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Next Week on the #RayBunch  Show: Are you Building a Community or Tribe?
Are you Building a Community or  Tribe?
That's the topic of next week's  #RayBunch show. (

Join +Jessica Dewell +Randy Bowden +Scott Scowcroft +B.L. Ochman  and I as we welcome +Mark Timberlake to our lunch table to talk about how Communities and Tribes fit into our business strategy.

#Communities   #Tribes   #marketingstrategy  
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This Week in the Google+ Help Community
+George Cohn _takes you on a hitch hiker's tour of the Google+ Galaxy._
How to find your way around - how to find conversations in communities - how long will it take to be be part of a community?

#weeklyreport     #Googleplusprotip     #besthelpontheweb  
This Week In The Google+ Help Community
Finding your way around the Google+ galaxy

Hey everyone! Time for the latest Google+ Help Weekly Report, where we discuss a trending topic within the Google+ Help Community!

This is a followup to a post I made in January 2015 about how to use circles

What is community, and why should I care?

In the context of the Internet, a community is a social group that share common interests regardless of physical location. In particular, people in an online community share ideas through conversations in posts, chats, video calls, and in person. On Google+, Circles were originally intended to model human relationships. Google+ Communities were added later to better support conversations around individual topics.

When you use Facebook it’s very easy to have conversations, because you’re already a part of established communities: your friends from school, family, etc. But when you first start using Google+ it’s like moving to a new city. You may not know many people at first, and you may feel awkward or feel like you’re talking to a wall.

How can I find the conversations I want to be part of?

If you moved to a new city where you didn't know anyone, how would you go about meeting people? If you were interested in business relationships, for example, might you not join a local chamber of commerce? Or attend some public presentation sponsored by a non-profit that supports a particular industry?

It comes down to finding community. That’s done through conversations, and every conversation has a topic.

Many of those conversations take place in Google+ Communities. You can search for specific topics, for example “house music”, and find communities where the House Music conversations are happening. Or you could search for hashtags, for example #housemusic , and find conversations around that topic.

Find the conversations, and join in them. Not necessarily as an expert, but as a person with passion for the topic (assuming you actually have the passion!).

Reshare the posts you feel strongly about. For best results, instead of just hitting Share, say what it is about the topic that’s important or interesting, and then hit Share. If you’re resharing a reshare, acknowledge the person who reshared it with a hat tip (h/t).

Start your own conversations, posting to Public or to a relevant Community that you've been participating in. Make sure you include a hashtag, so that your post can be found easily by anyone who might be interested, whether you already know them or not. At first you may not get much lively response, because you may not have yet built up much community around yourself. If you do see some action, give it plenty of attention. +1 the comments, reply back using plus-mentions, and do it right away. That way the person on the other end feels that you’re there.

How long will it take me to get to know people well enough to be part of their community?

Probably weeks, if not months.

Are there any shortcuts?

Yes. Get into hangouts. You can build relationships much faster when you can see and hear the people in the conversations you’re having. It’s the next best thing to meeting them in person, which by the way is the other shortcut.

I’m interested in so many things. Should I focus on just one topic, or just go for it?

Of course, your choices depend on your reasons for being on Google+. Your topics will become your brand, the things you’ll be known for. In my opinion, if you choose a single topic and stick to it rigorously, you’ll be seen as a little boring. If you choose a huge diversity of topics you’ll be seen as unfocused.

Your best bet is to decide on a reasonable number of specific topics you’re interested, in consistently and persistently over time. Then go join in those conversations, curate and post about those topics.

Anything else?

Keep in mind that relationships that take weeks or months to build can be destroyed in seconds, just like in real life. Be compassionate.

► Tip of the Week

Did you know there’s a Google Dashboard that gives you a summary view of Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, and more, all in one place?

+Google+ Top Contributors posted about it here

Thanks for all of your questions and insights this week. Special thanks to everyone who helped respond to these trending topics this week. Make sure to check back again next week when +martin shervington will help to highlight the best questions and answers on the community.

