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Lesson learned tonight: Computers don't run worth a damn if you accidentally get a flake of dried thermal paste stuck in the CPU socket.

(Thankfully, mine ran after fixing that problem.)

Is it finally time for me to give up on wishing Google will make a Nexus 7 replacement?

#GoogleIO #io17

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Just for fun, someone should have slapped some Weber grill stickers on this thing and turned the video into a promo for a Memorial Day barbecue.
The Orion Launch Abort System motor, designed to steer the astronauts to safety in the unlikely event of an emergency, was successfully tested by engineers at Orbital ATK. Learn more:

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No joke! It's TWiME x 5 to finish the month of March. The latest: Progressions, Marilyn, holding women back, & more.

I haven't been able to watch much wrestling this year, but I'll make some predictions for tonight anyway:

197: Cox
285: Snyder
125: Cruz
133: Gross
141: Heil
149: Retherford
157: Nolf
165: Martinez
174: Jordan
184: Dean

In other words, I'm not thinking tonight will be full of upsets.

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Read Science! guest, +Nathalia Holt's book, Rise of the Rocket Girls, is only $2.99 on Kindle today! #fridayreads

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If people are bidding $2000+ for these warm-ups, I can only imagine what his Olympic warm-ups would bring.

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This Week in Math Ed (ending 2/24): Math, race, & fellowship; searching for balance; mini golf marbleslides, & more.

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Two Weeks in Math Ed: Geometric anti-gerrymandering, your best life, zero, play, & more.

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If I weren't currently employed, I think I'd be trying to convince myself I was qualified for this job. Scholarly communication librarians are only going to become more important as publishing venues diversify in type and access.
Job Description - Scholarly Communication Librarian (08373) - "The University of Colorado Boulder Libraries invites applications from collaborative and innovative candidates for the position of Scholarly Communication Librarian, a tenure-stream position in the University Libraries’ Department of Open and Digital Scholarship Services. The Scholarly Communication Librarian provides leadership in advancing scholarly communication programs that align with library and university priorities and t...
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