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juliabigfanmj x d +Ray William Johnson
It's fucked up they clapped at the end. They are only instigating the destruction of many other peoples ears. This man will continue to plague our world and bring death and famine amung its people. They should've boo'd, preventing any further pain and suffering.
No one uses Google plus. Lol.
Long time no c dude... Whr HV u been
My ears ewww ... I need to order new one's from the black market again. .....thx. Ray
Is that's your childhood video Ray??? Sexually harassing your producer ;-)
it's me and my brother!you are weird ray really boyfriends???if you sign in on your skype account sometime i want to ask you something!
Brief manly squirts FTW YO!!
ray look at what people have done to you cover songs rlly you make the songs not them.You have to sand for this its not right.
its time to go to pick up some fucks to give harry up dont forget to bring me some. how much it costs ?take .keep the change
looord have mercy...that was some fantastic singing!
Jesus must have stolen his bowls....let's all please show him some mercy.
skype skype skype skype skype skype skype skype skype skype
Church Singer Guy is a douche. Praise tha lawd! By the way, buy my album.
pogo was john wayne gacy's clown persona
ray william johnson is the sexiest beast ever i swear if i meet him ill run up and hug him he is so funny
What up willy ray u should pump out some vids im bored in LA lower alabama bi+chs
If you still do comment questions, if you don't I'm a derp. My Comment question: Why don't pigs fly?
One of your best shows yet Mr. Gayho Mofag. We want more.
there is no words that can fit whatever this guy is singing
Somebody I used to know contest on Jory Caron's vlog. Ray check it out. 
Jory is the name of the channel. 
Ryan M
lol gay pogo fag c'mon skype call!
Man, this is an epic episode, keep up the good work Ray :)
I am only commenting because I can bet ray will read it... that is because no body else is commenting on shit.. Hi ray..... Rayistryingtomaketgoogleplushisbitchbutcan't... yep one word
next episode material! note tha laughter in the bakground
hi, i bet this is the best comment ever
Bring the damn comment question of the day back. Pweaaase?
Gay pogo fag? Nice use of homophobic put-down. :/
I remember as a kid during show and tell, that we were not allowed to bring our pogo sticks.... well i now see why. But hitting your face on the ground would have been better then coming to school with a plastic red "Snake", and then later finding out that it was actually my mothers old dildo............ Best FUCKIN 9th grade year of my life.
That was so bad. Who...WHO...told that guy he could sing?? Hahahahahahahaha, the auto-tune made me hit the mute button. Just, no. You crack me up Ray. Everyday.
"Boyfriends? Seriously? We're no gay, you douche."
"Well, you got girlfriends?"
Ray create a word and say it on =3 so people can spread it and it might become a real word
my skype username is alexandero11. call me!
for those guys who doesn't know today should be court session in uk supreme court about wikileaks and wikileaks leader, i read as well that there will be online translation of that supreme court session, so according to news it should be today 30 of may 2012, by the way guessing song for that day !!!!!! probably u are somewhere on skype right now asking are you .A.s ?:) don't forget arse play:) , joking
The music is awesome enough to shatter my ears O.o
if that guy sang at my church... i'd change my religion immediately.
the singer sounds like a gay sponge bob. what sponge bob is gay
i'm from morocco no one cares lool
Man: the song is "Looking for a city" People's reaction: Looking for an exit
That poor pogo dude
N lolz...that lil dude iz a pimp!!!!!! xD
Okay and we need that because?
It's out of his range, kind of. I hate having dog hearing.
Stop the torture.
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