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We took Jasmine, our oldest little one, to our vet yesterday who confirmed what we had feared: Jasmine has a Zymbal's gland tumour and her days with us are drawing to a close. In the next two or so days her condition will decline to a point where it's unfair to her to prolong her life.
This isn't a complete shock. We knew this day was coming and taking her to see Richard last night was really to make sure that we weren't delaying her inevitable departure too long and causing her pain and upset. But still, it's always a blow and the sorrow I have feels like my heart is being torn apart.
Jasmine is a very courageous and headstrong girl. She has never let her increasing disabilities hold her back. Even though she was been losing physical strength she has remained the matriarch of our little mischief and the others have made sure that she is comfortable and has company. Daisy and Maisy come to here to be power groomed and in turn make sure that she is clean. They all cuddle up to her at bedtime. Because of her disability she no longer sleeps in a hammock so the others take turns to come and lie with her in the ground floor bed she now has. Anna in particular has become her near constant companion, often curling up around her and staying close to her, acting as her guardian.
Jasmine is being well cared for. She is on metacam and being pampered with everything she might want and she gives all the signs of being happy and without pain or stress. She is full of character, wilfull, clever, kind, generous, affectionate and has brought untold joy and happiness to me. And I know that when she's gone I will miss her with all my heart.
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We do feel the same way, +Ray Woodward! Thank you for the good wishes for my little ones. Your rats are so fortunate to have you care for and love them. Even though it's so hard to lose them, they make such a huge difference in our lives and it feels so good to be able to make a difference in their lives, too. 
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My life... or the part that broke.
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Turns out I am the original +RayWoodward on Google Plus. I feel like I won the lottery of who gets to have the name and doesn't have to choose what numbers or letters you have append to it. No +RayWoodward67 or +RayWoodward1 for me. And the Grand Prize is… loads of people land on my profile page and go "Damn! That's definitely NOT the Ray Woodward I was looking for!". At a rough guess, of the 40,000 odd views my profile page has got, only 20 were actually searching GooglePlus for me.

Maybe I should put some work into my profile page. Or not, that could give the wrong impression. :)

Ray Woodward

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As my friends know we keep rats. A little mischief of five female rats to be precise. They live in a large cage and once or twice a day they will come out and play. They are now aged between 1 and 2 years old and the sweetest most lovable creatures you could wish to meet.

Last night while in the bathroom and after all the girls had been put back in their cage I heard a little scratch at the door. I turned around, thinking "I'm sure we put them all back!" and watched the door being nudged open. I stood stock still… and on the fourth nudge this little brown face appeared, had a cursory look around and then dashed in straight for the back of the sink. The sink I was standing right in front of. 

I could tell from looking at her she was a young female with a glossy brown coat, bright eyes and a pink tail which she held high as she bounded across the floor and straight onto my foot. She stopped for a second and looked up at me. I looked down at her and then quick as a flash she turned and sped straight back the way she came.

So, on World Rat Day I was visited by a very pretty wild rat who came in and said hello!! I wonder if she is actually truly wild, her coat looked too brown to be a wildy but I have heard that there are those who are a very deep brown like her. 

My job is now to find this little Miss and find her a safe place to live.

Happy World Rat Day Everyone!
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Oh my goodness, how amazing and sweet!! I love the part where she stashed food in the slipper - too sweet!!!  :D
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You've probably seen this somewhere around the web today as it's spread like viral marmite. The dress, to me looks white and gold. To +Amanda McGowan it looks blue and black. Which goes to show how we perceive the world can be very, very different. There's an interesting piece with links here:

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Agree or not?

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To be read in a David Attenborough accent…
This bus was thirsty
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I'm pleased that the 'researchers' who spend their life killing, poisoning, mutilating and torturing rats and other animals are finally starting to see that their all cruelty is felt and understood by those they exploit. Of course rats can read each others emotions. Care for a few and take time to watch them at rest, work and play. They know when one of them is in pain. They know when one is happy.

This ridiculous need to test animals, and mammals in particular so that they must each prove they display the key sets of consciousness and emotions that we do is plain idiocy. They feel love, hate, pleasure, pain, commitment, happiness and sadness like we do. Now we know this to be true, all treatment of animals should be from the standpoint that if we are better than them, we should behave better than them and stopping using them in vile experiments would be a good start. </rant>

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You may not have heard about this, but while Gap Inc. has banned fur from all of its well-known brands, it continues to sell numerous fur items at INTERMIX, which has 30 stores and an online shopping site. INTERMIX sells fur from rabbits, coyotes, foxes, minks, and Asiatic raccoon dogs—animals who are often slammed to the ground and bludgeoned with metal rods, causing convulsions and broken bones but not always an immediate death. Undercover investigations reveal that many of these animals are skinned while still alive, and video footage even shows a skinned raccoon dog on a heap of carcasses with just enough strength to lift his bloodied head and stare at the camera.

Please take a few moments to urge Gap Inc. to join ANN INC., Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and dozens of other companies that are 100 percent fur-free.
Please take a few moments to urge Gap Inc. to join dozens of companies that are 100 percent fur-free.
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That one preview frame of the video looks like it's a picture of a Star Trek crew member playing the drums, a thought that completely threw me, and I went off into a world of wondering what else the crew of the USS Enterprise might do in their down time. Play Squash, Darts, maybe a pub and a lounge bar to unwind... a cinema to watch old movies like The Breakfast Club and documentaries like old Star Trek seasons. Oh I am way overthinking things aren't I?
I watched "The Breakfast Club" a couple days ago, and I've had this stuck in my head ever since.
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