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All kinds of awesomeness here.
via +Omi Sido
h/t +David Amerland

Improved Brand trust = Improved SEO results

“Brand is a huge factor in SEO, as it affects click-thru, exemplifies ‘trust’ factors, and generally provides a sort of benchmark for all rivalry.
Additionally, many searches that return huge amounts of information actually create doubt, uncertainty, and in such situations, most customers stick with what they know.
Brands get business where doubt and uncertainty prevail”+Ammon Johns & Company
Very often I see people online talking about SEO and branding, comparing them both and even arguing which one is better. So let’s be clear about one thing. SEO and branding are two completely different animals and they can and they should work together. Today I’m gonna try and explain why. But
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Ray Hiltz

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With knowledge comes power...and purpose.
Another provocative Sunday Read from +David Amerland

On any given day my head is full of numbers and figures, and though these two words are often used synonymously, in my head there is a distinction ( We live in a world where technology is allowing, more and each day to turn everything we do into a mathematical abstraction ( Numbers that show an instance of us. Equations that describe our world:

Although much of my life is devoted to shedding light upon particular issues (Connections-, developments-, practices-, relationships- what I am really trying to do in the background is better understand who we are and what we do, as people. At first glance it may seem like a futile task but it has a poetic dimension to it which allows me to feel that I am, in my mind at least, an explorer.

You see in mathematics, an equation is an equality between two expressions involving at least one object that is unknown and must be found. Starting from what I can ‘see’ I try to edge towards the still invisible, unquantifiable and unknown and help make it, at least partially, known. While this may appear to a reductionist approach ( to a complexity that is frequently stunning, it is never a reduction in the sense of wonder of what I come across.

Everything stems from us. If we cannot think about something, visualize it or imagine it, it can never exist. Yet we, the source of everything (from this perspective at least) are essentially chaotic systems (, infinitesimal changes to initial conditions lead to wildly different outcomes - Our minds may be quantum computers ( Our sense of consciousness a field effect ( Our bodies, similarly, may be quantum mechanical at a cellular level: We may, heck, are - nonlinear systems balanced at the very edge of chaos: What we see, what we perceive and what we are, creating order out of randomness. Who we are defining its nature; determining its shape.

That is a scary thought. It makes us so responsible for everything that happens that we run a serious risk of being paralyzed with fear. Unable to make a single move because how do we, how can we, really know that it will be the right one?

Part of that fear leads us to reach out and grasp at data. By looking at reality at the level of captured ‘noise’ - bits of raw information, we hope to be able to process it through an equation that allows us to then make sense of it: The possibility that this approach might succeed is often provided from the most unlikely quarters: The least expected associations of data which allows information to surface:

The suggestion here then is that if reality, the incredibly chaotic, messy, maybe even inexplicable construct we observe, has an existence that is independent of us, but can be rendered through maths:, we can then uncover relationships which allow nonlinear systems with a dynamic behavior (yeah, that is actually what we are) -, to be mapped in a way that makes it more likely they can be understood:

As Jer Thorp beautifully illustrates, complexity does not necessarily need to be complex: We can use the seemingly trivial to mine relationships, extract raw data and come up with meaningful information. Derive signal from the noise: And if that is the case we are then uncovering fractals ( of a sort. Underlying building blocks that create more than just one of the things we see or just one of the things that exist:

There are several strands of thought to this approach, some of which I think about frequently as I struggle to solve the admittedly much smaller issues I look at. One of these strands thought is that if we are all, each, data (something which recent ‘experiments’ seem to pointing out to: we then should have the expectation of certain fundamnetal protections:

Another strand of thought is that we may be edging towards a better understanding (if not necessarily a solution) of our behavior: which also means a better understanding of the inconsistencies we see in us:

Our understanding of everything, including each other is inherently imperfect, fundamentally flawed, riddled with assumptions, oversimplifications and accumulating errors. At their very worse all these lead to a fundamental breakdown at the interface of our connection to each other (read: riots, wars, murders). Acts which can be justified as ‘output’ to data which we process wrongly. Internalize poorly. Comprehend marginally.

There is real hope in all this. Hope that by shedding more light in the complexity that surrounds us, we begin to gradually better understand our own. Our place in the chaos that exists then becomes more discernible. The fears that drive us diminish; replaced by a clearer sense of purpose and maybe, even a sense of wonder.

So, by taking a little of the magic of flour (, the physics of water ( and the science of sugar (, coupled to the miracle of coffee ( in at least some of its variants:, we should have, right this moment, mountains of croissants, cookies, donuts and chocolate cake and endless rivers of coffee. Have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.

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The Spidey lessons we must never forget +Ray Hiltz :) 
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Ray Hiltz

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Good morning, April 11.
Turn around and make that entrance again.
You're wearing the wrong costume!
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Looking forward to the summer 
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Ray Hiltz

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Know thy nuts.
"Young men are more likely to get testicular cancer than any other cancer.
Rates have doubled in the past 50 years."