#weeklyreport   #googleplusprotip   #besthelpontheweb
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Did You "Grok" Stranger in a Strange Land?
One of the selections in my post: 5 Books That Changed Our Lives

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Well I guess I'm no longer in love then.
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5 Books That Changed Our Lives
Books leave an impression on us. They change how we see the world and ourselves.

In this week's #RayBunch show, I asked the panel to name one book they thought made the biggest impact on their lives.

Match the Books to the "Bunch!

Can you match them with the person sharing?
(1 person shared 2 books)

The "bunch":

1. +Jessica Dewell 
2. +Randy Bowden 
3. +Scott Scowcroft 
4. +Ray Hiltz 

The "Books":

A. How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie
B. Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? Seth Godin
C. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
D. Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
E. Stranger In a Strange Land Robert A. Heinlein

#booksthatmatter   #HOA  
If you could choose one from all the books you've read, which would you say influenced you the most?
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Ray Hiltz

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SEO Advice for Small Business
Time stamp summary of +David Amerland's guest appearance on the "Small Business WebTech Show" by +RightStart Websites.
H/T +Marilyn Moore +John Moore 

#SEO   #smallbusiness  
SEO Help for Small Business
A Time Stamp Summary

+David Amerland gives solid, practical Small Business advice which shows how practices that are good for your business are good for your SEO - and vice versa.

Below is a time stamp summary to give you an overview and also the ability to zoom in to any part of the discussion that is of particular interest to you. Desktop users simply click on the time stamp.  On mobile, move the slider under the video to the desired time.

1:40 - Introduction of +David Amerland

3:15 - Why search is so critical

4:51 - Was SEO Help written with small business in mind?

A small business operates in the same datasphere as a large one.  The practices are the same for large and small companies.

7:50 - Small Business Advantages:

Small businesses do things faster, easier, and at a lower cost.
What's hard is finding the time and discipline to do everything you need to do.

10:41 - Motivation:  For large corporations it's extrinsic, for small companies it's intrinsic.  The solution is the same… clear, internal communication.

11:55 - What you need to know about semantic search and how it's leveling the playing field.

15:06 - Big businesses have fixed processes. Although small businesses are constantly re-prioritizing, they need to create processes, too, albeit more flexible ones.

17:42 - Doing something is always better than doing nothing.  Today, it's a must to get some knowledge and work with it.

18:37 - +Georg Buech asks if the term 'SEO' is still relevant?

19:37 - Your online identity and your website. Another small business advantage

25:22 - Consistency, the pressures a small business faces, and working smarter.

27:33 - What can you do that gives the quickest SEO gains?

1) rock solid hosting
2) fast website with quick load times
3) be sure your site is mobile friendly

29:17 - Google+ is the greatest shortcut in terms of search.

31:39 - The challenges of transitioning to Google+ from other social networks. 

35:32 - Use Google+ to build your reputation and increase your visibility. What makes Google+ difficult is that there are a lot of tools there and you need to take your time to understand them and which ones you want to lead with.

38:57 - +Steve Bonin  asks about load time and content management systems.

The kind of content you put on the page itself is more important than the CMS you use.

40:45 - +Danielle Milne  asks what's the number one thing a brand new business should be doing on Google+, as opposed to an established business?

Both need a Google My Business Page, but the newer business needs to make sure they are using a real person to drive the connections forward and to give the business a voice.

42:18 - Is it better to build trust on Google+ with a personal profile or a business page? - from  +Georg Buech

Begin with a profile.  Always remember that Google+ (and social media) is not a one-to-many broadcast platform.

45:33 - +Michael Mason  asks how the web design community can work together to help small businesses.

Short answer: transparency.

46:40 - Do you see April 21 (the date when Google will start using mobile-friendly as a ranking factor in mobile search) as a significant date for small businesses? - from +Michael Mason

If mobile search is important for your business, you need to have a responsive site.

50:43 - +Farinaz Parsay asks about David's new books coming out.

