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GOP seems to be going full out on voter suppression for the November election.
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And the other side tries to flood polls with illegal voters. Both cry foul, and should be ashamed.
That largely seems to be an imagined epidemic, like 'anchor babies'. Illegal immigrants generally keep a low profile, they try to avoid any potentially illegal activity that might get them in trouble with the law. If you see a car driving exactly at 65 mph on California highways, a lot of the time, it'll be illegals, because why would they want to draw attention to themselves?

There is no evidence, as far as I can see, of massive numbers of illegals actually showing up to vote. There is, however, evidence that putting roadblocks into the voting process tends to discourage people. We already have tragically low participation rates in our democracy, so voting should be as streamlined as possible.

I have no problem with coming up with ways to verify that voters are indeed citizens. But it has to be efficient and fair. Most of the most economically disadvantaged voters don't necessarily even have stable addresses or drivers licenses.

Yes, I'm willing to bet that Democrats party registration efforts go into areas and get people to sign up for voter registration rolls who may not be eligible. It's like signing petitions, people have quotas and concentrate on boosting numbers.

But whether or not those people whom political parties help register actually show up to vote on election day is a different story. It doesn't surprise me that the GOP takes the lead on voter purges, because they are running against long run demographic challenges: racial and age composition of the US is changing and it does not favor the current GOP voter demographic.
its totally un-American to stop people from voting.  I thought this was the party of small government so why do they keep coming up with new laws to limit freedom?
 Apparently the cases of individual voter fraud are almost non-existent.   Also, I think write in votes have very little verification, but no one makes a fuss about them.   (especially republicans, since lots of them are military votes)
Rachael Maddow had a big segment on these republican voter elimination efforts.   The vast majority (95%?) of those removed from the polls in past efforts were removed Incorrectly, ie they had a legal right to vote.   It seems likely that that pattern will continue.
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