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Is it just me... or is this popcorn a little racist?
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Hi! I don't know... maybe just a little :)
Yellow popcorn is Asian....chocolate is black....and caramel is Mexican or some type of olive skin. +James Skiest it's leaning a little to the racist side. Do they have a mini bag with +Ray William Johnson on it because he's so cute and tiny? That would be awesome.
Hank Wu
Lol, that Asian kid on the cover is me... Weird that you found this xD
Omg never thought of that till now...

LOL i own some of that sh*t
Haha wooow ...but yes...yes it is lol
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`·.,¸,.·*¯`·.,¸,.·*¯<|:::::( ◕ᴥ◕)
........--"".......--"""u"''''''''''u''''''''u Nyan cat is watching you.
Yeah... There are not any girls on the package.
cuz he's off white muahahaa!!
Wow...just wow...nuff said
They're trying not to be racists here...which is not true: D
me gusta mucho racist popcorn.
If it was racist, the Kettle Corn would have been black.
Lol ray... the guy who designed those covers must not be right in his mind...
Nice and racist the only way to enjoy popcorn😝
This popcorn was made by: Racist Boy Scouts of America©
Wow! Political correctness had turned the human race into a species of paranoid idiots. It may seem racist, but it's completely unintentional.
So... Stick the black kid on cheddar popcorn?
No Ray, it's just you who is racist. They are just color coordinating, it's called design. Sheesh. 
No. If it was racist the mexican kid would be on the bean-flavored popcorn. And just wait for what flavors yellow and red come in!
lol I think its just you buddy...
Lol I'm sure it was just a coincidence, I'm sure their actual intention was to show that they accept all different races, colors, etc, from black, white, brown, Chinese, Nigerian, Jamaican, Italian, Japanese, Canadian, etc 
popcorn is salted - no other flavo(u)r! i just say bacon.
I dont see bacon corn so yes its racist
Try the new Trolling Corn for all your racist trolling needs
its not racist its just the couldnt find enough actual other skin colour scouts for models
thats too much to be a coincidence :'P
They just happened to have those certain people on the bags......RAY-cist.
It's racist and you all know it.
A little bit of casual racism in the morning, eh?
I hate this pseudo-anti-racism faggots...
Ray, dude youre just upset they dont have mini bags
I thought it said troll's end LOL
they look totally emo and at the same time retarded
The flavor matches the color of their skin oohhh wait it is kind of racist
Nah, thats's not racist AT ALL... ( me said sarcasticly)
Yoghurt in the face at cheese popcorn maybie because we don't have this in England 
yes the boyscouts need to make their popcorn less rscist
Таки почему немного, очень даже, очень расист)))
I didn't get it at first...then I saw the Choclatey Triple Delight.
This is why my troop sticks to fresh pine-based holiday packaging to screw up...
+Hank Wu u aren't being serious right?... that would be weird though
like no way to miss the white person :D and have to be the big person there
Yes it is racist the people who say other wise are just trying to look kool and other shizzle
Wow...........................just WOW!
I'm Asian, does that mean I gotta eat cheddar cheese corn?
hmm no i should say HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol why the black and why the asian gotta be with the cheese hmmmmmmmmmmm.
hay! how come the asian popcorn is bigger?
The gormet popcorn is going to come to your house and kill you
That's the greatest accidental fuck up ever!
This is legit the most funny thing ever. I am a boy scout myself and sell it every year and there's like a white kid on every bag and then there's a chinese kid and a black kid.
ray skeet skeet ray #faggotshortguy
its aisen idiot y u dont no anything huh
then i guess i'm cheddar cheese popcorn
you, sir, #RayWJ , i am very disappointed in your posting. i am the highest rank within the Scouting World, Eagle Scout. I am very offended at this, and suggest that you leave your racism at the door. Thank you, and have a nice day...
A lil but funny I prefer girl scout kookies
It it but not bad food tho
Perhaps that is the secret to real commerce !! Big money on racism these days!!
lol black chocolate yellow cheese for yellow boy and caramel for mexicans haha
yeah it is. 1 in 6 people in this country are not black or asian. damned racists
Ray, I agree 100%. But where is the woman? If its racist, then there needs to be at least 1 girl. Am I right or not?
It's not totally racist since the caramel popcorn has a white kid. So, nothing to see here.
ray i see all your show it is mad ;)
ow yeah i was a boy scout and it was the whites are older and stronger
im aisen so those cheddar ones are EVIL
Nope, the popcorn just having a theme (a racist theme?)
i say yes. the colors that are like "chocolatey triple delight" in brown and shows a black kid. that just fd up
Asian for cheese..(y) African for Chocolate. ^^ And last but not least if i see correct Mexican for Caramel. Popcorn is represented as clean white ppl.:)
Nope i think it's just you Ray.. this is all good.:D
Who else thinks that Ray is the only one who would ever take the time to notice that? Great observation by the way.
Why is there always a white boy in the pictures!!!
It's just a coincidence.
IDS why this is even somewhat racist. I mean, is it the kids or what?
__ ___
¦_) /_\ ¦
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____ ____ _____
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_¦__ _____¦ ¦
My other comment is supposed to say racist
hi ray my name is ezekiel alcala and im 10 years old i love your show and i hope to see you one day :p
I like how there's always a taller white kid, in a nazi uniform.
nah, it's just you :)
your just angry about the reminder of height-differences between people..
i buy this not because of the popcorn, but the packaging...sometimes when im home alone i like to look at the front constantly.......
Now why would you think such a thing?! Lol...
I am willing to overlook the covert racism if they include us brown folks too. :-P
hahahahha no it's not racist it just matches with the colors :p
I kinda miss some of Ray's quotes like " Fake and gay", "Squirrel Aids", "Your face, goddamnit!", "Surprise buttsecks", etc... I am not saying he must use them in all the episodes, but one of those should appear like once or twice in 3 weeks. I also miss ' co za asy". He should review some Polish videos. Plus, dancing cat should also appear more often, I mean the dancing cat appeared in February after a worthless 5-6 months absence.
Plus, other comments like " AnyJew/Whore/Ho" and " GEEZUS" when a video has too many views. In December, he reviewed that video of the frog and he said it got NINE million views, he didn't even got shocked or said it was a lot of views. :/
Plus, " Zing" or " Two camels in a tiny car". I don't know. Somehow, Ray should start using all those things, so that his videos would be 100% perfect. That's my opinion tho.
HEY! I SELL THAT STUFF! But its so true, and I dont even like Boy Scouts because it gets boring
there is a different race for each one, but i don't get why the Asian is cheddar
i guess they couldnt find a spanish guy for the caramel one huh
Well now I know that they have scout brand popcorn some where in the world.
hahahaha its funny cuz the chinese kids cheesy XD
srew Lmaooo! Lmfaooo!
how come the white person always gets the good stuff? (almonds, cashews, and pecans.)
Your right it is racist. You cant pop rice and who would eat booty cheese popcorn. How dare white people taunt others with our delicious flavors covering every nook and cranny of popcorn.
Smdh... lol it is racist i just dont get how Caramel corresponds to being white, but i get the other 2 lol...
"IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?!?" <---- my new catch phrase! you can use it if u want RWJ :)
They should of have put jackie chan on the caramel one
hahaha that is sooo funny i like it !!!!!!!!
Did I just see an Asian kid there
racist!!! whoever doesnt see it is blind!!!
Nice popcorns.....RACIST BASTARD!!!
Ha ha, I sell that stuff every year with my kids and I've never noticed that. I'll have to keep and eye out for it this coming year
this is certainly no coincidence
Love it is the flavouring made with real kids lol
Omg that's fkd up! It is racist but funny:):D
Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off so hard i dropped my taco!
You should also look at quaker life cereal and chex cereals
man boy scouts ain't no raycists. look at the little black kid he havin a good time with all his chocolate friends!
Ok I was walking down the chips section and I herd a boy ask:mommy can we get this popcorn and she said:no honey IT'S RAICIST

