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This week's Ray Lunch Bunch TAKE-OUT
What is the LunchBunch Take-Out?

Each week on the #RayLunchBunch  show, we reserve the last five minutes to share links and tips relating to the day's topic.
This week, the topic was EXPERTS

These could be links to articles, videos or social media posts that we think will help you dive deeper into the topic.

The video is under 4 minutes. Here are the links included:

+B.L. Ochman - 
National Lampoon on Social Media:
Future Hipsters:

+Ray Hiltz -

+Scott Scowcroft -
Brainy Quotes on Experts:

+Jessica Dewell 
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Michael Jordan Inspirational Quotes

+Randy Bowden -
7 Steps to Becoming an Expert in Your Field

Our special guest next week will be +Ryan Hanley, the topic: Generalist vs specialists. 
The jumping off point will be his article: Google Has Killed the Generalist and No One Cares

Oh, you do know he has a new book out, right? Content Warfare

Join us next Tuesday, March 10th at 12:15 pm ET. You always have a seat at our table. :-)
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Wow, +Ray Hiltz. Thanks Again! You are too kind.
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Great Email Marketing Tips Delivered by Great Personalities
Host +Ande Lyons interviews +Stephan Hovnanian about best practices for optimizing your email marketing.

Just noted a couple that I really have to get done. :-)

#emailmarketing   #HOA   #business  
We covered a lot in this hangout, from list growth, to lead scoring, to landing pages, to encouraging people to reply and get more engaged with your brand, to when you can make an educated decision to reach out for the sale.

Huge thanks to +Ande Lyons for having me on Possibility Partners yesterday, she picked the best questions and we got tons of nuggets and takeaways for you guys.

Cheap plug: The final episode of MY Get Smart About Email Marketing web series is coming up, get updates here: 
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Yoo Hoo +Ray Hiltz - I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. Looks like we're all raising the bar with our email campaigns, thanks to +Stephan Hovnanian. MUAH! ♥
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Your World is a Stage
So why wouldn't your website be?
+Thomas E. Hanna | has a great knack for getting his guests to reveal themselves on his show, Social Theory.

+Dustin W. Stout's story resonated with me as we share a similar passion and past in the performing arts and understood immediately how that world references everything we do.

I find it interesting to see how people incorporate their past, however different from what they do now, into their present work.

#storytelling   #Branding  
Bloggers are more than deliverers of data. We are the bards of the connected world. And, like any worthy performer, we need our stage.
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Looking forward to them, +Thomas E. Hanna | 
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*Are you "The Expert"?
Join the #RayLunchBunch  today as we discuss _Experts

Note: This video is fiction.
Actors portrayed do not represent the Lunch Bunch: +Jessica Dewell  +Randy Bowden +Scott Scowcroft +B.L. Ochman or myself.
Any familiarity is purely coincidental and not meant to be representation of the true expertise of the panel.

Join us around the table today live at 12:15 pm ET.
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Brilliant video, +Ray Hiltz . 
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The Google+ Split Up
+Mark Traphagen sheds his thoughts on these changes.

Among them:
 - Google - great at technology, not so much at marketing. (no surprise here eh, +B.L. Ochman)
 - Google+ has as large an active user base as other social networks which no one is declaring "dead."
 - Google considers G+ to be a success because of the rich data it provides
 - Google+ will not only NOT be phased out

Im my opinion, it will be changed and improved. This move will allow each of the products, Photos, Hangouts and Google+ (the Stream) to receive each deserve. It will also enable people to decide between them according to their own interest without have to go through Google+. 
As Mark points out, this may actually increase the user base.

Like Mark, I think +Bradley Horowitz is an excellent choice.

#googleplusrumours   #Googleplusthenextgeneration  
Today Google announced that Dave Besbris would be stepping away from his role of head of Google+ (which he assumed when G+ founding father Vic Gundotra left last spring). Besbris is being replaced by long-time Googler Bradley Horowitz, who was seen as Gundotra's real righthand man in the early days of Google+.Furthermore, Horowitz confirmed that Google plans to split off Hangouts and Photos as their own products separate from Google+. Horowitz wi...
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One thing that came to my mind when I heard the announcement was what I thought of way back when they first introduced auto-upload to Google+ Photos... why are they taking cloud storage from Google Drive and giving it to G+ Photos? The obvious answer is that it was an attempt to build G+ user base. But at a time when the cloud storage wars are in full swing, it seemed like a really bad move to me.

I always felt Google Drive should have been integrated in some ways to Google+. I had always hoped there would be a Drive tab option on our profiles, so the stuff we shared in Google Drive could be accessed easily from our profile. Sort of using Google Drive as the management tool, and the profile as the view the user who has content shared to gets to see.

Whatever the case, I'm not sure how much of a separation they can make... because if you can no longer upload images to Google Stream, it would hurt their current base of users (artists, photographers, and people who like #caturday). 

Dude, I got really long winded. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited any time the Google+ team decides to change things. It's what has made being here so exciting. 
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Are You Using Instagram for Your Business?
As +Rebekah Radice shares six ways to get your business started on Instagram.

In her article, she cites a +Forrester Research study that stated:

“Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter."

#instagram   #Marketing   #Business  
How to Use Instagram to Expand Business Reach
Are you using Instagram to connect with potential customers?

If not, now is the time!

With over three hundred million active monthly users, Instagram can no longer be overlooked.

Sure, Facebook is still the most popular social network according to the latest Pew survey,  but, let’s face it – fatigue has set in for many businesses.

