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This basically means the Federation is the awesome drunk uncle on the 4th of July.
Hands down, the best bit of Star Trek headcanon I've read in a very long time. It explains so much.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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TAP*TAP*TAP This thing on? 

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Anyone who has ever gotten into backyard astronomy, or even professional astronomy knows this is true!
#scienceeveryday   #scienceiscool   #astronomy  
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I am  young to be  Parent but I've got one Armature telescope(Celestron FirstScope
180x), which I am willing to share with my niece and nephew  :D

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Take a look, it's in a book!

+Levar Burton just launched a #kickstarter  campaign to relaunch #readingrainbow  on the web.  Pretty much anyone under the age of 35-40 has fond memories of Reading Rainbow, so I expect this kickstarter to be WILDLY successful.

But don't take MY word for it, check out the link below. ;-) 
Drop everything: LeVar Burton wants to resurrect Reading Rainbow, and he wants it as universally available as possible. So this morning, he launched a Kickstarter, aiming to raise a million dollars to fund the development of a web version. That great swooshing sound you just heard was the entire Internet opening its wallets simultaneously.
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WOOHOO! Congrats +Levar Burton !

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Damn.  +Dirk Talamasca was one of the first people I circled on Google+, along with +J.C. Kendall - Both gone before their time. 

I'll raise a toast to you Dirk. #RIPDIRKTALAMASCA   #sundaysadness  
RIP +Dirk Talamasca, you helped make my experience on Google Plus as well as thousands of others amazing!

You will be missed my friend.
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Tom C
Damn shame.  Likewise Dirk was one of my earlier plus pal.

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Happy #wintersolstice   !!!
Science fact: During winter in the northern hemisphere, Earth is actually closer to the sun than during summer. It is the tilt of Earth's axis (as shown in the nifty image below) that gives us seasons. 

Learn more at:

#scienceeveryday   #reasonfortheseason   #solstice  
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Very easy to see this up in Norway.  In North America, the sun does its usual path straight over your Norway, it's more like the sun is a hula hoop.  Very disconcerting.

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The XKCD Guide to Meteor Showers 

Since the #perseids  Meteor Shower is this weekend, I thought sharing this handy guide from would be fitting. 

If you want to catch the Perseids, find a nice quiet (and dark) site, away from city lights. Bring some comfortable lawn chairs. If you can, use lawn/camping chairs that can lay flat, or nearly flat.  

Best viewing is after midnight local time, and you'll want to look to the north-east if you want to see the meteors originating from the "radiant" of Perseus.  That being said, try to have as much sky visible as possible, since meteors can appear from most every direction during a meteor shower. 

If you want to being a telescope or binoculars, you can view the milky way overhead, however you may want to just leave your gear at home and just enjoy the meteor shower. 

You can expect anywhere from 40 to over 100 meteors per hour during the peak of a Meteor shower. Be patient, relax, and enjoy time away from the computer.  I've found the more relaxed and calm you are, the more meteors become visible. 

Most importantly, keep looking up! 

Fun Fact Over 100 tons of material from space burns up in our atmosphere each day! 

#perseids2013   #scienceeveryday   #meteorshower  
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Hope i will be ready tomorrow.I cant imagine, what time will it be?

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Folks, take a moment and read this post from +Buddhini Samarasinghe - I'm still baffled on how one person can cause so much harm in the science communication world.
Me too

My head is reeling from the information overload over the past 24 hours. By now many of you would have seen the linked article, calling out an abuser in our community. I'm writing this to say, I believe the authors, I believe the other victims who have come forward, because he did this to me too. I blocked him about 3 years ago and I thought it was just me he did this to but I am heartbroken to see that there are others he similarly abused. It's terrifying to read that article and see the same thing he did to me done to others. I can't even begin to explain what that it feels like.

