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This episode is dedicated to the ladies! FOR THE LADIES Thumbsup if your mother is a woman! :D
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the 1st 3 people are males........
11st COMMENT with my penis out!
My mother probably is a woman but I never actually checked, knowuddimean? +1 anyway!
no tht was the 11th, 10 off 
What's with the "thumbs up" begging, Ray? Get you lips off Facebook's ass and realize this is Google+.
Naww that duck is the cutest this.
After seeing that little duckling, I never want to eat duck ever again.
First comment!!!. Jus joking. Bye the way, mi skype username is "physlord" ;)
Ray has manage to turn Google plus comments into YouTube comments.. .... 1st ect . Such a shame!
So what happened to the comment question of the day?
the last video as video, no a lot of sexy staff,  in brief arse play:)) joking,  good thing that man at least reached it's point finaly of cause it's good if he doesn't go there because somebody send him there
Kittens, ducklings, and old guys on hoverounds. One of these things is not like the other.
Hey Ray you should check out the video on YouTube call portal: terminal velocity
Skype: ueki168
Spain, España
Saludos desde Barcelona, your show is awesome!
This was a great episode! I heart the duckies.
Awesome vid, man! meow
when Ray will go in visit, can i be first?
notice the strategic black shirt so you can't se the sweat stains
You kill google plus almost every episode how are we all still here? O.o
I bet that ray was drinking COOLAID xD
Ducky used Peep!
It's a one-hit KO!
RayWilliamJohnson fainted due to extreme cuteness, then suffered a heart attack!
Ducky gained 800,000 views!
the DUCKYYYYYY would kick fat rays a**
Jesus Ray !! you can't promote smoking in your videos, or is that the way we'd try to support cancer research ?? ;-p
By the way, it's a great one bro ! Shoud make a gay friendly one now.
Hey Ray! You should check this video Column Gear
Is the most useless, stupid, ugly, pointless thing i've ever seen
ray u found a girl who can take ur jokes
K Lord
lol gud one 
But.. My mother isn't a woman
I can do that little hand, finger thing too... But never tried it on a girl.... Thanks for the tip Ray!
its a mother fraeking monkey!!!
you orange flavord person....
duckies made me barf unicornes... oh wait
I had to watch this on YouTube...

I was afraid that Ray would kill me because i was on Google+
hmmm...duckies are cute...but oh Gosh..the smell!
Grose ladys dont like that theyr just in is those duds from titelight
Lml..type weird...n awwww mannn!!!...Y U RUN AWAY FROM D WIDDLE DUCKYYY????? ;-)

But what if someone have a tranny mother ?
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