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I feel like that North Korean rocket that failed and crashed into the sea is an allegory for my sex life.
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Well at least it got a LOT of attention before it ahem 'crashed into the sea' ... I was talking about the rocket ... YOU ALL HAVE SICK MINDS
And here I was thinking that Ray's butt was as popular as greek yogurt throwing!
That would indicate you still get wet from what ever you get instead of what you want so I doubt it would be your sex life. I think that you should refer it to apollo 11.
Jajajajaaaa you are not precoucius, good for you and your couple.
Generally frowned upon by others?

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Just a failure waiting to happen?
And boom goes the dynamite!
Ray there must be a cure for that. All in all you will finish in an ocean.
I feel sorry for you Ray :( having to force yourself down to the crass humor of your subscribers.
Coming up short are you, Ray.
well u aren't supposed to tell the public that your sex life sucks duh
hey ray can you show us pics of your workplace where you shoot all the videos ??
I'm cracking up! You my friend are funny! :)
Yeah, but North Korea actually got the rocket off the ground, unlike you and your sex life. :)
Thats our Ray....always thinking about other peoples rockets...
I somehow signed up on Google+ and now I somehow find myself on your profile because you always talk about it in your videos.

Cool story, huh?
I don't know, the rocket was up a WHOLE minute.
I like how if this were FB, there would be like a million likes and thousands of comments. But it's G+ and shit's gay.
Joe Lay
yeah but theres still comments... tbh i find G+ better than fb and in the last week have seemed to have spent more time on it, even though like none of my friends use it
yeah G+ is pretty sick although facebook there are all your friends on it, this seems more real, you know i dont care if none of my friends are on it, i can just make friends
G+ RULZ. :) Ray. Don't hurt little fellow or we will take revege. Don't know how, but we will. :)
Wow, I think the Swedish rocket launch last week is a good allegory for MY sex life. (As in there wasn't one.)
I would rather it be an allegory of my sex life than my life in general.
If you have a regular girlfriend, and you're not getting any ass, then you've got bigger problems than being a north korea rocket
At least the rocket was hard
annabella tell me wat is up with the heart sigN!!!
Hi ray you are quiet funny in your videos
I think he was referring to the premature explosion
at least the rocket made it past the launch pad. rwj...not so much.
Okay guys lets leave them alone, the koreans are wayyyy more agile than Ray....... who makes things uncomfortable
If they try to hit USA, they'll hit Japan instead.
WOOH! Hundredth comment! What do I win?
so it was a success!!! if u know what i mean
suck sess. oh and sess is your gay friend, remember
a better analogy would have been "North Korea doesn't has a rocket."
If i mention rape, i will get +1'd by peeps who are bored lol...
its karma for messing around with the google+ icon
I think your sex life is a failure because you put world event pressure on yourself. Lol
my sex life is FUCKING AWSOME not like google+ and i watch ur videos everyday and i want to be like u someday
so your saying you wanna crash on land.,,, in public?
the reason why you feel like that is because you touch yourself at night :D
i am still a kid dude!
really? u blowed up, ha ?
To the person above. I alerady have relationship problems. HERP DERP
so u made a video on it...

here is a romanian car driving who have some fun listening to manele . just watch and maybe u gonna put this in ur show . U even dont know whats manele or u dont know tho whats a romanian . Bye
some how, i sympathise with you
funny, because I was on the Naval ship watching them launch it... we pointed and laughed as it failed, needless to say.
wait you watch ray fail... you don't have to be a creeper i mean he makes videos too
cool story bro. you should tell that at parties
Ray william johnsons height is an allegory for my sex life.
wylie coyote is the north korean weapons minister
Dont feel bad. Mine has plenty in common with Santa and Jesus. ..only existing in stories.
Cud you be anymore cuter than u already are?
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