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YouTube creators are more influential than traditional celebrities.
via +Think with Google 
Viewers say that YouTube creators are more relatable and trendsetting than traditional celebrities.
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Because they hide their real self much better than the usual actor.
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Ray Hiltz

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+SEMrush reveals the most common website SEO mistakes.
via +Mark Traphagen 
Massive study of 100,000 websites by +SEMrush reveals the most common on-site SEO issues.

Great opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others!
Which SEO issues do you really need to focus on? We decided to find out using real data. In this article you will find a list of the most common on-page, technical SEO and website issues and information about the way they can affect your search engin...
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Ray Hiltz

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As our Beardie, Ruby is quickly showing signs of her advanced age, this story comes at a good time. #inspirational  Our bond with animals has long ago passed the basics of a mutually beneficial arrangement.
They are our emotional oasis.
Thanks, +David Amerland 
A Great Bond

In a deeply touching story a man's bond with his dog manages to highlight the best of what lies inside us.
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Well said +Ray Hiltz 
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Ray Hiltz

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If any business sector can benefit from humanizing their business, Call Management Services is definately one.
5 Tips to Create Customer-Obsessed Call Center Agents - Humanize the Customer Experience
via Matt Knott +B2C

"The most successful call centers empower Agents to be creative in their day-to-day customer interactions.
Enabling your Agents flexibility in their customer service delivery, rather than forcing strict scripts, allows the front line to emotionally engage with the customer on a level that becomes personal to them."

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Ray Hiltz

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Do you want to know what your SEO guy/girl/? is talking about when they present a Google Analytics report?
+martin shervington at +Plus Your Business! shares an excellent guide that helps you understand Google Analytics language and takes you through the steps of creating your own analytics account.
This Google Analytics Training Guide will give you just about everything you need to achieve better conversions from your website, one step at a time.
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Thank you kindly!
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Ray Hiltz

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Do you listen while you work?
Unless I'm under the gun, I always listen to music or +CBC Radio One while working.
What about you?
Do you find having a soundtrack to your work a muse or a distraction?
Music is regarded as one of the triumphs of human creativity. But does music itself help one to create?
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What a great idea, Mike. I love film soundtracks but rarely think of putting them on my playlist.
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Ray Hiltz

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Navigating the social media jungle is not for the faint of heart. Prepare your content marketing to thrive on social with this guide – Content Marketing Institute
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Ray Hiltz

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Scene from our deck after a dinner of fresh dug clams and linguini. (Linguini doesn't grow here - had to buy at grocery store.)
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My family is from Rhode Island, and clams are a staple of the diet in the summertime. They are called quahogs around there, and, to me, even taste better than lobster.
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Ray Hiltz

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Are We Sincere When We Claim We're 'Authentic'?
by Adam Grant via +The New York Times

Remember when we used to refer to refer to 19th century chairs or renaissance masterpieces as authentic works meaning they were real and not reproductions.

Authenticity has joined the marketing and business lexicon.
We must be authentic - be our true selves.
Isn't that dangerous?

Adam Grant includes a quote from A.J. Jacobs who experimented with being totally authentic, for a few weeks.
Mr. Jacob's conclusion?

"“Deceit makes our world go round,” he concluded. “Without lies, marriages would crumble, workers would be fired, egos would be shattered, governments would collapse.”
I prefer the word sincere to authentic as in:
"Jane is a sincere person; you can trust her."

Also in the article, Adam points out that the level of "authenticity" depends on our level of self-monitoring.
High self-monitors scan their environments for social clues and adjust accordingly, low self-monitors are guided by the inner states regardless of circumstances.

Low self-monitors are perceived as being more authentic, more real.
Naked honesty can also be about self branding.

Profession curmudgeons and nasty comics do very well with just "telling it like it is."
I put more stock in the sincerity of someone's motivation than the "authenticity" of their brand.
As the author says: unless you're Oprah, 'be yourself' is terrible advice.
We pay a high price socially, personally and professionally for being authentic. There’s a better alternative.
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anyone who starts with "deceit makes the world go 'round..." has lost my attention.

I think the notion of 'being yourself is a bad idea' must be said by someone who is not genuinely a nice, honest and trustworthy person.

If you are those things, being yourself is all you can do!
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Ray Hiltz

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"Do you use +BuzzSumo?"
If not, they just added another reason you should.

h/t +Mark Traphagen 
How to Get More Backlinks to Your Site

If you're consistently producing useful.content and building a reputation in your industry, you're probably getting mentioned by other sites more than you know.

The frustrating thing is how many will mention you without linking. But sometimes all you have to do is ask them to link and they will.

But how do you know when such unlinked mentions occur?

Enter a new feature of +BuzzSumo that automatically alerts you to unlinked mentions if your brand!
To paraphrase Guy Kawasaki there are two types of website managers: those that want more backlinks and those that are liars. Backlinks matter, a lot, but gaining backlinks is difficult. A good backlink requires someone to write a relevant article … Continued
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Ray Hiltz

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Google's Competition is Significant
If I've learned anything in my years in marketing, it's not to have all your eggs in one basket.
+Eric Enge tells you why you need to take into consideration other search platforms.
h/t +Mark Traphagen 
Google's Competition Is Significant
and if you're in SEO, you'd better be paying attention!

In my latest column for +Search Engine Land, I explain why even though Google is still the "king of search" it would be foolish to ignore that it has more competition than ever before...and that competition is making significant gains.

If you're in search marketing, you must be paying attention to more than just Google. Find out why in my article, and what you should be doing to cover the bases!
If the majority of your digital marketing is aimed at boosting your rankings on Google search results, contributor Eric Enge contends you might want to rethink your priorities.
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Pleasure, Eric. 
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Ray Hiltz

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Happy Mother's Day x's 3
Happy Mother's Day to the Trinity.

I had 3 moms: my birth mom, my Grammy and my stepmom.
I was born "out of wedlock".

My mother saw no option but to leave town and start a new life in another province - leaving me in a foster home.
However, she did return often to visit.
And our relationship grew stronger as I grew older.
She died much too young and throughout the intervening 33 years, there's rarely been a day I haven't thought of her.

For much of my childhood and throughout elementary school, my paternal Grammy was my mom.
Whether out of a sense of duty or a way to rub my dad's nose in his 'indiscretion', she took me in.
I joined a family of other 'misfit toys'.

She was "mom" to whoever needed help in the 'hood'.
We were poor working class, yet many days I'd come home from school for lunch and find a
dozen or more people squeezed around our table.
She ruled the house with a firm hand and a big heart.

My stepmom, the woman married to my father, had a big hand in raising me also.
In spite of being a daily reminder of her husband's betrayal, she treated me as her son.
She's gone too.
But every time I see a post from a sibling on Facebook, or smell freshly baked bread, I remember Theresa laughing until she pee'd herself (My sister Rita and I were eager enablers.)

Families are complicated.
There were back in The 50's and 60's and there're more so now.

Give you Mom a hug today, whoever that may be.
And if she's gone, blow her a kiss and thank her.
She once held your whole world in her hands. 
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