you think one can't get hold of an illegal handgun the same way? Again, until you address the core problems you're just blowing hot air.
+Frank Hazelton grow up, Frank.  There is not the element of personal addictive craving (except for really disturbed bunnies - are you one?) with guns.  That is the defining element of drugs.
Everybody forgets these people chose to be sprayed. They were told they would be sprayed. They were offered plenty of chance to get out of there, unlike Kent State.

It's really disturbing that people on the Left keep using the picture to suggest government control is the only way to live, not freedom.
There is a bonafide nationwide market of illegal guns in America. The only guns that would be collected due to a gun ban would be the ones that are registered legally. Which means WHEN the situation in Newtown happens again somewhere else, we will STILL see the same result: Children dead. No one there to protect them. Only NOW it's "illegal" to utilize our constitutional rights in order to protect them.

+G Kochanski ..A lot of what what the "gun death" statistic is not including is the amount of people who shoot criminals during home invasions, robberies, etc. Currently guns are legal, yet no one can stop the massacres, because no one at the scene of the massacre was armed and prepared for it to happen.

The individuals that commit these atrocities KNOW that what they plan to do will not be directly contested, and that by the time police arrive, they will have successfully taken advantage of the situation.

When you change that one compenent of the equation, you change the entire outcome of the situation forever. IF someone is there to contest him, then the assailant must reconsider his actions. IF the assailant readjusts his method to compensate for the known contestant of his actions, (i.e. shoot the uniformed protection first), then he would be stopped cold by a factor that, whether he considered it or not, he cannot predict. This results to further the assailant's consideration to at least not make an elementary/high school/college the target of his assault.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't give depth to our gun sale practices, nor that we shouldn't update our mental health diagnoses and availability.

What I am saying, is that these things will take DECADES to successfully implement, while they're being politicized and lobbied by mental health advocates and gun advocates in all 50 states. We don't have that much time until our next potential mass shooting incident.

Banning guns will not stop these incidences either. This in fact will make things worse, because the ban would only be followed by law abiding citizens.

We must fight back against these individuals or else they will continue to take advantage of our children and our vulnerability.
Don't mind him... he's just watering his hippies.
But, I think that +Peter van der Linden is more or less right in that drugs are not very like guns. For instance, in other countries, gun control works fairly well, but drug control doesn't.
There's always been an illegal gun trade in America. Guns in Florida killings usually get driven to NYC to live there for a while. They pretty much have a tight distribution to all the places where guns aren't allowed, i.e. Democrat strongholds...

And you just can't "ban" them. People used to make guns at home, ya know. No law will stop a criminal from making guns.
Peter, I think you should admit none of these mass killers was a normal, sane person who thought there were so many guns laying around they might as well shoot somebody. You have to account for our sick society of perpetual war and fear. Guns have been around for centuries without mass killings, it is modern society " The Rat Race" that needs to change.
Well drug control can work...just ask the Chinese during the Boxer Rebellion. See how they opened up the opium dens and got their civilization back in order.
Wow that guy is really whacked out and insulting.
Apparently, anyone who owns an assault rifle is a nutbag and wants to kill everyone. I guess liberals can be the only people with hobbies.
+Dre Hamp but guns were legal, and there was no one there to protect them in Newtown or Columbine or Aurora. When was the last time a gun owner heroically used his gun to stop a massacre? It doesn't happen very often.
I think that +Mike Johnson is partially right: the US is a stressed society and that probably drives some people to desperation or around the bend. But also, there are a lot more assault weapons around than there used to be.
Never forget: gun laws only apply to those who follow laws.

That's why this shooting happened, too: stolen guns. We have too many "no gun" zones, and not enough people carrying.
+Brian Fahrlander But that's not at all true. If you were to convince all law-abiding citizens to melt their assault rifles, and you stopped making them, the illegal rifles would gradually rust or get lost. Or, believe it or not, lots of criminals cease to be criminals when they hit middle age. So, the number of assault rifles available to criminals would drop, year by year.
And, it would mean that criminals or unbalanced people couldn't get assault rifles by taking them from law-abiding people.
+Brian Fahrlander Yeah, exactly - as in every other civilized country; there all their citizens are carrying and there are no such things as "no-gun" zones. Geez!!!! WTF is wrong with you Americans and your guns??!!!!!!
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lay off the pot well that's where your wrong this is the shit that goes down when u say i don't need pot piles like all of u get real an be high on life if u can't hang u need to go get help 
omg get help an stop crying plz big babes 
+Ray Bernache agreed. your idea of arming a unknown number of certain staff and administrators would certainly keep the school safe and their would be no threat to the children from it. its sad that some of or law enforcement think they are above the law. its people like that that make us worry.
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