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23% of the world's problems can be solved by applying bad statistics.
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76% can be solved with a gun and 1% can be solved by MATH!
i will now remove all social media.
Wrong!My calculations state that 24% of the world's problems can be solved using incorrect statistical algorithms.
<insert bitchy comment here>
I hope you are aware that you are 50% of those problems. 
Been saying that for years! Glad you got my back...
I'm 34% in favor of statistics, and I'm offended.
Works 99% of the time, 3% of the time
ok, I suppose this is the way YT and G+ scourge Ray for being a prick on g+. "OK Ray, if you want your subscribers back and #1 ranking, write occasionally something on g+'s wall no matter how stupid it is." 
he loves his hair. why would he argue it's beneficial height?? 
how do i stop getting notifications from this..
there is a 33.3(3)% chance that 66.6(6)% off all statistics are made up.
+Prakhar Shrivastava hes shorter than a monkey on a pogo stick in dubai while eating a brown banana with ice cream on top. 
Hmm bad statistics, solve this RWJ! A monkey goes down while ray goes up. How is this false? you must use bad statistics
ray...omg ur awesome in ur own way
I also think that 5000% of statistics are purely made up on the spot. :P
Well,so far it works for your so-called "lack of height" issue,right Ray?
I mean:Ray,you're a giant among midgets!...well,actually gnomes(small ones)...but still GIANT!
░░░░█░░░░▀▀▄░█░░░█░█ █ ████░█░░░
Dayum. That takes skill. ^^^
actually,that's all over the,there are programs that convert pictures into whatever this is called
600% of the world is full of it or is that Gabriel fluffys weight lol
To tell the truth,Kellen,I'm writing them 'cause whenever I try to google something,an annoying red bar pops up on the top of my browser and I can't resist it.
98% of people posting these comments are making grammatical errors
Hey Ray, here's my Skype address: kalen-smith-13. Thank you 
100% of the worlds problems can be solved by looking at a naked woman.
50% of Men in the world are gay (not me) 
Google+ says:"This is not fair Ray William Johnson,why d u always disrespect me?Why not facebook and twitter??" lol:)):p
100% of the time Ray is beating up G+
The world's problems can now be solved by giving $20 in fines for swearing in public
86% of statistics are made up on the spot
you have always right. and thats why i am a big fan
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69% of statistics were made up on the spot
Ray has a very BIG penis, and he is SOOO tall. Just solved two world problems 
83% of Barney Stinsons statistics are 83%
I thought it was 82.7% When you don't give square numbers people tend to believe in it...
Thats never worked out for me, but I guess I have the other 77% of world's problems.
Oh that's so incredibly true.  It just depends on the point you want to make and the statistic you can quote to support it.
the other 77% can be solved by ray william johnson
68.4% of all statistics are not made up on the spot, but are still useless bullshit
90% Of girls that comment on Ray's posts "wuv" him and think's he is awesome
no world problems solvead....
Almir D
1067% are blown out of proportion

98.5% of statistics are made up on the spot
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