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Remind me to run to the corner store later to pick up a few more fucks to give.
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Hey Ray, dont forget to run to the corner store later to pick up a few more fucks to give.
Robin D
Unfortunately they're out of fucks as well
Oh wow look how much you don't care about stuff.
you going to the store to pick up something
Hey little man, isn't past your bed time? This is adults only time on Google+.
they are never buy one, get one free. (ie I don't give a fuck) It's always a cash only business, too.
Hey Ray...don't fu**ing forget to go and get those fu**ing fu**s around the fu**king corner bro :P
nobody give a fuck these days
All the comments above are from guys.. Proves my point that girls DON'T give a fuck
Reminder set.. do u want to save it...
i forgot 2 give a fuck 2 yu .....
I would give you one of mine but today I have not even one fuck to give.
I prefer 40 ounce bottles of ice cold fuck it.
Also, head to the pharmacy and pick up that new medicine that is for everything could Fuckitall.
Tom B
Corner store guy: No. These are my fucks. I'm not giving them! 8D
Tell Siri, doubt any of us could be bothered to remind you
i have a collection of fucks in the closet. I have been saving them up and not giving any for years!
i poped to the shop and ask for some fucks they said they just sold the last on to a small guy is that you?
It's great, but unfortunatly there isn't enough advertising for it...and it is better than fb
You have corner stores that sell fucks where you live!? Where I live, corner stores only sell sex slaves, the fuck part has to be done at home :D
Ogidigbo Ejiro- what u git against gays?
FUCKING ANSWER!!! what do any of you got against homosexuals? u love who ou love... its about love not gender!!!
nothing at all .... just felt like adding that ....
I have a huge collection of fucks that under no circumstances will be given. I'm like Scrooge McFuck!
Рей, това е на български.. и ако го прочетеш знай, че имаш фенове и в тази малка источноевропейска страна... ама тук няма fuck stores...
There is prostitutes willing to give you some. 
+Popy Smith, yes prostitutes are commonly known as great givers of fucks... Wait! There's something wrong with this phrase!
I just got at my corner. Ray come here so I can give you a fuck!!!!!!
Wouldn't that be, "Siri, remind me ..."
The fucking fucker fucking fucked himself. But no one gave a fuck because it was on google plus.
Um........ok, anyway. Ray, good's truely awesome with how much sh*t you put up with from trollers, rejects, and of course to netTards. Keep it up. Oh, and don't forget that the store on the corner ran out of f**ks last week, so you'll have to go the Flannery's off of 3rd and Nuts. o_O
Review ijustines OH CRAP IM STARVING TO DEATH! its funny!
I would like to recommend the flying ones; they are more dramatic and tax-free.
they played the stereotype song by YFM at my squadron party so awesome
and not a single fuck was given that day.
homofag, how do we get in touch with you? I'd love to have a little chat!
Pick up some for me too. So I can hand them out to my mentally degenerated neighbors.
Fuck Fucks ...... Shit is in .... and u don't need to "purchase" them
At least nigahiga isnt cursing the whole time....fuck you rwj i unsub
i leave it in the comments :)
Don't forget to run to the corner store and pick up some more fucks to give

Remind me to run to the corner store and bug the cashier about needing grapes :D
I got some fucks in the fridge oh wait my cat got into them earlier sorry ray:)
Janae H
No, I don't feel like it! Hi
why would you wanna give away your fucks....I keep mine, I'm selfish with my fucks I don't have many.
I need to pick up some fucks but the cashier doesn't give a fuck. I need some. My friend told me to not give a fuck about it
Sorry just checked theyre all out
Never bought any of those. Seemed like a rip-off.
i hate how ppl can be so mean.......
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