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Featured in this week's marketing digest:

Content Marketing
The #1 Thing Stopping Most People from Repurposing Content by +Denise Wakeman
What Is a Content Marketer? by +Demian Farnworth

Social Media
23 Social Media Tools That Experts Use to Streamline Their Marketing by +Neil Patel

How To Build A Massive, Engaged Twitter Following by +Mike Allton

B2B Marketing
7 B2B Marketing Strategies That You Need to Master by +Clement Lim

How To Make Wicked Good Videos Even if You Are Camera Shy by +Kim Garst

Google News
G+ Web Preview Update by +Luke Wroblewski

The Ray2Go spotlight show
Human Marketing – What it means to be a Human Business

In this week's marketing digest: Repurposing Content, social media tools, Twitter, B2B marketing, Video marketing
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Pleasure, +Mike Allton I know my readers found your article very helpful. 
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Ray Hiltz

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Why Seemingly Smart People Have Fear of Failure
by +Gini Dietrich 
If your idea of success is rigid, so will your definition of failure be. 
This article resonated very much with me, not because I never experience failure, but because now I can see beyond it.

There's lots of platitudes about embracing failure, but really - who wants to hug a loser?
I agree with Gini - it's all about the mindset.

"Schools ... (have) you believe talent is something you’re born with and it can’t be evolved or changed...Talent can be learned. It can evolve and grow."
"Stop allowing fear of failure to paralyze you. Do the hard work. Learn new skills. Take a new class. Be okay with not being the kid in the front row who has all of the answers (no one likes him, anyway)."
An interesting article in The Atlantic talks about why writers procrastinate, but the reason can be applied to business: It's fear of failure.
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+Daniel Davis  you have a point there  ....
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Ray Hiltz

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The Connectivity Revolution - Sunday Read
This connectivity revolution contributes to reducing vandalism: gang-violence & more traditional modes of violence

If you want to know why +David Amerland thinks so, pour yourself a coffee and read.
Feeling Alive!

In a different life, not that long ago I’d spent most weekends travelling across Britain or, on occasions, flying across Europe taking part in Tae Kwon Do competitions ( Like most things that I do or happen to me, this too became subject to analyses and I became the guinea pig. So, I often asked myself “why?”

Why would someone who has a University education and a high-powered job, spent up to 16 hours a week sweating and feeling physical pain and then step onto a very public arena to engage in an activity that has some potential risks and no guaranteed outcome? I used to think that the reason is hard to explain. But that’s not true.

In my professional life, for all its challenges of deadlines, meetings, performance agreements and targets everything was controlled, examined, planned and strategized. More than that it was done for a purpose that was purely commercial and for organizations that kind ground on with a life of their own. There is a sterility in that vision that engages our professional skillsets perhaps but fails to set our minds on fire. And it is that fire that actually makes all the difference.

In stepping into a ring facing another fighter who wanted to win engaged parts of my brain in ways that made me feel instinctively alive. I became centered into the moment and the core of my existence in ways that cinematically Fight Club ( – “How much can you know about yourself if you have never been in a fight?”. This is a sentiment expressed a little differently in The Matrix Reloaded when the Seraph says: “You do not truly know someone until you fight them.” (

Now most people here will think that the attraction is either in violence or in the sense of self that the being in the moment entails but the truth is something deeper. There is hard-wiring in us that actually yearns for violence: There is a psychological need to feel the edge of danger and the precipice of risk looking us in the eyes:

Whether we experience this vicariously, as spectators ( or directly by actually engaging in a sport that entails some violence, the reasons lie in the moment of experienced controlled aggression ( There is a part of us that becomes connected. Connected not just with our deepest self but also with those we face, as opponents. That connectivity becomes a catalyst through which insights emerge about who we are, what we are prepared to do. What we really believe in and how we believe in what we think we believe.

For those who think that aggression is a default human mode or an evolutionary leftover psychologist Alfie Kohn ( suggests otherwise: He also opens up the possibility that it is only be exploring the pathways of aggression (neural and otherwise) that we find ourselves able to contemplate true peace.

That’s a notion that is backed by martial arts teachings like Zen Buddhism ( and Bushido ( Boxers and fighters are amongst the most disciplined people on the planet. And, from a neural pathways point of view, gamers frequently experience the intense engagement and release ( associated with violent activities and uncertain outcomes.

All of this goes a long way towards explaining the seeming paradox of Calico Storico ( a ‘sport’ that has to be seen to be believed and possibly be experienced to be understood.

We yearn for that feeling of aliveness because in the connection we find something that is missing from the mundane nature of everyday life. The paying of bills, the doing of one’s duties, the obeying of laws and the going-to-bed-waking-up and repeat cycle, leave each of us with a sense that life has to be about something more than this. Something greater. Something different.

