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Every time you meet a new person, you are creating "you" inside their heads.
Thanks so much, +nancy a. locke for sharing this video.
It is such an imaginative and succinct expression of the angst of creating, not only things, but ourselves.
We're All Scared via +Hank Green 
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You're welcome, Ray. Amidst the cyberdross, this monologue is a rare gem.
I don't usually like this modus, but I want all "creatives" to get this message. It's great, thanks for sharing.
Very true stuff that speaks to the core of all inhibitions and fears in our lives. I used to believe I wasn't very competitive when, in reality, I really am - like just about any male on the planet! LOL.. Turns out I was avoiding judgment by keeping creations to myself. I got over that years ago but I still sometimes hide and find others doing the same. It stinks when people judge you and you know their assessments are incomplete or inaccurate. If only intentions and spirit were a bit more tangible, eh? There's also a gender role aspect to consider here, whereas men experience fear of shame and women of isolation. We hate to feel like failures or unaccepted by those we embrace or let into our inner circles.. I'd say we all are driven by these fears to some extent, whether we admit it consciously or not. 8)
+Yomar Lopez I love how Hank exposes the roots of this fear. I was born with a confidence debilitating condition - thin-skin-iosis.
I was overly sensitive to criticism and my empathy quotient was over the top. 
Now empathy is a good thing and so is sensitivity.
I think people who charge through life have "created" a persona that is actually a walled version of themselves.
Now off to brunch, Yomar.
Have a great day :-)
My pleasure, +Gideon Rosenblatt. I feel Hank gets to the core of the fear that inhibits us from being who we are born to be and from creating the gifts we are capable of giving.
I know the feeling well, Ray! I was born with an unusual birthmark and experienced the same as you. Now I find that I am more attuned to others, knowing when not to talk about certain things, if at all! Empathy and tact come easier when you get to wear the other shoes more. 8)
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