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Ray Odierno

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ray Odierno. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
U.S. Army Chief of Staff's Virtual Town Hall
Mon, September 22, 2014, 9:30 AM
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Ray Odierno

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A true hero praising his fellow Soldiers he served with in combat. Former Army SSG Romesha embodies the selfless service and sacrifice we value so much in all of our Soldiers. Army Strong!
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Hola debbie fishell a mi también me enviaron una solicitud pero en la foto de el pero en otro perfil es algo que están usando los correos de el o no se que esta pasando
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Ray Odierno

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Looking forward to this weekend's All-American Bowl.  A great opportunity for young athletes to engage with Soldiers serving our country.
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I akways hope you come to my courty ...the best leader.godbless u
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Ray Odierno

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I recently visited CSIS to have a discussion about the future of our Army...leader development, regionally aligned forces, building partner capacity...Lots of great questions from those in attendance.  
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Conmigo también lo intento
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Ray Odierno

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I recently described the future of the Army and its vital role as part of the Joint Force. While our central mission remains to fight and win our Nation's wars, we must be able to do much more to address a diverse array of challenges in an uncertain and complex future. Going forward, we will be an Army that is globally responsive and regionally engaged, capable of rapidly employing scalable force packages from the smallest to the largest depending on the demands of the situation. At the same time, we must make thoughtful and forward-looking investments in our leaders and institutions to grow the Army from the operational force of today to a force of unparalleled tactical, operational, and strategic excellence. I am confident that Army Leaders, Soldiers and Civilians are up to the challenge.
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I read impressed with your writing👍
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Ray Odierno

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During a visit to Fort Bragg, NC yesterday, both myself and Sergeant Major of the Army Ray Chandler had the opportunity to visit with Soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division, Special Operations Command and Forces Command. We spent some time with the Paratroopers as they explained outload operations. It was great to talk to all of these Soldiers and see them perform their mission in support of the Global Response Force. #ArmyStrong! #usarmy #goarmy  
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Can you be my friend sir 
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Ray Odierno

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This week I traveled to Hawaii and Korea to visit leaders, Soldiers, civilians and Families who play a crucial role with our mission in the Pacific and the overall Defense Strategy.  I also met with Admiral Locklear, Pacific Command and General Thurman, United States Forces Korea/Combined Forces Command. 

The Defense Strategy has outlined a rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region and the Army plays a major role in that effort.  In my visit with Pacific Command we discussed how the Army will continue to contribute to the Pacific region.  We provide essential support to the Joint Force, routinely engage partners, and have over 66,000 Soldiers representing the Army in the region.  We are dedicated to further developing our role and will continue to work with Pacific Command as we adjust our strategy. 

The hard work and accomplishments of both the 25th Infantry Division "Tropic Lightning" and 2nd Infantry Division "Second to None" is paying big dividends in the Pacific with our partners.  They're work with our allies through mil-to-mil exchanges, training and exercises will only strengthen our relationships. 

I am very proud of all our Soldiers, civilians and their Families.  They're service and sacrifice are what makes this nation and our Army great!
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Know anyone like this?

I do, and chances are that you do as well.

Picture a pot of water that a cook puts on to boil in order to prepare the crabs for dinner. An interesting phenomenon occurs as the water is heating up. These live crabs (at least the smarter ones) will endeavor to get out of the pot. But when one of them starts to escape – the other crabs will pull it back down to prevent it from getting free and escaping. Even worse, it takes on a more malicious tone as they will wait until the freedom-minded crab has almost escaped the pot before they pounce and yank it back into the boiling water. Those crabs know that they’re screwed if they can’t escape – but they just can’t bear the idea of someone else daring to dream of escape – of ‘going for it’.

Not cool. Hello Peace to you all, Shared
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Ray Odierno

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I wish you a happy New Year 2017 Sir.
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