Without forming a secret Fight Club or joining an ancient game where people knock seven bells out of each other there is an easier way to feel the same sense of connection, the same firing up of neural pathways that leads to an outward/inward feeling of introspection and public performance (which is what fighters have to do) – and incredibly enough it’s supplied by social media:

Now the articles on this mostly sound warning bells: (and it is +Sandra Watson who surfaced this: – just as they would if we could all join aggressive, competitive sports.

I stopped competing at the turn of the century, by choice, and for the next seven years I toyed on and off with the idea of getting back into it. I was really missing the sensations it gave me, the sense of purpose, the feeling of being connected, part of something greater and the pressure it placed upon me to think, change, adapt and develop. Social media slowly took over the role. Replacing, by degrees, the sense of purpose, introspection, risk and empowerment that I used to feel when fighting.

The connectivity revolution we experience today the ability we have to connect, think, argue, discuss, research, share, explore and understand is changing us: and our societies: It is contributing to reducing vandalism:, gang-violence: and even more traditional modes of violence:

Aggressive sports and violent video games, paradoxically, make us less violent. More sociable. Better disciplined and more aware. Social media is key to doing all of this, also. As Clay Shirky says in his TED Talk, this is “social capital” - We can all now take it for granted and we are, truly, “all of us, together”.

So, we went today from contact sports and violent video games to social media connections and this shared conversation we so excitedly share today. Quite a leap, maybe. The point is that there is no aspect of human behavior that does not have a sound basis in a need that is neurobiological which can be analyzed, understood (however imperfectly) and its effects charted. Its results tabulated. Its roots explored.

Are we changing because of all this? Damn right we are! Whether this is all good or all bad is still open to some debate. Key however is that all this is happening now on a very public platform, to each of us. To all of us. The adventure has just began. I hope you’ve already started drinking some coffee and you have sufficient amounts of donuts, croissants, cookies and chocolate cake to last you all through the day. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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hmmm.....well from my experience's of being in gangs and street life, I've never started controversy and watched others fight for street ethics,the Golden Rule iz.....women and wo-MEN....U gotta let a #hoe and I say this next letter with accredited emphasis, not Wikipedia's jargon... 👉*Beeeeex2 a #HoW.....👩👸👍
oh I almost forgot,when ur hands don't exist......u wo-meeeeen!!!I guess u literally have to bite a plug out ya bitch face to get her off u!!!⚡😨
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Ray Hiltz

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The New PYB
+martin shervington introduces the new +Plus Your Business! with this great article on Google Adwords.
PYB will go on to share articles on:
- Conversions (inc. Adwords)
- Reviews (inc. Google My Business)
- Brand (inc. Social)
Google Adwords - 21 hints and tips! (NEW)
Looking to dig a little deeper into Adwords? This is a great place to start.

The new PYB:
We are focused on helping you with 3 areas moving forward:

Conversions (inc. Adwords)
Reviews (inc. Google My Business)
Brand (inc. Social)

And this week I am delighted to have been awarded the LinkedIn contract to deliver Adwords courses for their platform. So expect a lot more hints and tips along the way - all part of the 'Conversions' aspect for PYB. Lots to learn, but as an Adwords user and presenter since 2003, I am delighted to formally re-enter this world as an educator once more.
#googleadwords   #googlepartner  
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Exciting times +Ray Hiltz! 
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Ray Hiltz

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How Larry Page’s Obsessions Became Google’s Business
via +The New York Times 
Larry Page likes ot ask questions, Google likes to answer them.
Mr. Page is hardly the first Silicon Valley chief with a case of intellectual wanderlust, but to a rare degree he has made his company a reflection of his personal fascinations.
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Ray Hiltz

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12 Chrome extensions to motivate you with each new tab
Yeah, new toys.... (Achem) that will make you more productive.
At this exact moment, I have 16 tabs open in my browser. How about you? With the full power of the internet at our disposal, it can be pretty easy to waste
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What are the reasons young men become such willing cannon fodder and fanatics?
Young men are particularly liable to become fanatics. Every dictator, every guru, every religious leader, knows this. Fanatics have an overwhelming sense of identity based on a cause (a religion) or a community (gang, team), and a tight and exclus...
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This is an excellent question. Thanks for posting this.
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“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing,”
~ George Bernard Shaw
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Rays Weekly Marketing Digest
My weekly marketing newsletter is back and in this week's edition, I highlight these helpful and insightful articles:

Google News
The New Google+ Gold Rush: Collections by +Eric Enge (

Google Adwords Help? 21 Awesome Hints and Tips – by +martin shervington for +Plus Your Business! (

Content Marketing
How To Create A Content Marketing Editorial Calendar By Liz Bedor (

Easy 5-Step Nonprofit Content Marketing to Drive Actions By Clair Axelrad (

Social Media
Social Media Campaign Planning Guide: The Rocket Formula by +Ian Cleary (