Scott and I worked a lot on Google Hangouts back in 2012/2013. He was a really good friend at first, and as we got close he talked a lot about his problems. I felt really sorry for him. Now I realise how I was manipulated, I feel sick. I even invited this guy to my wedding - ugh.

Towards the end of 2013, as I was unemployed and living off savings while waiting for immigration paperwork to join my husband in the UK, Scott told me how he can't pay rent and how he doesn't have any money for food. I offered to lend him some money but he refused, but kept talking about how worried he is. Eventually he said yes and I lent him $1500 from my savings. A few weeks later he needed more money for something else (textbooks I think) so I again lent him another $1500. He said he would pay me back in a month or so when his student loans came in.

Meanwhile because I was so bored waiting in Sri Lanka for my immigration paperwork, I started writing more and more science posts. Scott invited me to partner on his website Know the Cosmos and I happily agreed, expecting us to be equal partners. But it turns out I ended up doing the bulk of the writing for free while he didn't really contribute much. It stopped feeling like a partnership and we fought a lot. Eventually I successfully pitched my Hallmarks of Cancer series to Scientific American and he was livid. That's when the emotional abuse really started. Constant arguments and put downs. He would say things like how naive and stupid I was for giving away my writing for free to Scientific American, how this is not the way to do it etc. It's partly why I wrote this post ( to address him and anyone else who questioned my decision to write it for free.

Things just reached a point where we could no longer work together. I remember the last Google Hangout we did together where just before we were supposed to go on air, he yelled at me about something I had done wrong. I was on the verge of tears that whole time, it was awful. But by that time I had moved back to the UK and thanks to a stronger support network around me, I was able to remove him from my life. Before that I sent him several emails asking for my loan back, but he never replied. I gave him a week and then I blocked him on all social media, considering the $3,000 as the price I had to pay to have him out of my life.

I am horrified that there are so many other victims. +Chad Haney  has a post here ( listing some of the others who have come forward. Please share this out, and please warn others. I had no idea he kept doing this after me, and I wish I had said something sooner rather than waiting until now.

I'm going to leave comments open while I am around but lock comments when I am away because I don't want derails from Scott-apologists.

H/T to +Pamela L. Gay and +Rugger Ducky for bringing this to my attention.
Update as of 16:03 Eastern Time on 19th September 2016:
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Note to JJ Abrams: THIS is how you do lens flare...   #supermoon   #lunareclipse   #photography  
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kk ia

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Comets, Asteroids, and Meteor Showers, oh, my!

Lately I've been asked "how do you discover asteroids and comets?"

The process is rather simple, and made easier through the use of digital imaging and computer processing.  My group takes several images in an area of the sky, and then we overlay the images, using the background stars as a guide.  

Anything that is moving against the background stars in certain directions and velocities is flagged by our system as a potential object. The software isn't 100% accurate, which is where us astronomers come in. We review these images real-time and sort out what's real from what's not. 

Speaking of meteors, asteroids, and comets, there might be a new meteor shower this saturday morning. - Look due north just after midnight local time. We might be in for a treat!

*PS the object below is a real object. 

#camelopardalids   #meteorshower   #nasa   #nasasocial   #scienceeveryday   #comet_209p_linear  
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I'm not saying it's #aliens , but...

Courtesy of my friends at +The Replica Prop Forum

#ancientaliens #mondaymemes #aliens #memes

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You sir have just won the interwebz :-)

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Opportunity looks a lot like hard work: 

As a fellow Iowan, I've had a lot of respect for Ashton Kutcher, despite his "frat boy" image.  In this acceptance speech, Ashton laid out three things he felt are crucial for success:

Opportunity, being sexy (hint: being smart is sexy), and living life. 

#motivationalmonday   #mondaymotivation   #ashtonkutcher  
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+Amy Shira Teitel Yeah, I was a little disappointed when Ashton tried to be inspirational, and the crowd really only got engaged at "sexy". :(  

Kids these days... off my lawn... etc. etc. etc. 
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