Are you an aspiring astronomer in an undergraduate astronomy/astrophysics program? If not, do you know any undergrads who would be interested in a two-week observational astronomy program at Mt. Wilson Observatory?

Aimed at those who are considering careers in astrophysics and who have completed at least one year of college physics coursework, this program offers students the opportunity to spend two weeks living and working at Mount Wilson Observatory, in the San Gabriel Mountains overlooking Pasadena.

Students in the program will attend classes to familiarize them with the basics of solar and stellar astrophysics necessary to begin making and understanding observations, while also learning to operate a 16-inch telescope with CCD camera and a solar telescope with a reflection grating spectrometer. During the second week, each student pursues an observational project of her/his own choosing, with guidance from the program staff.

If you are interested, follow the link below, or visit for more info.

Those of you in my science circles, please pass this along, as the program is short on participants this year. Thanks!
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