ya totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raciest and James Skiest fuck you Bazinga is my YouTube channel 
Mmm it looks soo good lol fr any h8trz out there no I'm not fat u just need to get a sence of houmor!! Ily h8trz :) :X
Funny I saw that at Superstore today! Weird huh?
well........ thats not something u see everyday.
OMG i actually bought this sh*t!!!! but mmmm the chocolate was good, once you go chocolate you never go.......
do every one of them half to have a wight guy?
why is this so racist????!!!!
i'll take the chocolate corn!!
is it just me or does anyone else feel like the little asian boy is peering into my soul
Holy Fu.. yes it is a little racist.
totally with you on that one
Dude think of this in the kids by mgmt video except at the part where the baby changes itd be like ok we know that's really weird get that off my screen I want to see a normal thing ( worst post ever that's what I was aiming for)
There is no way that's a coincidence...
cud be a coincidence... probably not
who gives 2 shit`s?
the mounties?
All three of them are racist. hahaha
You think it's racist that the asian kid doesn't have a tie? GASPS

I know, how dare they!
heh heh heh stupid people are stupid heh heh heh
Regular flavor would be for us white crackers!
Don't eat, don't eat that racist popcorn !
oh I see what you did there
omg, they need to change that pritty fast
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol i kid with ya
I bet their would be a spicy flavor and an Indian kid on the front
how come the white kid gets the good pop corn?
Ummm any difference in fluffiness. 
thers a black kid, a white kid, And a chinese? wth
oh shit thats hilarious in a weirdly strange mcweirdington way
Yummy man ray only if your pic waz on one of those bags then I would be grubbing on those things lol XD
just look at the different flavour of the thing. Look at the cholocate one. that boy is black. On the cheddar one, the boy is asian. fair skin. While the last one. caramel, the boy is white. That is why it is racist
Tm Lee
ok not dude its so not just you lol...
I bet i got more money than raaaay compared to me raaaay is gaaaay

I can bet with you the owner is a racist guy...
Each bag a different race...messed up
I would go for the Asian one because they are the cheapest....
Almir D
Racial Equality? He cant be prejudiced to on race
lol thats actually really sad if you really think about it... where is our country going to!!!!!!!!
Is that Ray in the blue shirt on the middle bag?
it is a little racist but it's boyscouts be nice to them man i used to be a boy scout but then i quit because i couldn't be getiing my eagle scout in boyscouts now that was because i am turning 18 next year because i will be aging out too then from boyscouts then so ray be nice to those scouts give them credit they at lease try to make the popcorn seem cool so give them credit
Holy Shit! Bag on the right, taller kid looks like my old classmate Danny Travino.
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