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Or your space bar needs a new laptop.
Then get one you orange flavored muthafucka... 
gotta hate it when the keys get busted.
i will space for you.. my laptop needs a new spacebar :( hope copy and paste works well so you can fix this. and put the smile like this :)
here +Ray William Johnson, you can copy paste all the spaces you need:                               and one more for extra measure: 

You're welcome.
IMaGine IF it HAD THE CApsLOck Broken.. IT WOULd be A MesS
dB lol I'm just trollin. Idgaf about 1st comments. :T
That is why I use a virtual keyboard for messaging, the keys can't break.
I always was told by gangster rap that when you break a key down you make money. Doesn't seem to work for me, might be doing it wrong.
He's probably been drooling all over it, watching gay pornografy
your laptop is useless. throw it out.
You could go get one of those flexible keyboards for cheap that just plug in with USB
as I know this is very old joke ;)
:D Use keyboard on screen on download it from debian repository
Here - " " - u can copy it, and use when u will need it.
From Russia, with vodka.
Meh cut and paste one in from another document!
you can use a program like autohotkey to turn one of the alt buttons into a space
that is until you get it into the shop or by a new laptop
Or he can make an awesome video of himself breaking his laptop and then people will view it and then send it to Ray William Johnson and then his video can be on that show!!!
I love how seriously some people are suggesting Ray the 'best solutions evah' for his 'problem'... :P
Maybe you should use some of that Internet money and get a new laptop TURD! 
sigh How many times do I have to tell you! When you fap, the penis goes UNDER the laptop NOT over!
Or your lap top needs to go to a new space bar.
HA                                                 HA                                                                   HA
you should just get a whole new laptop
No you need to update your joke database LAMO
Hey ray maybe we can trade up, you need your computer fixed and I need a new lawn gnome
In Soviet Russia Lawn gnomes don't break space bars, space bars break lawn gnomes. Ray if you go to Soviet Russia watch out for those space bars ;)
O̵̝͇̙ͯ̎́̐͛͛͜͢h̯̰̠ͣ͠ ̆̃ͩ͊͛ͬ̏ͣ́͏̩͍̩̘͙̫͇͍r̡̲̜͎̠͇͙ͧͩ̓̔̀̕ͅe̻͚͚̻͚̽ͬ̉̽͘͢ȧ̴̬̞͙̼͇̖̹͑̏ͥ̓ͯ̃̚ͅl̴̷̙͈͉̥ͬͣ͒͘l͇̗̤͎̭͎̹͉ͨ̑̋̾̆̅̅̽͐y̷̯͒ͯ͒̀̅͠ ̧̮ͯ͗͑͘nͯͨͭ͗͏̸̬̞̩͕̣͕̩͖͘o̧̞̙͍̲̹ͫ̈ͯ̍̅͂̅w̵̯̦͈̙̭̎̌ͮ?̷̙̺̱̜̑̈ͥͤ̓ͯ̃
I hear lime juice gets nut out... plus, it smells like lime. Remember to take the battery out of your laptop before washing it in lime juice.
Hold down left ALT key, press Shift, type 255, let go of ALT.....your welcome
You must wash your  little hands before start  working with complex technique. from russia with vodka
He should've used his android as a mouse and keyboard
my penis needs another 3 inches
Yah well my screens broken, my f8 key is gone, my h key is gone , my ,/< key is gone , my computer has no back up memory, my computer is an HP and I have windows vista installed on it and if ur wondering how I'm able to type this out on such a shity computer I'm using my phone
+Nathan Turner I am typing this on a computer where most of the keys don't work without a hammer. I have to word my sentences carefully. But at least I am running Windows 8.
Quit watching so much porn
Dude I totally feel you. My phone spacebar doesnt work at all Dx
yea....just get a new one................oh, wait i heard u already did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my netook needs a new utton. don't feel ad, ray! can u figure out what one key I need? I can't figure it out at all! wanna uy me the new key?
computer needs a new keyboard all together.... -_-
i can be your new spacebar... and you can tap me... anytime you want... JK!!! xp
or you need to switch your laptop and the word space bar around to make a awesome word to make your self feel better, bartop thise are nice you can drink there or, lapbar no that sounds lieka stripclub.. wait thats it! sell your laptop for a strip bar or sell it to gain more lapspace or or to buy a space bar. any one of thos would work.
Or ur spacebar needs a new penguin!
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