Between the perceived decline of organic reach and frustration over a “pay to play” model, many are looking for an alternative.

So, why not put the power of Instagram – a mighty visual network – to work for your business?

Let me show you how!

Read today's post with 6 Ways to Use Instagram to Expand Business Reach!

#instagram   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing  
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Thanks +Ray Hiltz. Have a great week!
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Hangout Update for Android
via +Bradley Horowitz 
Seems there will be many to come...

#androidapps   #hangouts  
Today, we're updating the Hangouts app for Android.

Since our last release, our main focus has been to improve stability and performance and we’ve addressed lots of the feedback and suggestions that we get from you!

We've also made lots of under the hood improvements that will allow us to build even more great features going forward.

Enjoy the new release and stay tuned for more!
Hangouts is a messaging app that lets you send and receive messages, photos...
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Ray Hiltz

Shared publicly  - 
Do you have trouble calling yourself an expert?

Many are reticent to call themselves experts either because they they lack personal confidence, don't own a "niche" or, if they're in social media, believe no one can be an expert due to ever-changing technology.

If you're in business, showing expertise is an essential part of building authority, reputation and ultimately trust - all important factors on being found on the web.

In this episode of the #RayLunchBunch  +Jessica Dewell +B.L. Ochman +Scott Scowcroft and +Randy Bowden responded to these questions:

 - What are you the authority In? (everyone) 
 - How important is having a “niche”?
 - Why did you decide to be the authority of expert in that niche?
 - How do you brand yourself as an authority?
 - Should you only share content about your niche?

#branding   #experts   #niche  
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Lot's of gems in this one +Ray Hiltz . You know I'm going to enjoy rewatching in #ReplayCity. 
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*Countdown starting to hitting the "Start Broadcast" button on today's #RayLunchBunch  Show:
12:15 pm ET - On the menu: EXPERT
What makes an expert? Do you call yourself one? How to you decide what niche to be an expert in?

Join +Jessica Dewell +B.L. Ochman +Scott Scowcroft +Randy Bowden and I for some informative and entertaining lunch chat. :-)
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The Scott Treatment of "How to Use Semantic Search to Grow Your Business"
+Scott Scowcroft gives us a great example of how to repurpose a HOA by condensing all the salient points into 4 minute video. 
It shares helpful information and acts as a promotion for the full event video.
H/T +David Amerland for the share and the amazing knowledge he shared on the show.

#semanticsearch   #RayLunchBunch  
I love the +Scott Scowcroft treatment to video. the #RayLunchBunch  were awesome, as usual, the questions certainly were not easy and in just four minutes you suddenly get a flavor of just how cool it was. 
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Ray Hiltz

Shared publicly  - 
What's Your Definition of an Expert?
Seems pretty clear: "anyone with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular area of study".

So how "extension" does that knowledge have to be? How much experience does someone need before they can say they're an expert?

Join us tomorrow, Tues. March 3rd as the #RayLunchBunch  takes an expert look at expertise.
Do you have trouble calling yourself an expert?
If you're in business, showing expertise is an essential part of building authority, reputation and ultimately trust - all important factors on being found on the web.

This is a conversation that goes around and around in social media. While it's widely accepted that referring to oneself as a "guru" is pretentious, being an expert is a brand necessity.

After all, who will purchase a product or service from someone who isn't clear about their expertise.

Many are reticent to call themselves experts either because they they lack personal confidence, don't own a "niche" or, if they're in social media, believe no one can be an expert due to ever-changing technology.

Join us and add your questions and comments to those of the #RayLunchBunch  as we explore the challenges of defining your expertise and niche online.

Be sure to stick around for the last 5 minutes of the show when we'll be serving our Lunch Bunch Take-Out - tips and links to resources relating to the day's topic.

Watching on mobile? Here's the YouTube link:

The #RayLunchBunch  are:

+Scott Scowcroft  - The ScottTreatment:

+Randy Bowden - Bowden2Bowden marketing & branding virtual consultancy firm: - Twitter:@bowden2bowden

+Jessica Dewell  - Business Consulting Advisory Board:  - Twitter:@jess_dewell

+B.L. Ochman  - Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist:  Twitter:@whatsnext

+Ray Hiltz  - Power Your Business With Google Plus: Visit: - Twitter:@rayhiltz

Watch our last show here:  How to Use Semantic Search to Grow Your Business

For past Lunch Bunch shows, check out my YouTube Playlist:

This is a Google+ Tips & Topics Community presentation:

Subscribe here for my weekly Google+ Tips Newsletter:

Heads Up: If you attended the show and commented in the events page, you will be put in a notification circle to be invited to future shows. If you don't wish to be included in this notification circle, let me know and I'll remove you from it.  :-) 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Scott Scowcroft. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Who You Calling An Expert?
Yesterday, March 3, 12:15 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Your Business Does NOT Need a Facebook Page
by +Sam Fiorella h/t +Danny Brown 

Get social with your customers on your own site. Why rent when you already have your own home?

#facebook   #Business   #marketing  
Salient points from +Sam Fiorella - has your social media consultant waved unicorn fairy dust in your eyes recently?
Your Business Doesn’t Need A Facebook Page. The customer relationships promised aren’t always available in these large social networks.
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What is a Facebook?
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I'm passionate about equal rights civil conversations.

I abhor fundamentalism, ethnic and political nationalism and intolerance.  

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I'm originally from Moncton NB and now live in Montréal QC

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If you want to know more about Ray Hiltz, you know where to find me. :-)
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