51:17 - A summation of SEO Help

52:34 - How do you decide where to start and how to prioritize the 20 steps described in SEO Help?

Start with what you're good at.  Lead with your strengths.

54:11 - Should you still consider keywords? And what about links?

Bottom Line: Don't be specifically concerned about either of them.  If your content is of sufficient quality, the links will take care of themselves.

57:06 - Parting Thoughts

FaceBook is a walled garden when it comes to search.  
If you're working in Google+, whatever you do there actually surfaces in search.

All of your social media activities create a digital footprint.  Make sure you link them together because this creates greater authority from a search point of view.

59:39 - Famous Last Words (from SEO Help )

"SEO... represents an opportunity. The chance to prove that armed with a little knowledge, a website, a good business plan and passion, a small business can create as good an experience and presence on the web as a big one, and do it better."

And from  +John Ellis  in the comments…

"Consistency wins...probably the one thing big brands do have over small is the ability to be consistent."

"Use the social networks for what they do best. Facebook tends to share things well, Twitter is fantastic for crowdsourced media. Google+ is where your brand is built. "

"One video can be turned into multiple short videos, blog posts, podcasts, and images. HOA's are perfect for the three R's. Repackage, repurpose, republish."

Huge thanks to +David Amerland and to our fantastic audience, both in person and online, for watching and engaging. Special thanks to those who asked questions and were active in the comments!

Posted by +Marilyn Moore for +RightStart Websites 

#seo #seotips #smallbusinesstips #webvisibility #SmallBusinessWebTech  
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We appreciate the share +Ray Hiltz .  Thank you!
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Ray Hiltz

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Anyone else having a problem with images rendering on G+?
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Ray Hiltz

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Busy prepping for today's #RayBunch  where +Scott Scowcroft  +Jessica Dewell +Randy Bowden and I will be answering questions from each other and our audience

Going for an "old School" look today - not surprisingly, not so hard for me to do. 

We covered a lot of topics on the LunchBunch - for some reason, this one makes me nervous. ;-)

Hope you can join us at 12:15pm ET at How To Build An Audience On Google+​
or on YouTube at:
Ray Hiltz's profile photoChris Beveridge's profile photoScott Scowcroft's profile photoRandy Bowden's profile photo
If I had a dime for every time I had to squash "it's not the dress" in my mind, we'd be on Chris+ right now ;)
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Ray Hiltz

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Communities are big on Google+.
There are huge public ones like the Google Plus Help Community ( with over 650,000 members and smaller private ones like my Marketing News, Views and Tips Community ( with just over 200 members.

Big or small, public or private, the health of a community is measured by the participation and interaction of the people in it.

This week, we have +Mark Timberlake, Director of the online marketing company,+SME Heroes as our special guest. 
Mark also runs a very successful Community at Online Video Educators & Entrepreneurs. (

Mark describes his Community as a place…
“...that enables collaborative marketing efforts and help each other learn what marketing works and what doesn't.”

One of the questions I'll be asking Mark is:
Does it take the same skills to run a successful business as it does a Community?

What is the difference between a Community and a Tribe?

I asked +martin shervington who probably knows the most about Google+ Communities this question.
Martin's responsible for many successful Communities on Google+ such as +Plus Your Life! and +Plus Your Business!

“Communities on Google+ can be huge, thousands of people wide. Yet a tribe are the closest knit group to us,100, 150, maybe 200 people with whom we are most closely connected.“

“People may have clicked 'join a community' and be a member, but are they really a part of it? That is the difference. And why it takes 100 or so people to start a movement.”

So is does a Community nurture a tribe or do we need a Tribe to build a successful Community?

