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A new thought on Forbes

I do see ecosystems of organizations as a better way to operate than trying to become a one-stop comprehensive service provider company. Online Market Networks are a new direction that make it possible to serve a customer with more complex needs, while allowing many businesses to work together in the same workflow.

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All the Happy Workers - The Atlantic 

A great look at the some of the dark side of the Wellbeing industry, the history of health and psychology in relation to  management theory, and how to get the most productivity out of people.

[It's quite long but you may learn a lot from reading this one. Inc. some particular stories in the UK gov too. From the book The Happiness Industry]

The general sense I get from this piece is a look to new 'cures' for employee disengagement through attitude adjustment, recategorization of worker issues/challenges, and generally focusing on removing/firing the disengaged from the workforce. 

There is also a good bit about the history of Happiness research from the 1920s, the notions of Health and Wellbeing, in relation to Management theories and productivity.

+Jon Husband +Robert Pye +Harold Jarche +Luis Suarez +Lee Bryant +Thierry de Baillon +Dave Gray +Annalie Killian +Bill Jensen +Ted Bauer +Chris Heuer +Cerys Hearsey +Bill Sanders +Rogier Noort +Bjoern Negelmann +Heather McGowan +Ross Dawson +David Terrar +Euan Semple +HaJ Sturm +Frédéric Williquet +Reuven Gorsht

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A reading list of recent books about Innovation either on a personal or a trend level. Of these, I find "Why Information Grows", and "Beyond Measure", and "Creative Schools" alluring.

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A recent online jam by Change Agents Worldwide, Rebels at Work, and Corporate Rebels United give these 15 tips and principles to regaining one's freedom at work (without trying to change the organization entirely)

This was written by a friend, Celine Schillinger of Sanofi
Regain Freedom at Work
Regain Freedom at Work

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John Hagel of Deloitte gives great reasons at #AmplifyFest why we should think of business in ecosystems (networks) with specific business examples where working as a network creates huge ($Billions) returns for companies in China and elsewhere.
He provides supportive arguments on why such a networked model is better for today's world:

- leveraged growth
- expanding functional capabilities
- expanding (what I call) contextualised value

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My TED talk on The Future of Finding Work raises the reality of people existing in a state of Multi-work, not just multitasking but working multiple jobs to the point that no one job defines us. We exist in networks, but most of the focus on organizational design seems to be from the point of view of the change to organizations, rather than the change from the person's view. 

If we were to join and unjoin multiple teams and organizations, we need better ways of finding, matching, and selecting jobs than the resumes and online boards of today. We also need better ways of tracking our work personally, our skills and our reputations as a result of the work we perform.


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On +Forbes  "What were they Thinking? The Logic Behind Emotional Decisions" --book review of "Feeling Smart" by Prof. Eyal Winter  
#socbiz #leadership #management 
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Are we Leadership hypochondriacs? 

Are we perceiving illnesses in leadership that aren't there? Are do we see something that has still yet to be understood in general practice? 
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