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""October is a symphony of permanence and change."
Are you a Fall person?
I love Autumn. The air is filled with the scent of fallen leaves that whisks me back to me kicking those leaves ahead of me as I make my way to school.

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Prescription for taking a guilt-free vacation
Like F.O.M.O., F.O.M.B. (Fear of missing business), while you're away from work, can lead to Insomnia, guilt, Anxiety, Depression, Agitation,

You’re afraid of facing a mountain of work when you get back.
Rx – Inform your network that you are taking “downtime”.

Using an email or telephone autoresponder helps let people know you’re away. But it is always a good idea to give them notice before you pack your sunscreen or skis.
If people don’t know you’re on vacation, they won’t be happy when their emails and calls go unanswered.

You think no one could do the job as well as you.
You have a good team. You hired them yourself. They passed the tests and demonstrated their expertise.

So why do you feel everything will fall apart at work if you’re not there?

Micromanage much?

Rx – Here are some other ways that may indicate you’re a micromanager.

– Resist delegating.

– Immerse yourself in overseeing the projects of others.

– Start by correcting tiny details instead of looking at the big picture.

– Take back delegated work before it’s finished if you find a mistake in it.

Vacations cost money.
And so does burnout.

Rx – the cost of not taking time off means more stress, fatigue, and burnout.

According to a poll of senior business leaders, 91% of employees who use their paid time off return more focused, productive, and ready to work.

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Tales from beyond the Water Cooler

A passing “hello” in the hallway last week, didn’t prepare me for the conversation that followed.

Jeff Rosenstein is one of our Sales Ninjas at i24 Call Management Solutions.
He told me that Chip Reid who is the national correspondent for +CBS News interviewed his mother, Krysia Rosenstein.

They did a feature on her discovery of family photos from the Lodz Ghetto in Poland for +CBS Sunday Morning
Later at lunch, Jeff filled me in on the story.

His mother and sister went to the Art of Ontario in Toronto to view the exhibit, Memory Unearthed: The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross
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Raising employee’s goals raises satisfaction and revenues.
via +i24 Call Management Solutions

"Along with transferring skills, onboarding your new employee into your company culture is a critical part of your employee training."
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Now that I'm working in the "client" role, I can relate to many of these reasons - especially the emphasis on advertising.
6 Signs of a Truly Good Digital Marketing Agency

Selecting the right agency to help with your company's marketing is a critical decision. Learn the key traits you should look for in a professional digital marketing agency.
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The only cure for failure is death.

If you are a living, salient being, you encounter failure many times.

It defines how we define ourselves and see ourselves as part of our circle of friends and coworkers.

Remember that failure is an event, not a person.' – Zig Zigler”
In the technology industry, “fail often, fail fast” is almost a mantra.

It’s understandable as their job is to always push the envelope. You can’t do that without risking that many tries won’t result in many failures.

If you’re in a conservative sector – like banking or insurance – embracing failure is going to come with a lot more at risk.

Every decision involves some risk. Taking risks is the price we pay for innovation whether it’s a new app or a better way to serve customers.

Regardless of our sector, we should encourage “intrapreneurs” in our workplace to do what they’re hardwired to do – look for better solutions.
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Compassionate capitalism: Lessons from medieval Cambridge
Idea of pursuing competitiveness while promoting the common good began as early as the medieval period, write Catherine Casson, Mark Casson, John Lee, and Katie Phillips
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