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Anybody else hate long distance relationships as much as I do? JUPITER - (Your Favorite Martian music video)
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i don't think they count as relationships, they are super lame
Relationships just cause extra bullshit problems that nobody needs!
still makin good songs…!
keep it up!!!!
awesome video and loved take over the world
its like my life we got New York and Houston
I do to man. Nice song by the way, I love this one and "Text me back"! Keep up the great music! :D
Stop with the damn slow cry baby songs get the orphan tears party music going
Yer that was the stuff.when will Dj drop some lines
YFM was better as a parody band. This sappy love song bullshit needs to go.
I'm in Canada, and my GF's in Pennsylvania...I know how it is.
Even with the far, few and in between visits. Nice tune!
When is it described as a long distance relationship? I mean I can see her perfectly when I use my night goggles to spy on her.
Not the best one.... But, I think we should have the old YFM back. You know, the ones who talked about the 3 B's? (Balls, Boobs, and Beer!)
Anyone catch the 2001: A Space Odyssey references?
yeah...i did that for three gets old fast.
i like the song make some more!!!
They suck.
The video is awesome Ray.(:
whats the point of a long distance relationship? it will never work out...
In a hangout talking about you, everyone is suggesting I follow you, so here I am following you.
Love the new song! Keep em coming! 
It would've been funny if the guy died at the end because of toxic atmosphere.
@ionut gabriel caraigat
your right, so that why i have a taill:)
is this new? I love puff.
eh its ok I mean txt me back wuz a lot better
Hellow ray willam jhonsons i am famed bollywood director vicram dickram chickram and i would love to have yo star in my new upcoming movie Rambondie ( <========3
i do your right i wish i was in houston
and leave ray alone haters i dont care what type of music so leave him alone he does great on his work
I'm sorry, but I miss the Old yourfavoritemartian animations and songs. It was all good up till 8-Bit world, but now a days it seems you've gone from funny to overdramatic. I mean I'm not saying it's terrible, heck I enjoyed Friend Zone and Nerd Rage, but everything else sounds more like complaints then music. Nothing against you Ray, but eh.
i agree sir ppl need to lay off ray he works his ass off for people to enjoy i know ppl have opinions but some are better left unsaid
these newer ones are great songs and i enjoy/listen to them a lot, but i miss the funny ones liek the stereotype song tig ole bitties etc
He sing like as chorus with that blond dude. Forgot his name is it something like Benatar or is Benetar the drummer
I think ill go back to lisning to take over the world
awesome! i <3 all ur videos! (that sounded gay...)
i love =3 as well
Okay, just to clarify, because obviously I'm retarded as hell, HOW do you send videos to people? Cuz I have one that's funny as hell, but have no idea how to send it to you.
Yeah I do, cause u never call Ray!
yfm are the very few songs that you can be happy
with when it's stuck in your head
Ray's long distance: His hand is in Uranus?
i <£ this song so much once i listen to it i listen again and again and again ! :)
Emily Rice...can i friend with u?
one thing to say is...
He's in the friend zone he's in the friend zone lol
This song is sad, but I kinda like it
nice one ray! you and your team have done it again! :D
that was pretty cool but i thougt benatar was american
Why did you not ended at 2:55... after that music sucks...!!
I loved the Autotuned!!! So fantastic!!
Whenever I play the song or video(whichever i love both)I mostly sing the autotuend part and the calmed part :) :D
hell yeah im 11 im always watchin these good job
1. cover your mouth with your hand.
2. whisper a wish in your hand
3. post this on three other comments.
4. look at your hand
why does it seem like the your favorite martian videos are getting more boring then the first videos because the first videos were way more funny too.................just sayin.
Love this song (: oneof my faves from yourfavoritemartian
This song is amazing! Woah? Ray isint in this song? Nice change, But I miss hearing his amazing voice!!
it is obviously a joke take a joke come on!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
What i like is that RWJ subtly changed the whole feel of YFM from goofy music to something with substance...with the off exceptions!!
this is still one of my favourite song till now.
Still a better love story than twilight 
I love this song beacause my boyfriend just moved to england for 3 years....we're still keeping strong though <3 great job of this song! :D
But I though not think that Armstrong GF will missed until she might build a spaceship and fly to moon... -.-''
I had a long distance relationship... it lasted for TWO YEARS. Sadly... it turned owt he'd been cheating on me the entire time -.- Fuck long distance relationships.
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