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If you like ice cream and sodomy, you'll love this video: SELL OUT NEW =3!! :D
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I like rwj a lot ! Not and a gayhomofag way but u kno wat I mean
Ray you do make me laugh. Thanks for the video
you sir, are cool! Cheers from Switzerland. (Can't believe i'm actually commenting on G+! Geek+?)
Damn. I found the hidden picture: It's at 2:05 and it's a kind of crazy looking light switch with Geezus and two Kids on it. Very strange.....
Wow.. it looks like you are 40 years old, Ray :)
The hidden frame is a picture of this priest (Jesus? Sorry I'm Jewish) and two little kids, but it's a light switch and the light switch thingy is sticking out... yeah
new profile picture,  probably means you real bussines, anyway joking:) ye good way in case when you want to say f.. off or f.. you and you sort of unreachable:)  just you know what , that guy forget to get some g..s :) it's gonna be nice compilation, but of course without real bullets
Sooooo Yeah, Everyone gets butt hurt bout the pic when its a simple face plate for a light dirty minded people would not get offended if you were truly pure and did not think such nasty thoughts =P!!!
can't shake the feeling that Kermit is watching..... always watching.
Hidden frame is at 2:05 its a picture of jesus with 2 kids
forget to add, about that guy with his trick, hopefully that guy didn't damage so much himself, cause he might actually kill himself, what i do it's a bit dangerous and i don't wanna do brutal tricks, just soft ones
Ryan An
search for shuffling goose and upload it on you vid 
Haha, there are 69 coments... haha "69" Oh wait
Can I get da shitty furniture shipped to my town
today i've been in shopping center ALFA and i when i was buying the sort of bisquit or cookie at shop which calls SALA, and exactly at that shop and exactly at that shopping center ALFA about two or month ago, some guy with family got in queue before me, when i was waiting for seller, and when i told him that i was before him, he told me that aiiii i called that woman, he probably means seller, but when i was at that shop's check point or at cashier point that guy wasn't i queue and he didn't call that woman, and actually in that queue was only me and nobody else, so that seller supported that guy by telling me oh you can't wait few seconds or minutes and she said it in angry way, i wrote about that before here on my wall, and i couldn't understand then, what is wrong and by seller so didn't want to serve first client who was in queue, and instead she served that guy and even told me in rude way to wait few seconds, she told that she did it because of child, but that child wasn't so small and i didn't cry, as i remember it was a bit aged child which can walk, as i remember it was small boy about 3 or 4 years old, so i still didn't get there what the reason to serve that guy first and talk with me in rude form, so today i've seen her and asked her again about, i told that i don't want to do anything bad to her and that if she so want to serve someone in special way and without queue, she can ask about it, and today she said sorry, but she as well told me that i don't consider my self that i did fault, and i didn't want to serve those people first, she said i did because of child and situation, but i told her that child didn't cry there, and there is no usually any priority for children which are already aged, as i think anywhere else in Europe or in other countries as well, so tomorrow i'll go to that company SALA, to speak, why seller who works in that shop SALA work speak rude with customers because for some reason, which are not so critical, trying to serve other customers in priority way, without queue, and as well if other customer ask that customer which is getting service by seller, why he trying to buy without queue, that seller support that customer buy speaking in rude way, serve that person without queue and that seller doesn't consider herself that it's her fault, but with saying sorry, i don't remember is she said sorry when that happened about two month ago or not, but she said it today, as i probably wrote before that shopping center locates in Riga, Latvia, same place where i'am now and been for about two last years, it's actually my birth place
You've destroyed my vacation to Disneys Hollywood Studios. Thanks Ray. :) Can we see it in Muppet 3-D? 
Hi ray! i'm from peru :D say hi to me !
asjahjsh the frane is a jesus with children in a swicht ,, it's maybe "turn on jesus"
cool videos. from the baja, tj. =o 
only I think that the first video was from russia?
i want one of your girlfriend sluts
daer ray...
i think you should start another channel... it should be you answeing letters from fans cuz it would be awesome and i need some help of my own...

Bring back the damn Comment Question of the Day!
Those owls are so fucking SCARY!!
