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Cocoa-Spiced Pork Chops (Vegan)

"The rub itself is very easy to make. Simply combine a bunch of spices--the majority of which is brown sugar--and dredge the meat in it. The rub makes about double for what you'll actually need, but it's great on its own so be sure to save it for another recipe.

The Match is very interesting. It's ultra sticky and thick, so use oiled hands to shape each chop. It smells like most fake meats, that sort of indescribable planty non-meat scent. I tasted some raw (don't worry, it's not real meat!) and thought it was pretty bland on its own. In fact, I might even suggest adding some salt to the meat and mixing it in thoroughly. If you can't find Match, seitan would work just as well.

Although the photo shows a cast iron skillet to cook the chops, I'd suggest using nonstick. The rub is pretty dredged onto each chop, so some of it will stick to the pan if not well oiled. I was really surprised at how meaty and fibrous it was, like slicing into a real hunk of meat. Even more surprising is its juiciness factor, although the juices that run with each knife cut don't taste like much (again, I think Match itself needs to be seasoned before cooking, not just rubbed in spices or sauce)."

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