A Peek Inside How I Use Evernote to Organize My Life by +Bryan Kramer (

3 Steps to Using Video to Market Your Business By +Rebekah Radice (

Your must-read of the week:
The Lost Blogging Monarchy, the Defeat of links, and the War on Social Media and the companion piece, The Internet We Need to Save by +Mark Schaefer (


In this week's Marketing digest, Google+ Collections, Content Marketing for non-profits, Social Media plan and how to use Video for business.
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Thanks +Ray Hiltz!
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Ray Hiltz

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Digital Companies Need More Liberal Arts Majors
Reading the trail isn't the same as blazing it.
by +Tom Perrault

As Tom mentions in this article, data analysts and business intelligence engineers are in ever higher demand these days. However, much of what they do will soon be automated by advanced date collection and analysis programs.

It's true marketers haven't placed enough priority on analyzing data, but we should be careful not to bring everything down into bytes of data.

Analyzing data can tell you where you've been and how you're doing, but it takes people with problem solving skills and creativity to polish that data into a clear vision of how to proceed.

To accomplish this, a company must build a culture where creativity and analytics strike a balance.

"Begin building a culture that tells your most critical future employees, “Your creativity, empathy, listening skills, and vision can thrive here. We’re open for business, and you’ll be the main driver of our success.”"
Creativity, empathy, and listening are more important than ever.
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Let me know when they want that memo rendered into iambic pentameter.
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Ray Hiltz

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Sometimes we have to turn to art for refuge.
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Ray Hiltz

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"Fear, has the ability to transform us so that we can become either supermen: or monsters"
another thought-provoking Sunday read from +David Amerland

The “fear response” ( is probably one of the best examples we have of something that begins as something immaterial, a thought or perception having a powerful, visible and all-encompassing (and frequently far-reaching) effect in the physical world.

Fear, of course, is not the only response we have. There is a host of others which do not always make a lot of sense: When it comes to fear however, as a “passion of short duration” we have an already impressive store of knowledge about it: We know, for instance, that there are there is a complexity of emotions leading up to fear, anxiety being one of them: which are designed to help us better survive a dangerous situation.

Knowledge allows us to find ways to overcome fear: and even maybe make it go away completely. But before we “treat” something like this we may want to ask whether fear is a good or a bad thing in the first place: and what its benefits may be:

Now fear arises out of circumstances and the perceived choices available to us: Its defeat may liberate us: When astronaut Chris Hadfield went blind in space, for instance, he learnt a lot from his own responses to the situation:

Fear is such a powerful and common human response that we can, maybe, program our brains to overcome it: or use it as fuel: Our preoccupation with it, the fact that we have so many ways of treating this emotion suggests that our relationship with it, at a perceptual level, goes way beyond the mere utilitarian one and reaches somewhere deeper.

Fear, has the ability to transform us so that we can become either supermen: or monsters: Naturally, we are afraid of things we do not understand or things that are different from what we know: which makes fear of the unknown something we sometimes strive to overcome:

When we have such an ambivalent, love/hate relationship with an emotion, the suggestion is that perhaps we have to find different coping mechanisms to deal with it in order to manage it better. In Frank Herbert’s ( classic science fiction novel Dune ( the characters of its world treated fear as a “mind killer” and used a litany against it to control it: They recognized that the ability to better manage and control fear was key to a higher-order intelligence from which better choices could be made.

Dune was written in 1965 and in its approach to fear it may have prophetic undertones. When things are changing fast or going badly, we tend to react in ways that are not always conducive to better survival: Cultivation Theory ( suggests that our responses may not always be rooted in fact or even logic:

When we feel that the world is a “mean and dangerous place” everything we do becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that bears out our expectations. There are no easy ways to break through that. We do, however, live in a world where we are not alone. A world where even social media can fuel some of our worst responses: just like it can deliver us facts and means to control them:

This is a new tool in a new age. We are still learning how to use it. This exemplifies the paradox of our times: Here we are. Naked apes. Prisoners to biochemical responses whose origins go back millions of years, standing on the threshold of an age where we have abilities and hold powers which in a different age would have marked us as gods. In many ways we are children still, In other ways we are frightfully mature in our ability to just do things. How we deal with that. How we deal with our own anxieties and fears. What we decide to do with our technological powers can only be answered by a journey that starts deep within.

The answers we seek lie within us. No one can tell us ever what is right or wrong if we cannot feel it, ourselves. And in our inward journey, as we go past all inner “mind killers” and seek to liberate ourselves so that our minds, our intellect can shine through, free at last, we have to learn to make choices in complex contexts that affect not just us but everyone else around us. This is how our thoughts change the world.

I hope you’ve already planned ahead and coffee is flowing freely. Croissants are waiting, donuts are piled high and cookies and chocolate cake are not anywhere near running out, just yet. Have one awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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