Join the #RayBunch  on Tuesday, April 21st at 12:15pm 

On Mobile? Watch on YouTube here:  -

The #RayBunch  are:
+Scott Scowcroft - The ScottTreatment:

+Randy Bowden - Bowden2Bowden marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm: - Twitter:@bowden2bowden

+Jessica Dewell - Business Consulting Advisory Board:  - Twitter:@jess_dewell

+B.L. Ochman  - Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist: -  Twitter:@whatsnext

+Ray Hiltz - Social Strategist & Google+ Specialist - Power Your Business With Google Plus: Visit: - Twitter:@rayhiltz

Here's a sample of our recent shows:

- What's Our Line? RayBunch 75th Show: -

- How to Create Compelling Images for Your Content w/+Dustin W. Stout -

- Is Social Media a Mobocracy? -

- Spring Cleaning Your Digital House -

- It Ain't Easy Being Evergreen -

View other past Lunch Bunch shows on my YouTube Playlist: -

Subscribe here for my weekly Newsletter:

Do you want to be in my #RayBunch  show invitation circle?
Reply "yes" or "Maybe" below or leave a comment saying you do.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ray Hiltz. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Are You Building a Community or a Tribe?
Tue, April 21, 12:15 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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One of my favorite topics. I hope to watch before my show!!
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Ray Hiltz

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It's Friday - Time to Check What You Missed This Week on Google+
via +Mick Sharpe 
Back to Old Kent Road

In a week that is seeing much discussion around the difficulties that the Old Establishment in Europe is having with the big, new kids on the World Stage I was pleased to see the response from Google showing the continued innovation, growth and new entrants in the sector. Far from the damaging monopoly feared by the EU. Yet, you can sense it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

It’s not about the numbers…

...but here are the numbers. +Eric Enge shares the latest comprehensive study from +Stone Temple Consulting in Hard Numbers on Google Plus Activity ( Over 500,000 Google+ profiles analysed, you’ve got to admire the do it justice approach. The findings are laid out in a very easy to digest form with a substantial conclusion that is worth reading. If you, or anyone you know, need any more convincing that Google+ isn’t going anywhere then Eric’s colleague +Mark Traphagen tells us Why Google+ Isn't Going Away in his latest podcast ( I’m really enjoying these Traphagen's Takeout Orders - I’ll take a rant at market price any day of the week ;-)

You may well have noticed the number of social profiles and content that are often returned in search queries. +Brian Jensen noticed and shows us how to make the most of this opportunity to increase our online visibility in The Rise of Social Search (And How to Take Advantage Of It) ( Peppered with real examples you’ll find some sound, actionable advice in this post. Good job Brian.

People don’t speak finance

+Stephanie Sims is the friendly face of finance and funding on Google+ (that’s a lot of Fs in one sentence!) Stephanie joins +Thomas E. Hanna | for The Theory Of Funding Your Business ( and makes the finance speak intelligible for those at the coal face. Always sound advice from Stephanie - I really need to reduce the bus factor of my business! And that advice goes far beyond the financial, great stuff. Go get the book too!

If you’re looking to expand your services or improve your knowledge then you probably should take a look at this week’s The PYB show! (an experiment) ( +martin shervington, still under the beardy influence of +Travis Taylor, announces the new PYB Local Consultant Course and the reasoning behind the donation-based offering. There’s certainly a lot of value in Local Search for every business and this is a chance to get on board early and make a difference.

A guiding light

It’s here! Let’s Put Eagle, CO on the Google Map : A Case Study … ( A comprehensive review of the work undertaken by the +EagleCO Vail2015 team. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of all that the team has achieved in this project and I’m really glad that they have gone the extra mile to give us the benefit of their gathered knowledge and experience. Anyone looking to improve their local presence would do well to take a long look at this to see how the team implemented the Audit, Localize, Optimize, Socialize strategy. A huge pat on the back to all involved - well done.

And if you needed any further evidence of the value to come from the project take a look at this post from team member +Tim Sweeney: Ongoing Management of A Google My Business Account ( a comprehensive guide to making the most of a Google My Business listing. Read, absorb, deploy (and share in your local business community!).

