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Director Digital Marketing for Image24
Director Digital Marketing for Image24

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The Sean Spicer lesson - Learn from your gut.
It's been with you through the best of and worst of times.
Another helpful post from +Gini Dietrich

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And I thought I knew Drive. ;-)

Use powerful features in Drive to their full potential to help reach yours.

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+Mark Traphagen shares the important role style plays in writing marketing content with +Eric Enge . One of his tips for acquiring a style of writing that you admire is to read and note the stylistic details of writers you enjoy reading.
Mark is a writer that has inspired me to write leaner and personally.
I His writing is an example of style with substance. 

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Many factors are in play before a customer decides to buy your product or service. The most important factor is the impression you leave them with.

Every product or service has emotional baggage attached to it. Baggage that we need to unpack to discover.

People are much more likely to buy from companies they feel an emotional connection to.

The “From Promotion to Emotion” study found that buyers with a strong emotional tie to your brand are:

5 times more likely to consider buying from you
13 times more likely to buy, and
30 times more likely to pay a premium

How do we create an emotional connection?

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Beautiful showcase video by +Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada shot in the deserted halls and stage of Moncton High School, my alma mater. 

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Is a ‘virtual’ receptionist real?

Yes, Virginia. Virtual receptionists exist as certainly as that person sitting at your reception desk exists. They abound in welcoming smiles and information that give your customers satisfaction and joy.
But, unlike that receptionist that you can see, a virtual receptionist works in a magical place where they don’t get distracted by:

processing and receiving mail,
fielding unsolicited visitors
organizing deliveries
feeding the photocopier,
responding to other employee inquiries,
taking meeting notes,
doing coffee runs

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A lot of visual clues make up a first impression. What happens when there are no visual clues? How do we make a positive first impression over the phone?
It only takes around 7 seconds for people to form an opinion about us. Most of their information comes from how we appear to them.
How can we make a positive first impression if we first meet us over the phone?

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There's a lot of great stuff here from +Yuko Nakamura
h/t +Denis Labelle
The Curious Mind Collection Of A Digital Strategist
Get into my mind. :)

1. Why do we crave experience ? >
2. What is Oxymoronic? >
3. From Researching & Understanding to Prototyping Ideas >
4. Visually effective >
5. Why we do what we do >

6. Why we do what we do? What are we searching for? >
7. Does the 48 Laws of Power apply to House of Cards? >
8. Knowledge is a source of emotion and inspiration >
9. A Brand that is more than just a Brand: Driving Our Story >
10. Collaborative inspiration >

11. Google+ success stories & insights >
12. YouTube Video Insights >
13. Why go Multi-screen with Google >
14. Why do some ideas spread like wildfire while others don’t? >
15. The Secret to Discovering your talent via YouTube >

16. What products consumers are sharing their opinion about? >
17. What is the Meaning of Open >
18. Explore more with In-depth Article >
19. Why we need inspiration? >
20. Discovering your WHY(Qualitative research) >

21. Why there are visuals that matter? >
22. What's Collaborative Diversity? >
23. Google in Motion Infographic >
24. How Visual Influence What We Engage >
25. What’s Next and Not Next >

26. Google Stories >
27. Not So Fast? >
28. Search patterns (Keywords & Results) >

Yuko Nakamura has coached numerous brands and agencies to enrich and embrace their digital strategy and marketing performance. She has led the best performing campaigns by leveraging the brands existing resources and networks, reducing the need to create new content. Yuko’s innovative and holistic coaching program targets flexibility and efficiency improvements.

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