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Rashif “Ray” Rahman
I think, that is all I can do.
I think, that is all I can do.
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Did you know that you could add your own holidays to the calender in KDE? Of course not, because (1) there's no UI for such a function and (2) the holidays are stored in a poorly-documented format.

However, a quick scan of a file or two in /usr/share/apps/libkholidays/plan2 would tell you that the syntax is not at all rocket science. You could then customise one to your needs and put it in ~/.kde4/share/apps/libkholidays/plan2 (make the directories if not already there). I've pushed holidays for Singapore upstream awaiting approval.

Still, this is a very roundabout way of doing something that should've been made a no-brainer by now. Parsing at least XML is a way better approach, if not iCal. I hear the situation with Evolution is not any better, since you'd have to first add a public calender to your Google Calender, and then sync Evolution to that calender.

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Start early - introduce young ones to the power and fun of modern computing. Get them to create and be creative. Get them to animate:

Pivot lets you put together frames of moving stick figures and produce animated videos. Windows-only freeware, but apparently a CC-licensed alternative has a Linux build in development:

Other creative software you might be interested in:

I wonder whether KToon is still an active project, otherwise it's a simpler alternative to Synfig:

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linux-rt (3.0.1-rt8) rolled to the Arch User Repository (AUR)!

Don't get your hopes up, though. Not hearing too many good things about -rt nowadays. Probably because audio folks don't need a patched kernel anymore, but of course in the spirit of the scientific method, "there is no verifiable evidence" ;)

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When asked, during a voice-over session, to impersonate a German (trying to communicate in English), this is where I got my clues (jk). Pretty old vid, but it's where we got a good laugh from some years ago when a close buddy and myself made a new friend who gave us lots of fun and Schnapps.

Now, we only need a native English speaker trying to communicate in Deutsch.
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