today is already 10 of july 2012, so just about half an hour finished 9 of july 2012 in Riga, Latvia, and news for today is that from 8 of july 2012, from the late evening, till beggining of 9 of july 2012, i was skateboarding at place near new bridge which is near Viestura prospekt or in other words Viestura Avenue, so one person from vagon came out and told me that if i will skateboard after 9pm there he is going to breake my legs and my chest's body part bounces, which actually could make human died, i uploaded photos before here from that place, and i told that i've been skateboarding there since 2011 and that now in about in the beginning of july 2012 somebody maintained there some vagon with people which are sort of do some bridge maintenance, but that bridge was finished and was opened in autumn of year 2011, and all constructions materials were removed in autumn of year 2011 or maybe almost all, but that place was look like cleaned and without any constructions materials if compare with summer 2011, i uploaded photos of that place few days ago, so i told that guy i don't want to do anything bad to him, i told him that i wish to come there early, but i happens that way that i comming than a bit late usually about 22 pm or about 22:30, i told him that maybe somebody trying to prevent me to study skateboard tricks, so i'm trying hard, well not always, but often, and i have some success, i can jump on skateboard over small barrier now with high of one board, even with different speed, i actually going to increase now make double high barrier, but when about at time when i was thinking to create my first barrier somewhere at the beggining of july 2012, somebody maintain that vagon there, and i told to that guy who was threaten me, that he may ask his employee for working conditions, if he doesn't like something, instead of doing crimes, or in other words instead of breake parts of my body , because i might be wrong, but maybe those people local to Riga , they may live in Riga , so why their employee force them to stay in that vagon for a night, instead of going home after work, and why that person prefer instead of contacting his employee, tell me that he will breake my legs and my bounces if i come there after 9 pm or in other words after 21:00, so wanted to come already yesterday on 9 of july 2012, but when i was going to there, rain started going on, and i can't skateboarding with raining conditions, so that why i didn't go, i told that i don't want to do anything bad to those people, i started to skate there from 2011, and that place is very good for me, there are not many people walking there, the first houses with people locates about 50 meters from that place, and they are covered with threes and bunches, i told that i'm not here for any political reason, in case if their employee put that vagon with political reason, or because their employee or who supports them, think that i want to damage some country or nation or some gens of people, i even didn't want to write it here first, cause from some side i want to help that guy that he organize his work conditions with his employee, from other side, i don't want to do things only at time when that guy want me to do it, cause i told him i don't point you where you should walk or in what time, so i don't want that somebody point me, and as well that guy usually ask me question about my things, like in what school i've been studing and so on, i told him i'm not realy interested in his history, and i'm here to learn skateboard tricks, and i explain why exactly in that place, and i told as well that i come here usually about in same time, well maybe only in autumn in came there early, because darkness was coming early, as well that guy told me that no far from here there is russian security services house, i said well ok, but i'm interested in it, i actually didn't see there any russian security services house, and i didn't came here because of that, even if such building located not far from that place, i don't think that in Latvia will be some russian security services building, at least officially. that actually a strange cause, those people who organize that vagon with people, they could know that i every time appear that at about same time, so they might decide to kick me out from that place, when i don't want them to kick out and i told them , because i was at that place from long time ago. and want to mention, one of reason why i'am writing that, because, when i was going  for skateboarding yesterday in late evening, which finished about 1 hour and 30 minutes ago,  they rain started going, which prevent me to go for skateboarding. today's date already 10 of july 2012
yesterday on 9 of july 2012 , i went to nomeda company, that the company of that cookies cafe which calls SALA, i went to their main address which is registred according to their company which is at dzirnavu street 49 Riga, Latvia, but i've seen there only cafe and not any offices, and i asked there were can i talk with personal manager or with any manager, and i was told that office of that cafe SALA which is assigned under company nomeda, locates at elizabetes street 2, Riga, Latvia, there is locates world trading center, that is actually so official place, so anyway i went there, but i was late, cause their office till 5pm according to what i hear, but there was strange thing in that world trading center, that in hall there is list of companies which locates in that big building, and company nomeda locates at first floor, but in recepetion i was told that their company locates in the underground of that building, so i decided to come on next day, which is today, but today is just begun, so i'am going today to that nomeda company's office to speak with personal manager of that SALA kafe , about one woman from one of SALA's kafe which locates at shopping center ALFA in Riga, Latvia. that woman doesn't agree that if she serve people without queue and speak rude with other person which stand in queue and ask even not her, but person who tryes to buy without queue, the question why are you getting in queue before me if i was before you, and that woman staff , not even sorting out who is first, or stand quiet, but she even say in rude offensive form to me, the person who was in queue before that guy and his family, and all what argue that woman, she did that way because there was small child, but that child didn't cry, and there wasn't big trouble with that child, cause i as remember that child was already a bit aged child, which can walk, and that child didn't buy anything, person who buy was aged guy, which is probably about from 30-50 years old, and what that woman said few days ago that she is sorry, but she didn't see her fault here, so it's sort of she saying sorry for nothing, just to come down me, because don't actually remember is that woman said sorry when that happened, because it happened about few month ago , probably somewhen in may of year 2012, today's date 10 of july 2012, !!!! and response to Krystyna K you said in that in my previous message was no sense, well i can say that if somebody going nearly to kill somebody or maybe even kill, because breaking body parts may lead to death, it always sense no matter where you write about it or type about it
awesome video I'm really enjoying your Favorite Martian
At 2:05pm...the kids will have better access to Jesus' "Holy Spirit" <('.'<)  <('.')> (>'.')>
i like every show on raywj this the epic thing i ever had im 12 seriously
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ray im sorry but i was doin your mom befor you even thought about doin mine
Holy do post this stuff to Google+!
I just thought it was there to be abused like an orphan in Sudan. 
Heck, you learn something new everyday. 
Unlike that orphan in Sudan
you can usaully finish the add in five seconds but i need some of that furniture, How much?\
Hey Ray i love ur videos but ill like to know how to send you videos as a recommendation

salut william c cmt vraiment j aimerai m corespondre avec tw bcp mais malhereusemen j comprent pas l anglais
look at that pig he things hes so phat but he aint got bacon like this guy
Awwww....d pigletz r sssooo cuteee!!!!
That jumping dude iz titeeee
N candyman...AWESOMEEEE!!!!
AHHHHHHH!!!!!! 2 Rays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hay ray look up Willis in a locker he is a guy in my school he in mini!! not a midget a kid !!! it is real he did it again for like everyone for money now. the video is of  this kid harry willis who is 12 fitting into our school lockers they are quite small no one else can fit they might post more videos .PLEASE WATCH WILLIS IN A LOCKER PLEASE REPLY
+1 if you thought that was a real commercial
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