Batting against the Big Boys

The opportunity for small business to compete in search has never been greater. +David Amerland provides the expert guidance in the Small Business WebTech Show: SEO Help for Small Business ( I have to acknowledge the continued efforts of +Marilyn Moore and +John Moore bringing this kind of expertise and support to the busy small business owner. The section on the importance of process particularly resonated. Everything works great up to a certain workload, all enquiries dealt with, adequate social media engagement, all good. Then I make the mistake of taking on that extra client, extra piece of work and bam - it all goes out the window! I know we all get the importance of the people-to-people engagement - after all people buy from people. For anyone who doesn’t point them to this show, even if they aren’t looking for a landscape gardener! The ever helpful #timestamp summary from +RightStart Websites here (

Thinkers corner

+Gina Fiedel has given us plenty to think about in Honesty Culture: Truth In Business - Who Are You? Who Do You Want To Be? ( We all hope, and believe ourselves, to be honest in the things that we do in both our business and social activities. It’s the right thing. Respect and trust the reward for such honesty. But is it so? Gina points out ”We’re so utterly faithful, that sometimes we don’t even realize we’re lying to ourselves.” This is a rich vein, dig deep, and then ponder how honest can we actually be?

And finally…

Get behind the facade of democracy! +David Amerland shares the latest Trews in Use Your Power To Empower Yourself ( It’s hard to disagree with the issues raised by +Russell Brand, issues that become more and more apparent in our age of increased reportage and information exchange. Hell he might even get my vote and that’s saying something - the last time I exercised my right was 1983!

Have a great weekend wherever you are

#WeeklyRoundUp  #WeekInReview  #Google+

#BitingedgeFridayFavourites  #MicksPicks

Created by +Mick Sharpe of +Bitingedge
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Ray Hiltz

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Incredible Conversation Going on Here
re +Stone Temple Consulting study of Google+ activity.

Love +Mark Traphagen's quote:  _"Google created the space. We hacked it."_
h/t +CircleCount 
The Hard Numbers for Google Plus Activity

Read +Eric Enge's massive study of over half a million Google+ profiles

Click here >>

Learn how much public posting actually occurs on Google+ from real data on real Google+ profiles.

Please share this important study!

Read at

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Truth says who r u
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*The Ray Lunch Bunch Play "What's My Line?"
We had fun yesterday playing a short version of the old TV show What's My Line?

+Jessica Dewell +Randy Bowden and +Scott Scowcroft tried to guess what work I did after leaving High School by asking only yes or no questions.

Watch the full show here:
The full 28 minute show includes the game, insights about each of us and a list of recommended books that changed our lives.

#raybunch   #HOA   #authenticity  
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Want to Know the Truth About What's Happening on Google Plus?
Read this study by +Eric Enge at +Stone Temple Consulting 

It's not just about the numbers.!

#Googleplus   #study   #realitycheck  
The Hard Numbers for Google Plus Activity

JUST PUBLISHED: +Eric Enge's massive study of over half a million Google+ profiles

Click here >>

Learn how much public posting actually occurs on Google+ from real data on real Google+ profiles.

Please share this important study!

Read at

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Thanks for the share +Ray Hiltz!
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Powering Your Business with Google Plus
You'll find I post a lot about Google Plus, Social Media, Business and Marketing.

I also like to share posts of funny memes (love puns), do crazy hangouts with old and new friends, share iPhone photos and other stuff that grabs my attention. 

If you want to get down to social business & Google+, then I invite you to circle my G+ Business Page: +NewRayCom and visit to my website: where you can subscribe to my weekly Google+ Newsletter.

We hold a weekly Google+ Tips & Topics Lunch Hangout each Tuesday at 12:15pm.

I'm someone who is inspired by people who care about other people. I'm inspired by the creativity process and people who march to their own drummer.

I'm passionate about equal rights civil conversations.

I abhor fundamentalism, ethnic and political nationalism and intolerance.  

My personal interests include:
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I'm originally from Moncton NB and now live in Montréal QC

I'm married to a great guy, have four great kids (he's not the mom).

If you want to know more about Ray Hiltz, you know where to find me. :-)
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