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Announcing the First Friendship Benches
via +Danny Brown 

It (the Yellow Bench) will serve as a constant visual reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and conversations among students in Canadian schools, where mental health concerns are on the rise.

Yellow is for hello

The first of The Friendship Benches launches tomorrow. A visual icon to encourage students to take  a moment out of their hectic lives, and to stop and engage each other.

It will serve as a constant visual reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and conversations among students in Canadian schools, where mental health concerns are on the rise.

Three more benches will follow shortly, with more to follow. We're just getting started.

Canadian non-profit organization The Friendship Bench has selected the first four schools to host its student mental health awareness programs.
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Thanks, fella. :)
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Ray Hiltz

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Excellent tutorial, +MaAnna Stephenson Thanks.
See a quick tour of my first Blab and tips and tricks I picked up that will help you get started with hosting one too.
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Thanks +Ray Hiltz and +Mark Timberlake it's really fun. Had all kinds of folks popping in for my test Blabs. Great way to engage.
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Ray Hiltz

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Yeah yeah, ha ha, "Made you look!"
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Ray Hiltz

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Google+ Collections for every Profile/Page
+CircleCount now shows Collections.

"This feature was launched to celebrate that we have found 50,000 profiles and pages with at least one public Google+ Collection. In total we found 135,358 Google+ Collections."

Google+ Collections for every Profile/Page

You can find now the public Google+ Collections on every profile page on CircleCount.
Check out your profile here:

This feature was launched to celebrate that we have found 50,000 profiles and pages with at least one public Google+ Collection.
In total we found 135,358 Google+ Collections.

As you can see in the image here, one of our collections is growing faster than our page. 
The next feature we are preparing right now, will show this difference pretty clearly.
Stay tuned ;)

#circlecountupdate #collections #milestone50k
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Pleasure, +CircleCount Love what you guys do. 
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Ray Hiltz

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TubeBuddy Review: Is it Really a YouTubers New Best Friend?
+Ileane Smith takes us for a tour of +TubeBuddy 

With over 300 million videos being uploaded every minute, we can use all the resources possible to get ours seen.
In this TubeBuddy Review, learn how it works and why they are calling it a YouTubers new best friend.
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she  is  a  hottie
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Ray Hiltz

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6 Google+ Features You Can Use to Promote Your Business.
via +Priya Florence Shah via +Social Media Examiner 

All the regulars are here, Circles, Communities and Photos.
Collections and Hangouts are increasingly popular and Google My Business (especially if your a local business) should be a priority.
Do you use Google+ for your business? In this article, you'll discover six Google+ features you can use to promote your business.
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Good summary, thank you +Ray Hiltz :)
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Ray Hiltz

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Pope Cleans Up Dead Angel Who Flew Into Sistine Chapel Window
Hopefully someone will be bright enough to put blinds over the windows so these poor creatures don't keep trying to join their friends on the ceiling.

via +The Onion 
VATICAN CITY—Hurrying outside after hearing a disturbingly loud thud against the side of the church, Pope Francis was reportedly left to clean up the remains of a dead angel Monday that flew straight into one of the Sistine Chapel’s windows.
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Get ready pope, you'll have a lot of work to do in the coming days. Maybe you should hire help.
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Ray Hiltz

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"Blab, Blab, Blab and More"
In this week's Marketing Roundup.

Goodbye Google Hangouts, Hello Blab? h/t +Brian Fanzo +Team Blab +Plus Your Business! 

Google+ Tips
Google+ Collections for every Profile/Page h/t +CircleCount 

Chrome defers playback of autoplay media
 No More Wondering Where the Hell That Audio is Coming From h/t +François Beaufort 

Social Media
Social and Content Marketing Insourcing, a Trend? h/t +Jay Baer 

Content Marketing
Is Podcasting Replacing Blogging? h/t +Copyblogger 

Top SEO Mistakes to Correct h/t +Robin Strohmaier 

Video of the Week 
[You guessed it, a Blab.]
Blab vs. Hangouts with +Ronnie Bincer and +Chef Dennis Littley 

Subscribe to my weekly newsletter here:  
#livestreaming   #SEO   #Contentmarketing  
This week in marketing, Blab, the latest in the video live streaming platforms, Podcasting vs blogging, SEO tips, Circle Count
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Thanks for the inclusion and mention +Ray Hiltz!
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Ray Hiltz

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Creating Content is Only the Beginning
+Rand Fishkin via +Moz  #WhiteboardFriday  shows us how to get our content in the hands of influencers who can help amplify it. 
Content creation is only a small part of the content marketing process. Amplification and promotion must become a part of your brand's repertoire.
Influencers in your industry can serve as megaphones for your content, but you have to earn their attention and appreciation first. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand shows you how.
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Ray Hiltz

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Native Advertising Is Not Content Marketing
via +Joe Pulizzi +Content Marketing Institute 
"If you pay for placement, it’s advertising."

The act of publishing content does not make it Content Marketing.
Just as many businesses confuse marketing and advertising in general, many marketers confuse content marketing and native advertising.

Joe Pulizzi's article makes the difference between the two very clear.

Here’s why you should know the difference between native advertising and content marketing – Content Marketing Institute.
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No worries
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Ray Hiltz

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Top SEO Mistakes You Need to Check and Fix
by +Robin Strohmaier 

Starting with a list of common SEO mistakes, Robin guides us through SEO optimization steps and tools to make our site Google-friendly.

SEO mistakes can be devastating to a website’s placement in search engine results. Whether you have a new website or you have had your site up for a long time, this article is for you.
Robin Strohmaier's profile photoRay Hiltz's profile photoMary Stovall's profile photoMichael Cordova's profile photo
My pleasure, Robin. And thank you.
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Ray Hiltz

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Rays Weekly Marketing Roundup

I had a reflective moment this weekend after sending out my weekly newsletter.
It was my birthday which, at my age, doesn't hold the same amount of anticipation as it once did.
Birthdays now are more a celebration of survival that an excuse to party hearty.

What I did acknowledge this weekend were the friends and family who accompany me on my journey and without whom there really wouldn't be much of a life to celebrate.

Change is a part of life and if you spend anytime with online technology, the pace can be dizzying.
The ride can be be stressful or thrilling and usually a bit of both.

In this weekMs newsletter, I share news and opinions on:
- Hosting a HOA with +Crowdcast h/t +Rayne Dowell 

- 15 Hidden Gmail Tips and Tricks by +Daniel Futerman 

- 7 Things You Should Know Before Humanizing Your Brand by +Bryan Kramer 

- How Much Keyword Repetition is Optimal Whiteboard Friday with +Rand Fishkin 

- Local SEO – The Definitive Guide via +TheSiteEdge 

Read the full article here:

TheSiteEdge's profile photoNewRayCom's profile photoExpert Video Coaching's profile photoPatrick Steed's profile photo
thanks for the mention +Ray Hiltz !
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