The guys at #Movember have developed a hands-on guide to getting friendly with your testes

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health.
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Kathy D
Knowledge is power +Ray Hiltz​ !! 💪
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Ray Hiltz

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This Week's Marketing Digest

I begin this week’s marketing digest with +Mark Schaefer's post on how small businesses can execute social media marketing without breaking the bank.

Facebook can be a minefield for many worried about negative comments showing up on their business Page.

Chris Silver Smith shares tactics for managing the inevitable.

In a similar vein, Danny Brown takes the case of a recent run in with a plagiarist to let us know us of how prevalent the problem is and why we shouldn’t ignore it.

+Mike Allton shares an excellent infographic that gives us the views of 21 experts on the future of content marketing.

A bonus for me was learning what “Garner’s Five-Step Hype Cycle” was.

Matthew Capala focusses on 7 Google changes that we should keep an eye on this year.

YouTube introduces “YouTube Connect”.

In the #Ray2Go Spotlight section, I rewind the video machine to an interview I did with +Dustin W. Stout.

If you want to optimize your online images, you’ll find a lot of great tips in this video replay and blog post.

In this week's marketing digest, making social media work for small business, dealing with Facebook haters & content thieves.
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Pleasure Mike. You're awesome! :-)
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Ray Hiltz

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Online Video Trends
What people are watching.

Ex. "On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network."
via Google
How online video—especially on YouTube—has surpassed the power and reach of traditional television.
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Ray Hiltz

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This Sunday morning, I'm enjoying The Good Life with Nancy Wilson.
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Ray Hiltz

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Circumstantial amnesia
I've been accused of doing this a few times...
However, this article is about how the brain decides what memories to keep when new information enters.

“This is the first time that a pathway in the brain has been linked to forgetting, to actively erasing memories,” the authors say.
The research suggests that as we’re learning a new skill, our brain is actively trying to forget at the same time.
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Ray Hiltz

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This week's Ray's Marketing Digest | Social Media Marketing Strategy

If used effectively, social media marketing can be the heavyweight in your marketing arsenal.
But it comes with a price.
More work. More resources.

The media is seductively cheap.
The marketing message and social interactions, not so much.
Marketing on social platforms is risky business.
You stand the chance of alienating the very people you’re trying to engage with.

This week’s curated posts provide valuable tips and advice to consider when planning your marketing strategy.
- how to integrate it with the rest of your business
- mistakes to avoid
- examples to follow
- analytics tools to measure with
The articles I highlight this week share valuable advice about what to consider before you embark on a social media strategy,
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Ray Hiltz

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``Why do we find it so difficult to react to stories about systemic corruption in a way that gets to the heart of the problem?``

Why don't the actions revealed by the Panama Papers fail to rouse mass indignation.
And why is off shore tax havens even legal?
The answer, according to this provocative article by Joe Brewer, seems to rest within our brain.

``we have an easier time reacting to a mugger stabbing at us with a knife than we do with the gradual destabilization of a banking system or the slow-motion warming of the world ocean. It is much harder for the human mind to grasp systemic causation.`

DEEP RULES that govern our planetary civilization
- economies must grow no matter what the cost.
- all value must be measured in monetary terms
- money is debt that must always be repaid with interest.
- rich people are morally superior to poor people.

What do you think?
The internet is exploding with conversations about the Panama Papers — the largest data dump in history of secret files …
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Ray Hiltz

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Rays Marketing Digest | Metrics, Content, Social Media
Social media marketing is maturing.
However, some of us are stuck in the “free social media marketing” mindset of 2009 – 2012.

Social media is free and if we keep posting, they will come.
While the best things in life may be free, food and shelter usually aren’t. (unless you have very understanding parents.)

Social media marketing is a complicated mess for many small businesses.
Business owners who have years of experience struggle to apply this accumulated wisdom to the digital environment.

To adapt, they need to invest in an ongoing cycle of education, strategy, planning and execution.
Social media marketing represents “long-term” planning and ever-evolving strategies.

This curated list of articles gives you an overview of things to consider as you move ahead.

DIGITAL MARKETING"5 Social Media & Digital Marketing “Must Haves” for 2016 – Part I and Part II" by Yasmin Bendror (

Social Media Marketing"Those Tweets May Be Your Own…But They Still Have Consequences" by +Amber Naslund (

DIGITAL MARKETING"10 Simple and Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics" By Rahul Alim (

CONTENT MARKETING"Do Blogs Still Matter For Your Business Strategy? You Betcha!" by +Heidi Cohen (

RAY2GO SHOW SPOTLIGHT"Who Are You Creating Content For?" By +Ray Hiltz (
In this week's marketing digest, Social Media Must-Haves, Beware those tweets, Digital Marketing Metrics to know & who you creating content for.
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