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Ray-Allen Taylor
Musicalactor , Dragqueen, Vocalcoach & DataAnalyst... Need more ?? Ask :)
Musicalactor , Dragqueen, Vocalcoach & DataAnalyst... Need more ?? Ask :)

Dear +Google
Two weeks ago, I started getting "#pixel3 total leak" news. Masses of that. So many... Even a full review video. And I now in this second thought: let me write this down, so in case I'm right , no one can say something like : anyone could say that now!

So here are my thoughts ...

So, yes , #androidP is supporting notches! Why does that have to mean the next Pixel will have a notch?
Almost all new android phones running after the notch design. So it's no wonder, a company that's keen on trying to have an overall design language starting to support notches. Notches are "a thing" now,... But they are far from beautiful, are they. Also: it never was Google copying Apple, was it?


A company loosing a full charge if prototype phones in a country like Russia? Yeah, sure, could have happened... But hey, really? Five weeks before releasing it's next phone ? And why in Russia ?? Is the #Pixel3 even beeing produced in Russia? I would understand China, Tiwan, anywhere in the US ... But Russia?!


The company, that's commenting on everything coming up, giving hints, make fun of it's always best friend #apple not commenting on all the leaks and, most of all, a full unboxing video?
Could be. Very possible #google just don't no what to say but "yes, that's the phone ".... Doesn't really feel like the Google I know.

So what's coming on #oktober9th ?
The phone we all got to know by now?
Why do I have the feeling, that's not going to happen?

Think of the big reveal show by googl, introducing it's next phone I see something else coming....

But befor I describe my vision of the reveal, let me ask a few questions;
-How hard is it to find a country that would totally have a market for stolen, or lost, phones , that are not even released yet.
-have you ever seen a face with one of the phones ?
-why (yes I am really asking) are those Handy's , or nails, even in the airplain pictures , looking like straight out of a manicure, ready for a close up promo video? (If your in a plain now, look around in all the mail hands; any of them look promo video ready?)
There are more questions, but I think I made my doubts very clear.

What's the solution,... The answer... The reason...
It not a number around 40!
I think it's Google stepping up it's game!
First there was; Nexus is the way android is supposed to be. Then, material is the way of design followed by: made by Google and the pixel.
Almost everything was quite in line except: marketing!
Google, with all its data and knowledge and money, has no clue about marketing! Except, it might now has, which brings me back to my vision of the upcoming event:

Press is there, the time becomes dark,... Silence.
You could cut the air ... The excitement is ... High. Everyone is waiting for some video on the screen expecting to see, what we all have been made believe would be coming... But
The video starts...
Pictures appearing,.. and we all have the feeling , we have seen them before: it's the leaks.. all of them. Parts if the unboxing video and ... Videos , sequences of YouTubers , influencers , trashing the Pixel3 design, most of all the notch ... Screenshots of online reviews ... Bad ones,... Really bad ones... Then darkness.... And silence... No one dears to make any noise, not even breathing....

Slowly , very slowly , we start to see a shape... It seems to be a phone , backlighted, only a shadow... Reminds me of apple... But.. it's the pixel 3 XL... And it looks nothing like we thought it is.. will...would...

What do you think?
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Do I like trend labs .... Sure... 😁😁😁 Let's go to Warsaw
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Check out "Mafia, Das Spiele-Event" on Eventbrite!

Date: Wed, Aug 1, 19:00

Location: taylor-events

#mafia das #spiel #spieleabend #game #socialgame #play #werwölfe
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#pixel3 in #AndroidP Illustration?
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Hi everyone,

I did build a "GoogleBox" when the SDK came out first, and it was sitting in my kitchen untill now (mostly, because I wanted a more colorfull version of a google home)

Now since then, I have created a few Dialogflow Actions, which are working fine. There is also one "Receptionist" I created.
Now, I would love to have that in my entry of my agency, reacting to people coming in and saying "Hi, how can I help you".

But the main question for me here is: Can I connect the Google SDK directly to a Dialogflow action, or AOG? So when its started it automaticly "talks to receptionist" and starts the conversation?

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Saturday chill mood
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#alien ansehen, #mafia regeln niederschreiben und an homepage arbeiten.. #multitasking #werwölfe #düsterwald
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