What real innovation looks like. A few days ago I made the front page of +TechCrunch by pointing out that most tech coverage follows startups which primarily spend less than 6 months working on anything, mostly creative trivial entertainment curiosities, yet are disproportionately lavished attention by the technorati (e.g. Pinterest)

When you look at the stuff IBM is doing with Quantum Computing, or HP with nanotechnology and memristors, or even Intel's research into different process technology, you seem long term efforts that take a decade to pay off, but when they do, they have the potential to change the world, much like Bell Labs did with the transistor.

We don't know if Quantum Computing will ever be very useful or viable outside of niche, and that's the whole point. It's basic research, no one knows, it takes time, money, and patience to find the answer.

We need more investment in these kinds of long term bets and stop fawning over Y-Combinator startups so much.
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