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Pixel 2 XL
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This could be good.
The Ocean's movies are some of my favorites. Let's hope this turn out better than the new Ghostbusters. So far, I'm liking what I see.
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FX 6.3 is now available as a production release.

Updates include:

• FX Widget now supports adding any home screen icon to launcher desktop (e.g. Images, Main Storage, Music, Recently Updated).
• "Storage Overview" plots show disk usage in top-level folders, including local storage, cloud, and network shares.
• Sort order and icon can be customized and saved for individual folders (to select new folder icon, open details, tap on icon.)
• Display-as-icon now shows size/date overlay when sorted by size/date.
• Home-screen icons are now mainly circular, many are updated/replaced.
• Cleaning tools home screen has been revamped.
• Aesthetic and icon updates to "Apps" and "Music/Audio" home screens.
• Improved FX Connect Wi-Fi Direct reliability of initial connection.
• Added highlight effect to some larger pie plots.
• Improved thumbnail rendering performance and caching.
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Does anyone know if it's possible to stop this stupid thing from appearing?

Every time I open Google Maps, up it comes. 😠
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I've never really bothered with password managers before but considering making the switch.

Which of the following would you recommend?
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Anyone else out there not overly impressed with the #Google #Pixel 2 and decided to go for something else instead?

I've been using 'Google phones' since the Galaxy #Nexus days, with my last purchase being a Nexus 6. I stopped there due to the hefty price tags.

I was really looking forward to the Pixel 2 but given the price tag yet again will be in the vicinity of $1400~, I opted for a #Note8 instead...

... and absolutely loving the change!

Personally, I don't see $1400 worth of value in a stock Google phone when you can pay substantially less or much the same, for more.

I miss some of the stock Google apps but more than impressed with the #Samsung equivalents, not to mention that any and all lag that was clearly present on older Galaxy devices is gone. A lot of the garbage that Samsung once packed into their devices is also now gone.
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For at least the past 3 years, I've been experiencing delayed GCM notifications. Basically, any app that relies on GCM to deliver push notifications will be delayed.

Gmail, Facebook, Facebook Pages Manager, and everything in between.

My partner has the same phone as me, uses the same carrier, same WIFI networks but all of her notifications are virtually instant. Mine can vary from 2 minutes to more than 20 in some cases.

Regardless of what device I log into and what networks I'm using, notifications are 'ALWAYS' delayed for me.

This leads me to beleive that there is something 'wrong' with my Google account. Perhaps something rather deep that I'm unable to change myself. From the research I've done, it's related to Android's 'heartbeat' interval (!msg/nexus/fslYqYrULto/lU2D3Qe1mugJ).

It states that the heartbeat interval is every 28 minutes on mobile connection (2g/3g/4g); and every 15 minutes on WIFI. I can't work exactly which values they are referring to though. Nothing really seems to change when I switch from WIFI to 4G etc.

If this is in fact the case though, then how do I confirm what my heartbeat intervals are and if they are incorrect, how do I correct them?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - what a magnificent device!
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This is the news of the year. The Check for update button press now actually tells Google you want the OTA now instead of waiting for it, even if it's staged.

Thank you, +Elliott Hughes!
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Can't say I've ever seen this before.

Facebook completely dead. Can't browse anything under the Facebook domain.

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