[New & Improved.] This is a calculation of median damage, deviation, etc. for all damage types in Dungeon World

Why? I wanted a quick way to decide on a damage die configuration when making up monsters on the fly and the progression of damage dice in DW is not necessarily intuitive. For instance, the worst of 2d12 is typically worse than a d10 or the best of 2d8. 

1. There are two sets of tables, each is primarily sorted by the column highlighted in orange.

2. The "Med. w/Mod.=" section displays the median damage with all the modifiers used in the DW bestiary, ranging from minus 2 to plus 9! Note the jump to odd numbers at 5 (...3,4,5,7,9).

3. Draw your attention to the green-topped tables labeled "Default Damage" (DD). I have added DD because I wanted the option to only roll damage dice when it was dramatic to do so (e.g. when a player's hit points are low enough to hit 0 if I roll high). This number is the rounded Median. Next to it is a plus/minus column which is the rounded Deviation. So if a monster does b[2d6] damage I could assign the DD of 4 or figure the most common range is 3-5 (4 plus or minus 1) and go light, 3, or heavy 5. If I wanted to be extreme, I could go up or down two deviations.
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