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Microsoft releases Touch-enabled Web-based IDE that is kinda like the Scratch programming environment for kids.
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I like the idea of a portable IDE. But it would have to work with technologies I choose and not force me into the Microsoft way of doing everything. In the past, this has always been Microsoft's M.O.
Microsoft is really into touchscreen nowadays...too early for some to accept, but glad to see they innovate
+Koko Widyatmoko inovate? They just released a netbook with a removable keyboard!

They are hard trying to keep up, and MS was never good in getting things done quickly. Office, their great platform and product advantage is a mess on a tablet.

Don't get me wrong - competition IS good. But MS is not competing - they are failing. Wrong, they were failing, now it's more like WTF failing. 
It is not like scratch at all :) It isn't for kids. It basically a different view of an IDE but with Touch. It has Natural Language Code Synthesis Engine to figure out what the next recommended  word/function/etc to use. You see the code you type, and you navigate code easily. +Papick G. Taboada if that is not innovation, what is in your books. Haters are always gonna hate, but at the end of the day, we (Microsoft) will continue to think outside the box and innovate every day.
+Papick G. Taboada i was referring to the TouchDevelop as it is the topic of this thread, and i guess +Mohamed Mansour explained already why it is worth be called an innovation. And Netbook with a removable keyboard? Which device were you referring to? Surface RT or Surface pro? Surface RT is definitely a tablet, and Surface Pro is a hybrid Tablet PC, with intel core i5, 4gb ram, full HD, SSD drive, active digitizer, full size USB, and etc...i wouldn't call it a tablet or even a netbook...thinner,lighter ultrabook with a digitizer input is more likely....And maybe you think i'm an MS fanboy because i give them compliment? FYI i'm writing this on my galaxy note 10.1, i also have an ipad3, a blacberry phone, a pc dual booting windows 7 and linux, and an xbox...thus it is far for me to become a fanboy or a hater...i give credits when i see it fit, and critics by judging facts, not by senseless pride of owning or hatred
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